Friday, June 24, 2011

You ask and Bibi will answer

Ofir Gendelman ,the Israeli prime minister's spokesperson to Arab media announced in his twitter account in Arabic that the Israeli PM our favorite Bibi is inviting the Arab Facebook generation "He means us" to send questions regarding any topic so he can answer them on his Youtube channel. It seems that Bibi like the idea of YouTube's World your view channel. 
Ok boys and girls You can send Bibi your questions in any topic you want , yes in any topic you want !!! 
Gendelman provokes us all when he appears or speaks on Al Jazeera , seriously they chose the worst man for the job

Ofir Gendelman's tweet yesterday 

I consider this is a desperate Hasbara move from the Israeli government. The Hasbara machine launched a twitter account and Facebook page with a campaign in Facebook targeting Arab users with positive stories about Israel.
Side note : I found that tweet about how the captivity of Galid Shalit is against the Geneva conventions is quite provoking just like Gendelman !! Since when Israel has ever respected the human rights treaties or Geneva conventions when it comes to Arab prisoners of war !? Shall I speak about Egyptian POWs !? or Shall I speak about the Palestinian POWs !?
Israel is dying to reach to the Arab Facebook generation despite this generation based on what we all see and know is more Pan Arab nationalist and pro Palestinian especially in Egypt despite being raised in the peace era , we are the generation that has not lived a war with Israel all those 30 years.
The Facebook generation in Tahrir used to chant "Speak to Mubarak in Hebrew, he does not understand Arabic" , the Facebook generation demands the Egyptian government to stop EMG from exporting our gas to Israel.
The Egyptian revolution roots are in every pro-Palestinian protest cracked down , in every Pro-Israeli stand the Mubarak regime took in those years.
It seems that the Israeli government is trying for real to win the Arab Facebook generation after losing the biggest strategic treasure they had in the region. 


  1. Maybe if you bombard them with all kinds of questions (the ones they always refuse to answer) they will get over asking the Arab World to talk to them.

    I think they're just trying to pacify everyone pretending that they care...

  2. Peace with Israel is in arabs' best interests. If you had not realized that by now, you are very stupid.

  3. @Anonymous 02:08:00 AM
    You are dreaming in colors if you think that the Netanyahu government seeks peace; they seek to appease the ultra right to keep the occupied lands and stay in power.
    Israel needs a leader like Rabin to push the Zionists aside to make peace.
    The Canadian.

  4. "The Facebook generation demands the Egyptian government to stop EMG from exporting our gas to Israel." - If this is true, this confirms the suspicions of many on the left and right about the naivety, infantile extremism and total lack of political gumption of the "facebook" crowd. Alienating the healthiest economy is the region is NOT in Egypt's interest, short term or long term. Is provoking Israel militarily on Wael Ghonim's agenda? He's already ditched all those in Egypt who want a secular, democratic constitution... When does he intend to announce his adherence to the Ikhwan, do tell us...

  5. I don't know what is wrong with people who claim that peace negotiations with Israel is in Arabs' best interests. successful negotiations means that both have something to gain AND something to lose so they agree to strike a balance which gives either a specific goal. You cannot negotiate from a position of weakness because that is almost a surrender, you have to negotiate from a position of strength if you want to achieve your goals or expectations as a result of the negotiation process. What drives negotiations is deterrence, in other words that the other party is really made aware of a heavy cost.In negotiations the position of strength means that the other party will lose something if it was not preparred to think and be willing to assess the cost then compromise or pay the price. At the moment only Israel is negotiating from a position of strength which comes from its military might, and the Arabs or Palestinians have no position of strength whatsoever, they only have weaknesses
    so they approach the peace negotiation with compromises and really nothing to gain.

  6. Anonymous said...

    "The Facebook generation demands the Egyptian government to stop EMG from exporting our gas to Israel." - If this is true, this confirms the suspicions of many on the left and right about the naivety, infantile extremism and total lack of political gumption of the "facebook" crowd. Alienating the healthiest economy is the region is NOT in Egypt's interest, short term or long term. Is provoking Israel militarily on Wael Ghonim's agenda? He's already ditched all those in Egypt who want a secular, democratic constitution... When does he intend to announce his adherence to the Ikhwan, do tell us...

    at special subsidised prices moron, israel can buy our gas at international rate... otherwise they can fuck off and buy it anywhere they want, we sell gas to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and Italy... one lesser country won't affect sales especially when they get it as favoured price unlike the others, don't you think idiot?

  7. Until Israelis feel we can trust the Arabs in peace, there will be no peace. If Israelis feel that we have a real partner in the Arabs, then we will stand up to our government and the settlers.

  8. Exactly, there is no such thing as peace negotiation, the Arabs cannot be partners in any negotiation because it is all down to Israel not the Arabs, Israel calls the shots because Israel can.

  9. "...especially when they get it as favoured price unlike the others, don't you think idiot?"

    Israel pays less than other customers you name because it is delivered directly through a short pipeline. The negotiated price reflects that.

  10. And we have an ad for AIPAC streaming across the top of the page? Here a blogger tries to use facts, reason, logic and moral persuasion to defend the people of the Middle East from this Neighbor from Hell. It seems Israel's supporters just call us stupid and use our websites to raise money for the purchase of the US Congress.

  11. Curious that Bibi would bother, given that his politics are rooted in the belief that no significant Arab population will ever live with Jews in peace. Certainly no Arab population ever has lived with Jews in peace, and the rhetoric on all of these Arabists sites is slavering after war. Some things never change.

    As for the Arab Spring...after the party, comes the hangover. Without the foreign exchange earned by 2011 tourism, Egyptians face a very hungry 2012. Want to do without the income from gas sales too? Go for it.

  12. It's a pathetic move from Netanyahu's ruling government,especially after they lost their srategic treasure "Mubarak".You well said it Zeinobia in a powerful way, but that should be widely communicated to all FB and Twitter users to give them a big CAUTION!I always worry about the passive sector in society.@amrazim2808

  13. It's about time that Egypt officially joined the world-wide BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement against the apartheid terrorist state.

    I see that Marks & Spencer is not doing too well, but we should have a full list of companies here in Egypt that do business with Israel so we know who to boycott and/or protest against. The same with treasonous government agencies and officials, the sneaky bastards. Bibi can talk to himself on Facebook and Twitter, but we have smarter uses for them.

    Let Egypt become a "strategic treasure" for people of conscience around the world who stand up against war crimes and racist colonialism, and who demonstrate their solidarity with Israel's victims through effective action, not just words.

  14. The Israeli Labor Party believed that Israeli Arabs could be seduced away from the pervasive antisemitism of Arab nationalism and Islamism, with free health care, university educations, voting rights, Muslim control of Muslim holy sites, freedom of speech, freedom to organize, etc. Sixty-three years on, Israeli Arabs still want a "return" to a totalitarian, mono-racial, no-Jews, agrarian poverty 1850, with Suha Arafat as queen.

    Enter Likud, the party of the Jews who were expelled from the Lands of the Arabs/ Islam. Likud believes that Arabs are the eternal enemy, and will kill any Jews who are so unlucky as to fall into Arab hands. Likud believes that Arabs should be pressured to leave Israel, if not deported outright. Likud's platform is mirror image of what pours out of all Arab media every day, year in and year out. For "Jews are a cancer..," "Jews are a scar...," read "Arabs" instead of "Jews."

    Don't know what you're going to chat about with Bibi.

  15. I heard that Yasser Arafat was a homosexual and pedophile and he died of AIDS. Is that true, does anyone know? Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

  16. @Anon 12:39PM: You call it "seduction" but it was actually aggravated rape. The Israeli Labour Party is the one that carried out Plan Dalet in 1947 and masterminded then executed almost all the atrocities described so vividly in Ilan Pappe's "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine".

    In fact, it was under successive Labour governments that Israel stole at gunpoint and ethnically cleansed nearly 80% of Palestine, so that the legal Palestinian inhabitants could be replaced with racist Jewish settlements.

    Apologists for a racist aparthed colonial state that is currently engaged in genocide really shouldn't be lecturing anybody about "anti-semitism" or any other form of racism, just like rapists and murderers and thieves shouldn't be advising their victims about what's in their "best interests".

    As for Palestinians wanting to live in poverty with Suha Arafat as queen, maybe you should look beyond your Zionist sources for your information: you'd sound less stupid.

    You'd then know that the Palestinians happen to have international law on their side, not to mention the Geneva Conventions and basic human decency, something Israelis really need to learn something about.

    Finally, like almost all Arabs I'm certainly no fan of Suha's, but if forced to choose I'd take her over your soulless baby-killing vampire war criminal "Tzippi" Livni any day.

    Chacun son gout.

  17. The Arab feudal classes have always been able to mobilize the peasants to work against their own interests. All they have to do is say, "The Yahud love free public schools and you want to be like the Yahud?" "No public schools or hospitals," they all roar, "No elections, no freedom of speech, no freedom of conscience. Death to the Yahud."

    So, Israel, which was nothing at all in 1900, is free and prosperous. Egypt, which was prosperous, is 80 million beggars, trying to flee to Europe, and lying to themselves about all of the wars that they're going to win.

    Deluded and destructive as Arab nationalism was, the next wave ---Islamism--- is going to be much much worse.

  18. Please keep this blog free from stupidity, there are many responses and observations here with the sole objective of inflaming negative arguments and turn the blog into an Israel Vs Arab blog just like many other blogs that failed because of that same reason in the past. Do not let these observations distract this blog from its more immediate goal, which is that of adding some positive contribution towards attaining true democracy in Egypt. Most of those negative commentators are there for that, they roam the web and try to divide public opinion and most of them also broadcast messages in the international media and keep repeating one message and one message alone, that once the honeymoon is over, the Arab spring will soon end in total failure, and would they not like that to take place? so rise above it. As proof of failure, they quote Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, as unlike Tunisia an Egypt, they point out that these countries are socially and religiously divided nations where democracy is bound to fail. The worst scenario for these people is a democratic Arab world because a democratic Arab world is stronger. So their objective is divide to weaken. Please do not respond to their negative comments, leave their comments unanswered and do not fall for the trap, be positive, mature and constructive about Egypt and the Arab world chances regardless of what they say.When they are not taken seriously after a long while, they will stop go somewhere else where they can dump their waste material.

  19. "The Arab feudal classes have always been able to mobilize the peasants to work against their own interests."
    I disagree sir, this took place in Europe and the US. I am not Muslim, but I know what Islam said as much as I know what Christianity said. The key to this is universal, it is not not the "The Arab feudal classes" hegemony, but the "the peasants" reluctance to lift themselves. Islam asked Muslims to shake off peasantry, seek knowledge, seek freedom and all of the attributes that transform a peasant into a civilized human being so they learn how to fight and respond. It was not until six months ago that the so called peasants realized what freedom does and shook off fear from the authority imposed on them by the Military and the Elite and previously through Colonialism. Yes, just six months starting in Tunisia which if I might add has a large proportion of educated people (non peasantry). Contrast that with Libya's tribal systems and you have got your answer, the question now is what next? are the peasants going to seek knowledge? freedom? democracy? and finally learn how to lift themselves out of peasantry? or fall in the trap of fear, chaos and ignorance once more, look at Africa right now? The answer to that from my stand point is unclear, it is all down to what the ordinary and decent intelligent people will do next, not the peasants as peasants will always be managed like herds by the Elite. Will they keep fighting for democracy in the proper way in order to pave the way for an "extraordinary" future for themselves and the next generations, or go back home to their wives and resume their "ordinary" peasant lives? I am pointing at the centuries universal old conflict between the elite and the masses all over the world not just in the Arab world, the fault is "nearly" always that of the masses not the Elite.

  20. Calls for democracy are an endorsement of Israeli political norms and a rejection of the last forty years of Arab state development. The inability of Arab intellectuals and publics to face that simple truth, says that they don't have it in them to make any real changes.

    "Death to Israel" is the name of your Arab prison.

  21. what? "Calls for democracy are an endorsement of Israeli political norms and a rejection of the last forty years of Arab state development." What the hell do you mean? man, go back to school or or read a book or something. 40 years of Arab development? the only development I see is in backwardness. for 40 years we saw increase in the wealth divide, the inability of Arabs to feed its people, losing countless wars, in fighting between them, bankrupt Arab league, disunity, poverty for most Arabs, torture, corruption at every level etc.. please do us a favor and educate your mind "peasant".

  22. Oh dear,The guy above claims that calls for democracy (liberty, freedom of speech, consultation etc..) is an endorsement of Israel's Political norms, what a load of rubbish, no wonder you are in such a big mess. Get some education man and stop giving people lessons yet showing how little you know, what an idiot.

  23. Hasbara troll attack, everyone take cover!

  24. Anonymous 3:04PM said: "Calls for democracy are an endorsement of Israeli political norms..."

    You mean "Israeli norms" like depriving more than 1/2 of the population of human, let alone legal rights, SOLELY because they are not Jews? Or like robbery, murder, torture and sadistic oppression by heavily-armed and foreign financed immigrant colonists against the legal inhabitants of Palestine?

    The Zio-Nazi entity is a "democracy" only if you accept the Zio-Nazi premise that only Jews are human, and that those who have what Jews want have no rights at all.

    Calls for democracy and social justice and freedom by Arab citizens are in fact the strongest and most effective rejection of "Israeli political norms" and for the ugly, anachronistic racism that the Zionist entity embodies.

    That's why the world cheered as first the Tunisians and then the Egyptians rose up for their freedom, and why the Zionist entity is rapidly becoming a global pariah.

    You'd better pray that when Palestine is liberated (soon, soon), the Palestinians don't apply "Israeli political norms" against their tormentors, but hold on to their humanity and the spiritual strength that has sustained them for so long, against such brutal, cold-blooded, insatiably greedy monsters.

  25. It takes a lot of brass for citizens of Arab-Islamic countries to complain about ethnic cleansing. Exterminating the indigenous non-Arab Muslim communities of The Lands of The Arabs/ Islam has been the one actual accomplishment, of sixty years of marching up and down shouting "Death...Blood...Death....Blood."

    As for imperialism, Arab nationalism and Islam are both imperialist. They're going to go to India or Israel or Spain and they're going to bash everyone in their heads, until they speak Arabic and become Muslims. The problem that Arabs-Islamists have is not a lack of malice or insufficiency of desire to murder most of the people in the world. The Arab problem is, that they're incompetent.

    There are a million Arab citizens in Israel, in a population of 7 million. 350 million Arabs in 20-odd countries tolerate a total of perhaps 2000 Jews. 10,000 Egyptian men have arranged marriages to Israeli-Arab women, in order to obtain Israeli citizenship. Egypt tolerates an estimated 30 Jewish citizens, fewer than Nazi Germany did. We're lately seeing a lot of Coptic refugees from Egypt, where I live. They tell shocking stories about the viciousness of Egyptian Muslims.

  26. Egyptians, what we clearly have here is an Israeli using his usual tactful verbal dexterity to dazzle the rest of us with his familiar bent logic and this time some cooked up statistics. These people are groomed from a very early age to hate Arabs, and the only think they hate more than Arabs is Islam. They go all around Europe and the US telling people how good, clever and civilized they are and how bad are Muslims in order to gain Western favor, do not respond, ignore him, let him show all of us how stupid he is and do not get distracted by his attempts and there will be many more until the weak in you responds, keep cool, keep quiet and concentrate on a peaceful Egyptian democratic movement which clearly is a much worthy cause than to get involved in some half baked case of Israel good and Muslims bad, and at all time be peaceful and good, let him rant.

  27. Head-bashing Muslim imperialists and vicious Egyptian Muslims and 62 years of "marching up and down shouting "Death...blood...death...blood"?

    What are you smoking? That's some bad stuff.

    BTW, I don't have to get my "stories" from fictional "Coptic refugees" living in the US -- I am a Copt living and raising my children right now, right here among my beloved fellow Egyptians in my beloved Egypt. In your eye.

    What shameless hypocrites you Zionists are: you talk about the "viciousness of Muslim Egyptians" in reference to the Copts, but then mention that "there are a million Arab citizens in Israel" as evidence of Israeli tolerance.

    Even if the PALESTINIANS who have Israeli citizenship weren't horribly and systematically discriminated against, it's noteworthy that there are in fact a total of more than FIVE MILLION Palestinians living under Israeli rule. If only "one million" are given minimal citizenship rights (even if third or fourth-class), then what about the other 4 million PALESTINIANS?

    They don't even have the right to life, let alone civil or other legal rights.

    Btw, we Egyptians enjoy Egyptian nationality. In your Zionist apartheid state, citizens are identified as "Jewish nationals", "Arab nationals" or "Druze nationals" etc, with different privileges and rights. In fact, there is no such thing as "Israeli nationality" in Israel. Look it up.

    You Zionist twits should really should find a more ignorant and receptive venue for peddling your racist agit-prop. Here it only serves to illustrate how dumb you are, and how baseless all the hype is, about our "formidable enemy".

    Free Palestine.

  28. @Alice 4:44 PM

    The goal in Palestine is to have a 2 states solution. Israel and Palestine. Hopefully, it will happen soon. Most of the Palestinians will have their own free state.

    This should have been the original solution in 1947, if it wasnt for the Egyptian army and other Arab conutries armies who invaded Palestine/Israel promising the palestinians that they will "throw the jews to the sea".

    The Arab countries mislead the Palestinians into declining the 1947 UN division resolution 181, while the Jews agreed to it. The Palestinians would have been in a much better shape now if they were on their own at 1947 and not "helped" by you.

  29. The Arab nationalists of Palestine were and are exactly like Arab nationalists everywhere else. They posit the existence of a Lands of The Arabs, and declare non-Arabs "foreigners." Only, instead of winning their war of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, they lost it. Learning nothing from the experience, they've spent 63 years trying to re-fight 1948, and win. They still have no other plan.

    No, Israel is not going to allow gun-toting gangsters, raised on "Death to the Yahud" to freely walk the streets of Tel Aviv. If that's injustice, too bloody bad. Give them Egyptian citizenship, and you deal with the consequences. Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq have already had enough of them.


  31. The UN never had the moral or legal right or mandate to hand out generous 'gifts' of other people's territory, any more than the British ever had the right or mandate to allow a massive influx of foreign Jewish colonists into Palestine. But who cares about rights, as the British Lord Balfour, of the infamous Balfour Declaration, explained:

    "The contradiction between the letter of the Covenant is even more flagrant in the case of the independent nation of Palestine than in that of the independent nation of Syria. For in Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country, though the American Commission has been going through the forms of asking what they are. The four great powers are committed to Zionism and Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-long tradition, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder importance than the desire and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land. In my opinion, that is right."

    What bizarre brainwashing makes you accuse the PALESTINIANS of "ethnic cleansing"!!? They're the indigenous inhabitants, most of whom were forcibly expelled from their homes by foreign colonists and are now refugees! And now there are Europeans and Americans and other foreigners who illegally squat in the Palestinians' homes and steal the Palestinians' wealth and claim that "God gave it to them!"

    BTW, Palestine and its people, the Palestinians, have existed for thousands of years. "Israel" has only blighted the earth for 63 years, and already its vicious and bloodthirsty history of robbing and killing the indigenous people are making it a pariah among nations, especially in this internet age where information is freely available.

    Soon, very soon, the Zionist state will join its Nazi and Apartheid counterparts in the garbage heap of history.

    You are on the wrong side of morality, of international law, of human decency, and of history.

    Free Palestine.

  32. @ Alice 12:05 AM

    I do not accuse the Palestinians of having plans for ehtnic cleansing, I accuse YOU, the Egyptians. You imply that the Egyptian army invaded Palestine in 1947 to reverse the UN two states resolution 181, how did you plan to get rid of the jews? throw them all to the sea? gas chambers? did you expect them to accept that happily?

    And today, you also seem to oppose the two states solution, again, how do you plan to get rid of 6 million jews? bullet in the head? put them on ships and send them to where their ancestors came from 100 years ago? About half of the jews in Israel came from Arab countries, but, you seem to ignore them, why? Are they considered sub-humans by you?

    And, by the way, up until around 100 years ago, there was never a notion of "Palestinian nation" or "Palestinian state", and the jewish people and their relation to israel actually existed much more than the 100 years you imply.

    I am sorry, but the one with genocide plans is you. I am all for a practical solution of two states for the Israelis and Palestinians. And, I do pray for peace and prosperity for ALL people in there. I do pray that the Palestinians will stop listening to their hate mongering Arab dictators "brothers", and start doing what is good for them.

  33. The Egyptians in 1948 were responding to the desperate cries for help of the Palestinian people, who were being massacred and terrorized into leaving their homes so that the Jewish colonists could steal their lands, houses, factories, farms, orchards, bank accounts and other property.

    There were a series of especially sadistic ethnic cleansing operations against the Palestinian people during the 1940s, most infamously the Deir Yassin massacre, in which the Jews raped and murdered the peaceful villagers and as usual, did not spare children, even babies.

    "213 Palestinian villages and towns (population 413,794, 52% of the refugees) were “cleansed” while under the “protection” of the British mandate; that is before the start of the Arab-Israeli war on May 15, 1948. 264 localities with 339,272 inhabitants (42%) were vacated during 1948 War. After signing the Armistice Agreements, 54 localities were ethnically cleansed (52,001 people or 6% of refugees). Usually, the cleansing (“Nikayon,” a word used frequently in Israeli military communications at the time) was initiated by massacres. Plan Dalet was started to conquer the area between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and it commenced in earnest following the massacre of Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948. This was followed by several other massacres, which terrorized the Palestinians into leaving. Palestinians were terrorized by 33 massacres in total..."

    As it has demonstrated repeatedly ever since, your "state" does not only commit crimes against humanity, it is ITSELF a crime against humanity, in exactly the same way and for the same reasons as the Nazi state and the Apartheid state.

    Suffice it to say that if it ceased robbing and killing and committing other war crimes against civilians, it would cease to exist, something that even your own leaders acknowledge. You have no right to force others to pay with their lives and property for you to enjoy your "Jewish state", and you have no right to expect them not to fight back with every legal means, including but not limited to armed struggle.

    The history of your "Jewish state" is nothing more than a rap sheet of massacres and terrorism and robbery, nothing more.

    To create it, the Jewish colonists stole everything, forcing out the Palestinian owners with only the clothes on their back.

    Read this account from your own "Israeli" historian, Tom Segev:

    But according to you, nobody should have even tried to come to the Palestinians' help. They should have left them alone to your tender mercies, left you to wallow in their blood and to enjoy your stolen loot in peace.

    Well, that's what you want, but that's not what you're going to get.

    No peace without justice. Free Palestine.

  34. @Alice 12:25 PM

    After UN resolution 181 for 2 states solution was declined by the Palestinians in 1947 they attacked the jewish population with the help of Egyptian and Iraqi volenteers and the war started. many attrocities were done by the Palestinians and the Israelies. Regretfully, both sides were targeting civilian population. Neither the Jews nor the Palestinians had any regular army at that time. It was a war between civilian populations. From the Israeli side more than 6000 people lost their lifes.

    Regardnig ethnic cleansing, around 1 million jews left the Arab countries and moved to Israel around 1948 due the war - Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, all the jewish communities moved to Israel due to riots and violence, so "cleansing" happened from both sides.

    You can throw endless list of attrocities at me, and I can throw endless list of attrocities done by Palestinians at you. It will never end.

    In order for it to end, people should look at the future and strive for a 2 states peacefull solution. I am sorry to read in your words that you dont want the Palestinians and Israelies to leave in peace, you want them to bathe in blood so you can fulfil your sense of historic "justice".

    I hope that the Palestinians will be smarter than that this time. Keep in mind that the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. There wont be any different results if we keep doing the same things, and this is true for both sides.

  35. You Zionists are so funny. So now the Jews who left Arab countries are "refugees" who "moved to Israel due to the war" in 1948? Nothing to do with all the Zionist agents exhorting them to make glorious "aliyah" from the 1940s through the 1950s and 60s, then? Or the false flag Zionist terrorism to convince those who didn't want to leave? There's a good summary here, far from your cartoon version:

    You should also do some research about how Jewish Arabs were treated like dirt once they did go to "Israel". To the Zionists' many crimes, must be added how they traumatized and brainwashed Jewish Arabs away from their own culture and language so that they could be loyal second-class citizens and soldiers and cheap labor for the Ashkenazis.

    As for UN Resolution 181, as I said before: then or now, the UN had no legal or moral right to divide up Palestine, still less to hand out property to any but its rightful owners.

    International law does not allow this, in fact it's a flagrant violation of the principles upon which international law and the Geneva Conventions are based.

    But since you keep bringing up UN Resolution 181, you might be interested in another one: UN Resolution 194, which, unlike 181, IS consistent with international law and the Geneva Conventions, and the founding principles of the UN.

    Israel was only accepted as a member of the UN on condition that it accept UN Resolution 194, which reaffirmed the Palestinian refugees' legal right to return to their homes and get back the property that was stolen from them, or receive proper compensation.

    Israel agreed, and based on this agreement was accepted as a member of the UN, but has reneged on its commitment ever since. Every single year, the UN reaffirms UN Resolution 194 and the Palestinians' Right of Return, and every year Israel just makes more refugees or kills more of those whom it has already robbed.

    I certainly can't speak for the Palestinian people, but personally, I would be willing to accept the illegal and illegitimate UN Resolution 181 if Israel were to live up to its own commitment to implement UN Resolution 194.

    Would you, oh thief and defender of ethnic cleansing?

  36. Incidentally, back to the Jewish Arabs: there is nothing at all preventing those whose property was illegally taken from them from suing the individuals, companies or governments responsible. In fact, some have and have got their property back or were compensated with interest.

    No, you know what the problem is? Israel doesn't want them to launch the lawsuits on an individual basis, but insists that these lawsuits be collective and that the Israeli state act on their behalf.

    Given how the Zionist state and a few "Shoah business" lawyers took the lion's share of the German reparations, and left the survivors of the Nazi genocide nearly penniless, not surprisingly the Jewish Arabs are not willing to go along.

    As for the Palestinians, well, they're just dealing with a racist, terrorist rogue state that, as your founding terrorist David Ben Gurion liked to say: "Our future does not depend on what gentiles say but on what Jews do."

    It's long past time for gentiles, including of course the Arabs, to do a lot more than just "say" things. Thank goodness so many are coming to the same conclusion.

    History is not on your side. International law and human decency are not on your side. Most people of the world are not on your side.

    Time is not on your side.

  37. Amusing. The system of Arab states is collapsing before our very eyes. All of the signs indicate a long period of self-destruction and tribal warfare, followed by a foreign seizure of the oil fields and Suez Canal.(China? India? Russia?) There plainly wasn't enough to "Arabness" to build any kind of civilization.

    They sure make a lot of threats, though.

  38. A few points, not that the truth will affect any partisans of "Palestine."

    The sequence of states in Israel-Palestine was Ottoman, British, then Israel. All welcomed Jewish refugees at times. The Turks welcomed Jews because Palestine had been depopulated and ruined during the wars of Muhammad Ali. The Jews were a more desirable population than Arabs, because Arabs were by then anti-Ottoman. The Jews were seen as more loyal to the Sultan. There was never an Arab state in Palestine, Palestine was never 100% Arab, the Jews didn't "steal" anything, the Arabs attempted to steal Palestine, and failed.

    The Arabs pressured the Brits---we will revolt and close the Suez Canal !--- into blocking the escape routes for Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe to Palestine. Five years later, the Arab Palestinians were refugees themselves. Justice on a cosmic scale.

    Plan Dalet refers to the towns along the Jerusalem- Tel Aviv road. In 1948, the Arab villagers along the route, aided by units of the Iraqi Army, blockaded the road. The 60,000 Jews in Jerusalem were faced with starvation, capture, murder. The Haganah cleared the villages along the road under Plan Dalet. Nothing to do with Haifa or Jaffa or Safed or any other part of Israel-Palestine. Only the Jerusalem- Tel Aviv road.

    Every UN resolution on Israel-Palestine has placed obligations on both sides. The return of refugees, provided that they live in peace with their Jewish neighbors, was mandated in 1948. They chose to remain in temporary refugee camps, pending the Ultimate Arab Victory and Slaughter of the Unholy Yahud Allah Be Praised, coming soon. That's still their plan.

    The emerging Arab states excluded Jews from citizenship, despite the fact that the Jews were in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, etc long before any Arabs or Muslims. Made it easier to "nationalize" Jewish property and hand it over to friends of the various Arab dictators. Arabs don't really care about indigenousness, when it doesn't favor them. Anyone who finds this interesting, can read the wikipedia article on "The Jews of Egypt." See also: Kurds.

    The numbers of 1948 Arab refugees fall every day. Their Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian children and grandchildren ought to seek their rights in the countries of their births.

    In 1967, Israel offered full Israeli citizenship to the Arabs of newly-conquered Jerusalem. They refused. Now, they can congratulate themselves on their Arab Honor on the road back to Arabia.

  39. Alice, you are a naked antisemite.

  40. The system of Arab dictatorships is collapsing before your very eyes, and the Arab people are rising up to retake their individual and national freedom away from the same imperialists who imposed the Zionist entity and puppets like Mubarak on them.

    You've lost your "strategic treasure" and citizens are joining together from around the world and risking their lives to break your barbaric siege on Gaza, and to boycott your anachronistic racist colony and so you console yourself with ugly fantasies that the Arabs will "self-destruct".

    Yes, we "threaten" to become free, and unlike you Zionists, we pay our own way and claim nothing but what is rightfully ours. Ours is a struggle to build, not to destroy; it has inspired solidarity all over the world, not boycotts and moral revulsion, as yours has, despite all your hasbara and the corrupt politicians in your pocket.

    Make your fantasies bloodier and more vicious: they suit you, and soon they'll be all you have left.

  41. Alice, you're a parody of yourself.

  42. "Individualism" isn't an Arab-Islamic cultural value. "Individualism" means that Christians, Jews, homosexuals, feminists, atheists are free and equal to Muslims. It means that a Palestinian Arab girl from Ramallah can drive down to Tel Aviv for the weekend, have her legs waxed while reading "Cosmopolitan," wear a bikini to the beach, drink wine and dance in a disco, meet and have sex with a handsome stranger, pay for it all with her own money, and it's no one's business but hers. Arabs would rather shoot all of their children, than see such an outcome.

    What Egyptians really want is another Nasser: bombast, fascism, and violence against "deviants". What they are incapable of seeing, is that Nasser and Mubarak are two fingers on the same hand.

  43. Clearly, you Zionists learned everything you needed to know from hasbara sources that taught you gems like "the Jews didn't steal anything," and that because Palestine was a province, not a state (was "Israel" a state?), the Jewish colonists from Europe had the "right" to kill the legal inhabitants and terrorize them and steal their property and declare a "Jewish state" in Palestinian-owned land.

    In any case, you should read real history books by real historians instead of Wikipedia articles, but you won't, because they'll tell you facts you don't want to know.

    Anonymous 5:18 AM said: "The Arabs pressured the Brits---we will revolt and close the Suez Canal !--- into blocking the escape routes for Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe to Palestine."

    What about the "escape routes" to the US, Britain, Canada, etc., etc.?

    Here's a clue: as the Zionist Yitzchak Greenbaum said at the time: "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland."

    David Ben Gurion said: "If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution."

    So before you start blaming the Palestinians for not giving up their lives and their freedom and their homes and their national aspirations to save the European Jews from the European Nazis, you really should take up the issue with your fellow Zionists, ok?

    I'm not an "anti-semite", Jason; like all Zionists you falsely conflate between Judaism and Zionism, two very, very different things, as a number of very pious Jews could tell you:

    I have no idea why you Zionists are so obsessed with who Arabs have sex with, but that's between you and your psychiatrist.

    Maybe it has something to do with all those bloodthirsty fantasies you all are always projecting about "what Arabs want", even as you slaughter and pillage and torture your helpless Arab victims, even children.

    It's not the first time I've noticed that Zionists always accuse Arabs of "wanting to do" what the Zionists are actually "doing".

  44. Anyone who finds this interesting, can read the wikipedia article on "The Jews of Egypt."

  45. Most Westerners, Jewish or not, think that the Holocaust was a bad thing. This makes us different from Muslims. The repitition of fake Zionist "quotes," fake Talmud passages, claims that the Jews eat babies, control the banks and newspapers of the world, remind us that we didn't finish the Nazis in 1945. Yes, we cleansed the Nazi heartland in Europe, but the Nazi periphery in North Africa and South Asia remains.

    So, keep sharing those heartwarming stories about how your Muslim grandmother once saw some Jews turn themseles into snakes and crocodiles before her very eyes. More Westerners need to hear them.

  46. What is this bullshit? we don't have fairy tales about Jews neither do we believe that the Holocaust was a good thing. We believe we had to pay the price for the Holocaust instead of Europe although we had nothing to do with it...

  47. Arabs were the victims of the Holocaust. Nice.

  48. Actually yes, we are victims of Holocaust. Apart from paying the ultimate price for it, FYI it wasn't just Jews who were victims of the Holocaust but also Homosexuals, Jehavoh's witnesses, the crippled, Gypsies and surprise surprise more than 400 Muslim Arabs of Algerian descent who served in the French resistance army. Of course only one group of people decided to cash in on it and blackmail the rest of the world. Read some history books, your ignorance is amazing!

  49. Only Arabs can look at the half million Jews who escaped from European murder campaigns between 1880 and 1945, and say, "We'd be much happier if they'd stayed in Europe and been murdered, poor us. We'd have killed them ourselves, but we're such nice godfearing people." No one needs a god like theirs.

    As this is an Arab story, it omits the attempts by Arabs to exterminate the Jews of Nazi-occupied Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. It omits the wartime pro Nazi coups in Baghdad and Damascus. It omits the Mufti al-Husseini, who toured Auschwitz---the Jews of Athens were gassed for his entertainment---and went on to assemble a Bosnian Muslim SS regiment to effect the Final Solution in Palestine after the German victory.

    An Arab story will always omit the postwar era, as well. Al Husseini lived in Egypt until 1967. Thanks to his efforts, Egypt is the world's largest producer of antisemitic literature.

    The expulsion of nearly a million Muslim-country Jews wasn't an act of protest against "injustice." It was an endorsement of the Holocaust. Same fascists, same techniques.

    Homosexuals and Jehovah's witnesses....Muslim countries tolerate them? In which parallel universe? It's illegal in Egypt to convert away from Islam. Running away to Tel Aviv is the dream of Arab homosexuals.

  50. It's a good thing that Muslims don't expect any pity for their disasters, their refugees. People who have no pity to give, have no claims to make.

    Europe has abandoned the Schengen regime in response to the attempt by 20,000 North African Arabs to reach France. By next year, the numbers of Arabs, begging along the roads to Europe and North America will go into the hundreds of thousands, if not the millions. Just wait and see what Europeans will do to protect themselves. Remember this: Arabs are no more wanted in Europe or North America in 2011, than Jews were wanted by Arabs in Palestine in 1940. You will have no grounds for complaint over their treatment---you've done the same, and brag about how you'd do it all over again, only worse.

  51. Ok, you've convinced me that the most urgent, pressing moral issue facing us Arabs today is the Nazi Holocaust and its Jewish victims. How "fascist" of us to "complain" about the mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Arabs today and for the past 60+ years -- a sign that we have no capacity for "pity" -- which should all be reserved for...the Jews.

    Just tell us where this Holocaust is taking place and we'll forget all about Palestine and demand justice for the Jews. Nothing less than an immediate cessation of war crimes against the Jews, legal prosecution of the criminals and reparations will do.

    I'm all fired up. How could I have been so blind? How could I have spared one tear, one moment of anger on behalf of those little Palestinian and Lebanese babies who were burned alive or shot by the Israelis? Now that you've opened my eyes, I realize that they were little Nazis! And what's the difference between a little Nazi and a big Nazi? Time. Best to exterminate them when they're young and helpless, eh?

    Besides, we don't feel things like you do.

    Where can I sign up to help you with your good works? I can start by killing my own kids and signing my house over to you, to spare you the trouble! After all, we Arabs don't love our children and we "worship death"!

    If you don't like the house, I can bulldoze it at my own expense so that you and your relatives from Brooklyn can build a "Jewish" house instead. Didn't the Jews build the pyramids? Aren't they God's Chosen People? Doesn't Egypt lie between the Nile and the Euphrates? That settles it, it's yours!

    Thank you so much, oh Zionists, oh beacon of humanity and light of the world, for trying so tirelessly to share your lofty and profound morality with us backward savages.

    Don't be discouraged by the utter contempt and derision you encounter here and elsewhere: deep down we really admire and envy you and think you're beautiful, we really do.

  52. If Jews required sympathy from Muslims or Christians, Judaism would've vanished long ago.

    You argue like an Arab.
    The UN had no right to partition Palestine, but the UN does have the right to pass anti-Israel resolutions, which are "law." The Egyptian blockade of Eilat was "legal" and virtuous. The Israeli blockade of Gaza is a "crime." The boycott of Israel is good. The boycott of Gaza is "illegal." Arabs expel or kill Jews, perfectly understandable, Arab Honor. Jews expel or kill Arabs...worse than the Holocaust, Rwanda, Pol Pot, India-Pakistan all together.

    Worst of all, is that there is no variation of opinion among Arabs. What one Arab thinks, they all think. Totalitarianism....that's what it's called.

    Then there's the endless whining about hurt Arab feelings, Arab dignity, Arab honor. Arab culture is kiss up, kick down. They don't have honor or dignity. All people in kiss up kick down societies live in a permanent state of hurt feelings. See also: Ireland.

    90% of the Arab complaint against the Jews is, we used to kick them in Cairo, and now they can kick us in Tel Aviv. Just wait until some of the black African countries get ahead of Arabs, and start using Arabs as whores and domestic slaves---like you do to them. That will really drive you crazy.

    The European struggle for democracy and human rights, from the French Revolution forward, put the old nobility, the Catholic heirarchy, and the militarists on one side. On the other side, were the urban petit bourgeois, the artists and intellectuals, and the Jews.

    In Muslim and Christian societies, the Jews mark the boundary between us and them, between acceptable difference and unacceptable difference. It's important for Christians and Muslims to treat Jews badly, for reasons that have nothing to do with the Jews, and everything to do with Christianity and Islam.

    In Arab regions, the Jews are gone, and "artists and intellectuals" are people who sing the praises of one warlord or another. That leaves the urban bourgeois to fight the large, centralizing, reactionary institutions, alone.

    You're going to get exactly what you want, Alice. Fascism, state violence against dissent, Allah-Allah-Allah on TV and radio, all the day long, all of the "Death to...." parades that you can stand. No Arab public is ready for or desirous of anything else.

    And BTW, Alice, there are plenty of Arabs in Brooklyn. Perhaps you should have them come and live with you, to spare them the indignity and affront to Arab honor, of having to live among Jews.

  53. Anonymous Zionist said: "The UN had no right to partition Palestine, but the UN does have the right to pass anti-Israel resolutions, which are "law.""

    Alice the Arab says: The UN never had the legal right to partition other people's land and gift it to those who don't legally own it. That's a violation of the founding principles of the UN and of the international law from which it derives its legitimacy.

    In contrast, what you dismiss as "anti-Israel" resolutions condemn war crimes, armed robbery, murder and racist oppression.

    Anonymous Zionist said: "The Egyptian blockade of Eilat was "legal" and virtuous. The Israeli blockade of Gaza is a "crime.""

    Alice the Arab says: That's cute: Egypt searched ships going through its own property, i.e. the Straits of Tiran, for a grand total of FOUR DAYS, yet "Israel" considered that so great a provocation that it launched an all-out war, killing thousands of people and stealing vast areas of Arab lands.

    This, even though less than 5% of "Israeli" imports ever went through the Straits of Tiran and no "Israeli" ships had passed through it in more than 2 years prior to the "blockade".

    Contrast this to the barbaric, ILLEGAL (not "illegal") siege of a captive civilian population of 1.5 million people, 65% of whom are children, 85% of whom are refugees once or twice over, which "Israel" had already robbed and expelled from their homes.

    The "Israeli" siege of Gaza deprives them of clean water, adequate food, medicines and medical equipment, learning supplies, building materials to re-build their destroyed homes and schools and the territory's electric power plant.

    That's not even counting the indiscriminate murder of thousands of trapped civilians. We "fascist Arabs" remember all too well how the Zionists brought their own children and snacks and binoculars to watch the fun while enjoying their picnic.

    Anonymous Zionist said: "Arabs expel or kill Jews, perfectly understandable, Arab Honor. Jews expel or kill Arabs...worse than the Holocaust, Rwanda, Pol Pot, India-Pakistan all together."

    Alice the Arab says: Well, no. I for one passionately believe that one standard is equally applicable to all, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

    Nobody has a right to expel a person from the property that he or she legally owns, regardless of his or her religion or ethnicity or color or gender or anything else. Thieves must be forced to return the stolen property along with compensation, just like Germany and Switzerland were forced to pay reparations.

    killing any child is an abomination and a horrible crime, regardless of who the child or the killer is, and the latter must be arrested and tried and punished according to ONE law.

    Anonymous Zionist said: "Worst of all, is that there is no variation of opinion among Arabs. What one Arab thinks, they all think."

    Alice the Arab says: Imagine, and Zionists are accused of racism!

    Here's a piece of friendly advice: if you're peddling nasty and ignorant racist stereotypes about Arabs, it's not necessarily a smart idea to do so in the Comments section of an Egyptian blog that is read mostly by Arabs. Duh.

    But that's all you know to do: how else can you justify Zionist atrocities, unless you portray its victims as brutal, evil subhumans unworthy to even have the right to life, let alone to own the property you want?

    Zionists steal everything, even the Nazis' justifications!

    What an ugly, stupid, toxic ideology Zionism is. I pity you so much your self-imposed fortress of hate and fear and ignorance.

    There's a whole world of diverse and precious humanity to which you Zionists have closed yourselves, at great cost to Zionism's direct victims, but also to you.

  54. The House of Assad will have by now killed more Arabs than were killed in all Arab-Israeli wars combined. They're Big Macho Arab Manly Men Righteous Heroes. The Assads are what you love, and what you choose, over and over and over and over and over again.

    Zionism has delivered a decent life for its constituents. Arabism/

  55. "Zionism has delivered a decent life for its constituents"

    so does mafia cartels for the wiseguys

  56. "Zionism has delivered a decent life for its constituents"

    Yeah, and most Germans were delighted with their lives under Hitler, until the Allies spoiled their fun.

    I think Whites also enjoyed living under the Apartheid system in South Africa, as did the Whites in America's slavery and Jim Crow eras.

    In what passes for morality among Zionists, it's only Jews who matter (i.e. "its constituents").

    See, that's the kind of thing that would be hard to explain, just like the idiocy of Zionist propaganda lies about history and the infantile racism of their stereotypes about Arabs/Muslims, but luckily we get to have real live Zionists come right here to this Egyptian blog to demonstrate how they really think, just for us!

  57. The four million Muslims in apartheid South Africa did not join in the opposition to the regime. The non-black opposition consisted of Jews and Englishmen (some overlap there).

    Low-level mafiosi do less well than postal workers.

    In an Arab story, the population of Palestine is made up of innocent children. The population of Israel is made up of Jews with horns. This is propaganda which assumes that the target audience is crude and simple-minded.

    German fascism lasted twelve years. Arab fascism has been a going concern since Nasser's 1952 coup, 59 years. There aren't enough Arabs who can imagine life in a non-fascist society, to fill an elevator.

    12-15 million Germans died in their fascist adventure. How many Arabs will die, before they lose the Dar al Islam/Harb thing? A lot more Arabs than Germans, for sure.

  58. You Zionists are such hypocrites, shamelessly claiming credit for anything good done by any Jew, but screaming "antisemitism" if anybody notes that a bad person was a Jew.

    (By the way, unlike you I don't believe in sectarian or racist assignments of blame OR credit. Funny how you, who accuses "Arabs" -- a huge and diverse linguistic/ethnic group, of collectively being "fascists", are so unaware of how...fascist you sound, not to mention shamefully ignorant and stupid).

    There were indeed many good, decent, brave people who opposed Apartheid even at a great cost to themselves, long became it became fashionable and cost-free. There are admirable and kind people among all races and religious persuasions and nationalities, including, naturally, Jews.

    One of the most well-known heroes of the struggle against Apartheid is Ronnie Kasrils, who is Jewish. Here's what Mr. Kasrils has to say:

    "It can be claimed, without exaggeration, that any South African, whether involved in the freedom struggle, or motivated by basic human decency, who visits the Occupied Palestinian Territories will be shocked to the core at the situation they encounter. They will, I'm sure, agree with Archbishop Tutu's many observations that such things happen in Israel, "including collective punishment", that never happened in apartheid South Africa. (The Guardian, 28 May, 2009)

    There are indeed many similarities between the apartheid systems of Israel and South Africa. Yet, similarities give cause for optimism and hope. I refer here to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS) launched in London in 1959 which grew by leaps and bounds over thirty years and helped bring about Apartheid's downfall. This has inspired and spurs on today's world-wide BDS movement against Israel.

    The latter call, initiated in July 2005, just six years ago, has taken off with even greater speed. Just like the struggle of the Anti-Apartheid Movement against racist South Africa it can lead to dramatic change and contribute to the winning of peace based on freedom and justice for all in the Holy Land.

    ...It is only fitting to conclude with a quote from Nelson Mandela who stated famously to Yasser Arafat in 1997: "The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." (December 4, 1997).

    Just as a united, national movement of a determined people, reinforced by international solidarity, won freedom for all in the struggle led by Nelson Mandela, so too will this be achieved in relation to Apartheid South Africa's double act, Apartheid Israel."

    Here's the link:

    I strongly recommend reading the whole article, and reading materials other than the Zionist propaganda that makes you sound so unwittingly dumb and hateful. Give it a try. You never know what will unlock a closed heart and mind.

  59. @Alice

    The fact that you will not accept a two states solution in Palestine means that you plan either a genocide or a mass exile to the 6 million jews living there, that makes you the true follower of Nazi Germany.

  60. In Arab states, women have a lesser-than form of citizenship, which excludes women from the right to pass citizenship to their children. East Asian economic migrants to Arab countries can never achive legal standing in an Arab country. Every Arab country without exception engages in population cleansing.

    Palestinians are not Israeli citizens, by their own preference. Israel does not determine their legal status. Their citizenship belongs to the Palestine Authority, not to Israel. IOW: no apartheid.

    Nelson Mandela never said anything of the kind to Yasser Arafat. The quote is screechingly phony. Abu Abdul's Emporium of Fake Keys to Palestine Houses is the clear source.

  61. @Anon 5:21 AM: There is no "two state solution" -- as with most con artists, ignore what Zionists say and watch what they do. What they're doing is building racist Jewish colonies all over Palestine at a frantic pace, stealing water, farmland and bulldozing homes, even desecrating cemeteries and endangering or destroying other Palestinian heritage sites while declaring others "Jewish".

    Drop the whining victim act, nobody's falling for it: you're the brutal and sadistic aggressors and your "cause" is to deny Palestinians the same human and civil rights that Jews have.

    @Anon 5:22: The Palestinian "Authority" has no power other than what the criminal occupying power, Israel, allows it to have. Palestinians have justice and international law on their side and no puppet theater or other Zionist nonsense will change their determination to achieve them and our determination to ensure they do.

    You can keep defending your racist colonial project and repeating your racist justifications about how Arabs/Muslims are untermenschen who don't DESERVE human and legal rights, but the global movement for BDS and popular solidarity with the Palestinians says differently and it is rapidly growing and you are increasingly talking only to yourselves.

    Thank you for all your efforts, futile though they are, but I'll be too busy for the next few days to continue this fun debate. Bye for now.

  62. The Palestinian Cause was the cause of Arab dictators. If the dictators go, "Palestine" goes with them.

    The Palestine Authority claims to be a functioning government, and is appealing to the UN for recognition, based on that claim. The Palestine Authority decides if Palestinians can vote (no), if Palestinian government revenues are better spent on schools or on shoes for Suha Arafat (shoes), and the like. Nothing to do with Israel. Hamas rules Gaza, is funded primarily by Iran, and functions as a forward base for Iran.

    Israeli Arabs, like all Israelis, receive government-paid educations, health care, and a monthly cash payment per child, to see that Israeli children are not raised in dire poverty. Israel has three official languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English. Citizens deal with the government in the language of their choice.

    Israeli Arabs who learn Hebrew and join the army are received as full members of society. Israeli Arabs who cheer for Raed Salah, Azmi Bishara are regarded as probable, if not actual traitors. It is not a crime in Israel to call for the destruction of the Israeli state, but don't expect to make a lot of friends that way.

    Israelis used to believe that Arabs could be persuaded that the benfits of Israeli society were worth keeping. Possibly, there are Israeli Arabs who feel that way. But Israeli Arab politics are are all about rejecting Zionism and living in a Pure Arab Paradise, like Syria or Sudan.

    Maybe that's the only solution. Give them each a couple of goats and send them off to Syria or Sudan, where they'll be happy. Certainly, Arabs have never worried about the dishonor or the injustice of expelling Jews. Quid pro quo.

  63. @Alice 11:09 AM

    Two states solution should include removal of settelments and securing water rights and farmland. I think that both the Israelis and the Palestinians know that by now, that's why its very hard to come to a solution, yet, some people are working hard and trying.

    What your calling for is basically fight to death between the two nations, so that "Alice" the Arab nationalist would be happy. Let them fight and die for your amusement and fantasy ideologies.

    This is the exact same position of the Arab dictators since 1947.

  64. Why was Egypt agains the creation of the jewish state in 1948?

  65. I just wanna know where I can sign up to kill every effing jew in America? Can someone let me know?


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