Friday, November 20, 2009

The First Protest in Zamalak

I believe yesterday's protest in front of the Algerian Embassy was the first real angry protest the Zamalak island would witness ever. Thousands between 2000-7000 were reported protested in front of the Algerian Embassy at Brazil St. in Zamalak till the early hours of the day. You may remember that I spoke about Facebook invitations calling people to trash the embassy. Protestors who were mainly from young men held banners calling the Algerian Ambassador to leave the country "Get Out of Egypt" along with every single Algerian too ; of course it is unacceptable to say this , the Algerians in Egypt are most welcomed and safe ; hopefully the same thing can be said about our poor community in Algeria which lives in horror.
I think there were a considerable time of Egyptian hooligans because of the smearing cheers

There have been clashes between the protesters and the anti-riots forces in front off the Embassy ,the area surrounding the Embassy and it was badly damaged. You must know that last night protest reached to the Sakkia ceneter.
Currently there is a huge security tension in Zamalak for fear of new protests, there are blocks in the way. Already there will be a new protest soon at 2 PM.
Amr Moussa at last has spoken , he is calling the two countries to calm down. By all accounts the Presidential Statement issued last night was very moderate comparing to the public fury.
The Algerian press is attacking Alaa Mubarak calling him the teenager and the son of the real president of Egypt "Suzanne Mubarak" and that he wants to become the President of Egypt and using the defeat !! "This shows you how ignorant those reporters are because all the world knows that it is his brother not him"
Strangely no Arab country like Saudi Arabia is trying to mediate between Egypt and Algeria

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