Thursday, June 23, 2011

And How EgyptAir was saved from another disaster Last Monday !! "Updated"

A Luftahansa jet nearly avoided a collision with EgyptAir jet at JFK , oh yes and both were packed last Monday. The Lufthansa pilot saved the day when he was forced to abort the take off when he found an EgyptAir jet nearly crossing in front of him !!! I am not a pilot but I can imagine it and imagine what would happened if he did not abort the take off.
The Luftahansa jet is Airbus A340 and it was carrying alone 286 passengers while our EgyptAir is Boeing 777. We do not know yet how many passengers on the EgyptAir but Boeing 777 can carry up to 346 passengers.
Near miss indeed !!
According to the JFK airport EgyptAir jet had been cleared to taxi to the runway but it made a wrong turn and crossed a runway hold line without permission !!!
Thank God they did not collide and both flights arrived to their destinations safe still there must be an investigation in EgyptAir about this incident.
Seriously thank God because this could be the worst air crash ever !!
Update : Some official in EgyptAir denied to Al Ahram portal that the Egyptian pilot was the one that caused that mistake , saying that it was the control tower's mistake. 


  1. Obviously Aviation needs reassessment all over the world thank God that the Traffic controllers weren't asleep this time, and there'd better be a tough investigation in that matter and some transparency from Egyptair !!

  2. Pilot was probably tired and confused the runway with Salah Salem.

  3. I use to work for an Arab Airliner and I am sad to say that I will never ever fly with or for an Arab company ever. Arab pilot are well known to often take the wrong turn both in Europe and the US, heavy cockpit procedures is too much for them particularly in complicated air traffic zones or large Airports.

  4. الحمدلله
    مش ناقصين نظرية المؤامرة وشبكة آريال

  5. I know a pilot who used to work at Egypt air and had an accident "just after al batooty's accident" while landing , he suffered from a tough investigation till he was proven innocent "plane mallfunction" . but the process didn't seem leniant.

  6. Yes, in retirement I learn one lesson from my life in Aviation, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. In my old age I can now look back and say with my hand on my heart, Arab pilots need to be trained from infancy to hold their nerve and not lose concentration in time of pressure, they must learn from an early age how to make the right decision quickly, and come to terms with the technical and mental work load required to do the job like most western pilots are trained to do. The only Arab pilots I was impressed with during my life time were and still are the ones from Tunis Air back in the 70's and 80’s and I am sure they are a whole lot better right now, I don't know what it is with these North African guys but they take to the Air as if they belonged there. I met a few Tunisian Military pilots once in Europe looking at the Tigershark aircraft (which did not sell by the way and paved the way for the F16) they were the first who decided that the F16 will win the day as if they knew what a good fighter can do before it entered service. I was also surprised to learn that unlike other Arab Military Pilots particularly the ones from Iraq at that time (80’s), the Tunisian Pilots were not trained to be “Knights of the sky” but as an effective air defense system working as a team with the various other support systems, and just like the Tunisian civilian pilots, they thrive on heavy work load in a technical environment and will not crack like the Egyptian pilot who took the wrong turn nearly killing everyone on board. If I was to travel to an Arab country right now, I do my best to board a Tunis Air aircraft as I feel a hell of a lot safer with these guys. By the way, they all speak perfect French and English and perhaps it is their fantastic education system which prepares them for future challenges.

  7. wow the amount of racism by fascist trolls is unbelievable. one fucking incident and all Arab pilots are incompetent!

    hey look, 2 BA collide in Heathrow

    oh no, there is another one

    oh I could just dig hundreds of similar accidents by white pilots all over the world
    no... they can't be white pilots, can they? perhaps they are Asian or have Arab ancestry...that must be it!

  8. Howdy old timer... glad you are still with us, I too noticed the sharp minds of the Tunisian pilots, like all pilots it has a lot to do with where and how you grow up, then comes the state of the mind and body under extreme pressure which has a great deal to do with the DNA stuff or something like that. I met a few of those guys from Tunisia, they were young, educated,very economical in words, very numerate, well spoken, athletic and from what I have seen, were probably raised almost with military discipline back home,many of them were graduates from the Sahel but all of them spoke both English and French. I noticed they could address the French guys in french then quickly shift to English like it was their native language, you wouldn't even notice they were Tunisians. These guys are the real deal and I am sure with young men and women like that Tunisia will surprise all of us in a good way,and it already has back in January. Amazing what a small country can do if it had the right people, I wish every Arab country had people like that, over and out.

  9. At least he didn't intentionally crash his plane, like the EgyptAir Flight 990 pilot.

  10. The root cause of this near miss incident is Egyair pilot making the wrong turn. It is God's blessing that LH was able to abort take-off without further consequences. All parties, but most importantly Egyair, must apply lessons learned and apply corrective actions.

  11. بعد التحية ..
    تم اضافة مدونتكم الى ـ مدونون بلا قيود ـ
    وسوف ننشر مواجز وروابط لكل تدويناتكم خلال نصف ساعة من نشركم لها
    لمزيد من التفاصيل
    ولكم فائق الحرية والاحترام!/modawenon/status/83933910593060865

  12. @Ihab: :):):):)

    Such things do happen all the time, thank God that this one had a happy ending.

  13. Hi..

    I suggest to some of the commentaries prior to read a book by Malcom Gladwell called Outliers - The story of success (ISBN-10: 0316017930)..

    There is a whole chapter on how pilots and pressure and decision making process is acutely affected by the culture, education and other non-airline and non-technical factors related to culture, upbringing and maybe even race (btw I am arab so trust me am not racist to my own self!!)


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