Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breaking News : Alaa Mubarak Speaks About Yesterday Match

The first time I saw media shy Alaa Mubarak speak to the media was in Ahmed Zaki’s memorial service and the second time has been from few minutes on Dream TV 1 for the first time in a very rare incident.
Alaa Mubarak , the eldest son from President Hosni Mubarak has called Khalid El-Gandor's live TV sports show to speak about his experience in Yesterday Match and what he thinks. Alaa is well known to be the patron saint of football in Egypt , he is mad about it and he is a friend to almost to all the players and coaches. Alaa says that he had to stay in the hotel along with his brother for two hours in Khartoum after the match where he saw and heard the terrifying testimonies of our fans who reached to the hotel. Alaa was angry and furious ,he said that he was not speaking as the President’s son nor does he present the official view but he was speaking as Egyptian citizen. Still for someone like him to speak so angrily on air for the first time against Algeria in  this way this means there is a huge crisis between the two countries.
The Mubaraks
We have reached the point of no return as Alaa Mubarak has opened his fire on the Algerian federation , the Algerian fans and the Algerian thugs in Sudan not to mention the Algerian press and the Algerian Ambassador. “The Algerian press attacked him and his brother unfairly if I may say , it is a normal thing that they would support their country’s national team for God Sake !!”
Speaking about Alaa himself , well he is more human and more simple than his pale brother. There is a huge difference. If you do not know who he is , you will think that he is normal Egyptian football angry fan.
For the record there is  huge anger and criticism to Mubarak brothers and the regime as their plane was the first one to leave Khartoum during the big chase of Egyptians in Khartoum. Angry fans called from Khartoum to TV live shows complaining that the Egyptian embassy abandoned them as soon as the Mubaraks had left the country.  I do not know if he called to express his anger or calm people down honestly.
I was going actually to write a post attack brave man Gamal Cullan as iGM Palen twilight’s Edward Cullan.
Regardless of the telephone call of Alaa Mubarak who spoke about stuff I can’t imagine that he would say like “Kafeya” , Gamal Mubarak thanks God did not use the golden opportunity to prove his leadership skills and win the hearts and minds of Egyptians if he had stayed in Khartoum to be sure that every Egyptian in the country has left safely to home ; thank God he did not because he does not does not deserve this opportunity as he is not a natural born leader , he is just a golden child wants to be a president.
Back to his brother , regardless of what I think of him and his family he did not say something wrong this time , there was something fishy in Khartoum prepared in Algiers officially these Algerians in the stadium were not fans but thugs brought by military planes.
Also do not freak out Alaa won’t win the hearts and minds of all Egyptians for the sake of his brother as we are not that naive . 
Here is the call


  1. I felt he was talking like an Egyptian citizen and I liked what he said and how he was angry for his ppl and his country.

  2. Alaa for president!

  3. I had the opportunity to know Alaa during his university years in AUC... he is a very warm-hearted, compassionate man... never showed interest in politics, preferred to remain aside.

  4. Now you became a Mubarak's fan! ,all your criticism against Mubarak's family was just hypocrisy.

  5. Iam very regular Egyptian citizen, honestly i dont like your way in talking about MR. Gamal, u have the right to say your opinion but you dont have the right to say words like "palem & naive"

  6. There is no doubt about that after "players got injured in the bus" things got worst.
    but if we look to facts beside what hapened we see media have manipulated people from the begining with false and true stories to reach this point.
    adding also that as Egypttian citizen we should not talk about algerian people as they are "terrorists..." openly in public and moreover because of "game", this a big violation to the Algerian Sovereignty.

  7. Hi,

    It would be nice if u could translate the video for all that dont speak arabic. ( since u write in english )

    regards batta

  8. Hi,
    I'm sorry that is the egyptian way....
    j'espere que le message est passer.

    Salutations distinguees


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