Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Remembering Egypt’s fallen heroes from Healthcare sector

This post is dedicated to Egypt’s fallen heroes from the healthcare sector who died due to Coronavirus in the past seven and a half months

The list below is the result of the hard work and documentation of young aspiring Egyptian journalist  Moatez Weza

Healthcare works protecting us  by Doaa Al-Adl
Healthcare works protecting us 
by Doaa Al-Adl 

I have been planning for this post for three months now but it would not have seen the light if it were not for  Moatez

Moatez; commonly known among his friends as Weza is originally a Sports journalist in Egypt’s Filgoal which actually produced many of Egypt’s finest journalists whether in sports or in general. I am quite biased because some of my colleagues were graduates of this important news website

Weza is probably from the few journalists in Egypt who followed the news of coronavirus since it re-surfaced in its new version in Wuhan, China. His thread on Twitter on the virus, I believe is an archive for the whole crisis in Arabic till last month when he stopped covering it.

It is an exhausting mission for a one-man who was doing the job perfectly. 

I only took his original list and added to it the names of the Healthcare victims, mostly from doctors because their information was easier to find till Mid September.

This list will be updated. 

The list actually opens the doors for many things to say but I will say those things in a separate post because this is post is dedicated for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and others who paid the price of doing their jobs in the time of the pandemic. 

FYI, the number of doctors is more the official number released by the Egyptian Medical syndicate because Weza depended on Medical syndicates in the governorates and social media whereas the Egyptian Medical syndicate itself admits that it takes time to confirm the death of the doctors due to coronavirus and to take their families' permission to publish their names online. 

It took days or actually a whole week in some cases till the Doctors' syndicate in Cairo announces the death. 

Realistically speaking we are not sure of the real and correct number of the Healthcare sector victims but this is just a try to pay some respect to those victims. 

Those names are not a number but rather people who had stories and life. Some had long life others had a short life. Those names represent a cross-section of Egyptian society in every aspect. From north to south they came, some were icons in their fields while others were simple village doctors serving their community. 

Some were old veterans while others were young aspiring doctors and nurses or just simple clerk in an administrative position in a hospital or a pharmacist who worked a night shift in a pharmacy in rural Egypt. 

These are their names and their faces. Please pray for them and for their families. May they all rest in power, May they all rest in peace  

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  1. Great job, in their memory. True, they are not just numbers..may they RIP and peace to their loved ones. Thank you to Moatez Weza and Zeinobia.


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