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The Photo of The day : A New country

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The question is : would the States and the West stand with South Sudan if it has not go oil or it was not located in this strategic position !!? I do not think so
No comment except that I do not trust a man who wears a hat given by G.W Bush day and night as some sort of pride !! Anyhow I am waiting to hear the adventures of the New Karzai in the South.
Another fiasco for Mubarak , one of his jewels actually in his 30 years of achievements. Yes I am being biased after all when I hear that the new Rosemary’s baby will be called “The Nile republic” then I must be more worried. Having an embassy and bunch of projects  will not protect our interests , the new republic was built by the blessings and the support of our enemies.
I know that I will find comments bigger than this post reminding me with how horrible Egypt is and what has done in Mustafa Mahmoud square …etc. Everybody cares for his interests in the big pie called Sudan or what is previously called Sudan so starting from today I will not give damn to the big slogans we were raised upon or anything , all what I care for is our interest.
In the end history taught us that when Egypt’s curve goes so down , it goes up again; I think we have hit rock bottom already.


  1. Sudanese Optimist1/09/2011 03:45:00 PM

    The question is : would the States and the West stand with South Sudan if it has not go oil or it was not located in this strategic position !!? I do not think so

    The question is: would Muhammad Ali have 'invaded' Sudan if it didn't have gold and negroids and if it were not Midstream on the Nile? I do not think so

    I do not trust a man who wears a hat given by G.W Bush day and night as some sort of pride !!

    That's so superficial.

    Funny, the same sentiments were held by the Sudanese in the 50's towards anyone who wore a 'tarboush' which is an Egyptian construct which is alien to the Sudanese.

    General Salva Kiir was known for his black cowboy hat during his long years in the bush, as a rebel commander...

    It just so happened that GWB being GWB and the former Governor of Texas, was excessively excited about General Kiir's hat when they met in the White House, and he said it made him feel at home, and he gave him one as a present.

    General Kiir has many black hats and does not wear the one given to him by GWB day and night. And he gave one as a present to Senator John Kerry :)

    And the fulfilment of the historical promise of the peoples of South Sudan is not President Mubarak's fault.

    Since Egypt's Monarchy was good for nothing in Sudan and ineffectual, and token - the buck starts with those who stripped power from Naguib.

    Besides Egypt's position in relation to Sudan, North and South, is a collective failure that cannot solely be blamed on the leadership - it is the Egyptian 'nukhba / elite' who failed to constructively engage their Sudanese counterparts.

    Does the Nile 'belong' to Egypt?

    Are you aware that more of the Nile's basin is in Sudan than in any other country and most of Sudan is within the Nile Basin?

    Why then do you so presumptiously take issue with 'The Nile Republic' "if" this is the name that is chosen for South Sudan - informed sources say it shall be named 'New Sudan'.

    What's in a name, or a hat...?

    The issues are still the same and South Sudan's leaders still believe Ethiopia and the Upstream States are in the right and Egypt is in the wrong in the arrogant way it deals with the Nile Agreements, ignoring contemporary international law and the rights of other States...

    I will not give damn to the big slogans we were raised upon or anything , all what I care for is our interest.

    Praise the Lord Almighty - Egypt has always been looking out for its interests and the slogans are both empty and meaningful - this is what we have been saying all along.

    In the end history taught us that when Egypt’s curve goes so down , it goes up again

    If you think by going up Egypt will increase its influence in or leverage over Sudan, whether North or South, those days are long gone my dear.

    Delusions of grandeur are burdensome!
    Tine to let them go..?

  2. Karzais are puppets who serve the interests of the other, right?

    There's an old Karzai by the way - you don't have to wait around you can look up information on him - his name is General Ibrahim Pasha Abboud and he is Sudan's first Military leader who Nasser's government supported in order to sign the 1959 Agreement to the benefit of Egypt and the detriment of Sudan.

    Everybody cares for his interests in the big pie called Sudan or what is previously called Sudan

    How absolutely disrespectful.

    The big pie has a population of 40 million and is not some kind of free for all wasteland.

    Nasser the greedy (in reference to the 1959 Agreement) played the interests of the big powers to Egypt's advantage.

    That's permissible because it's Egypt - but other countries aren't allowed to do that, right?

    States need to have something to bargain with, hard or soft power - the US has everything, China has attractive tenders and developing country expertise even Kuwait has something - money to burn.

    What exactly does Egypt have that is attractive to the Sudanese, whether in the North or South?

    Think about it.

  3. Hun, its only a matter of time when the Sudanese realise the trick. 2011 is clearly going to be bleak for the entire region.

  4. There is famous joke about this, Says no one wants to live with Arabs even the plants and animals (desert) and their best friend is the dead(oil). Rough translation

  5. we are forgetting or ignoring what has already started to happen to egypt,if the current regime stays in power then wait for divided egypt between beduans of sinai ,christian upper egypt ,nubians and the delta for muslims.let start picking names.

  6. @Last Anon: old news, if heard about this "plan" more than 12 yrs ago. Any split of current countries based on religion and race serves to strengthen the position of Israel and that is the reason for invading Iraq, trying to mess w Iran, de facto invading of GCC countries and controlling Egypt by a corrupt regime.


    @SS: well every body seemed to want to live like Arabs when they were strong and w a vast Empire, ask u r ancestors who were living in dark ages.

  7. @the Sudanese fellows, If it would not for Nasser, not the Mahdi's or any other crap you are saying, Sudan would still be under the Egyptian monarchy's rule and british occupation.
    So you need to wash your dirty mouth before mentioning the name of the great leader president Nasser.

  8. No surprise if its Arabs dying she screams blue murder even as EAF bomb women and children in Dafur and props up field Marshall president for life as he liqudates southerns all you hear is the Israeli did that the Americans did this Soon they'll will have a no holds barred extremist nation next door Hope they invite Osama and his Egyptian buddy Ayman al-Zawahiri back

  9. Which region?
    Egypt's Mediterranean 'qibla' or the Levant to where Egypt's gas exports go?
    Or East Africa with which Egypt has no borders?

  10. Because Nasser is Who to Africa proper ? You are eating propaganda Nasser was just another failure. Anon man ! Arabs had to chain human beings so they "enjoyed" staying Down south Arabs are remembered Africa's Nazi's a murderous enslaving empire Nobody ever wanted to live like Arabs hence the wars where more Arabs with fully support of the Arab league were defeated again by a ragtag with its arms tied army despite all their money tanks and gunships. True story unlike your propaganda

  11. @Mr Simon: how is the biggest sellers of weapons in the WORLD, who sells to their enemies and friends alike? USA and Israel SO SHUT IT. We already have an extremist criminal illegal country beside us and thats ISRAEL.

  12. @ Anonymous you know 'nothing' about the historical struggle of the peoples of South.

    You talk about Sudan as if it were devoid of people.

    Your statement is insulting to the 2 million who died fighting and as victims of Africa's longest civil war.

    My point about interests was that Egypt has played the interests of big States to its favour so why isn't this portrayed in the same negative light - particularly in light of where Egypt is today?

    At Hazem, your statements are nonsensical.

    The monarchy was unable to rule Egypt and was virtually absent in Sudan.

    In the words of the late great Imam AbdelRahman Al-Mahdi - Egypt was the horse on whose back the British soldier occupied Sudan.

    please go back and re-read history and read how Britain dealt with the legitimate demands of the Sudanese for self-rule.

    Nasser or whoever else was to rule Egypt at that time was in 'no position' to:

    1 - exercise any leverage over Britain due to the power asymmetry between Britain and Egypt

    2 - have any moral justification to not grant the Sudanese their wish for independence from 'both' Britain and Sudan.

    Nasser, or whoever else was ruling Egypt did what they 'had to do' - partly due to the rejection by the Sudanese of any foreign rule and their agitation against it.

    And before you tell anyone to wash their mouth - look at how you refer to others.

    You are free to view Nasser as a great leader however we view him as a selfish man who did not like democracy in Sudan, intervened in Sudan's affairs and supported its first military administration, gave Sudan a rotten deal with the 1959 Agreement and the transboundary harm Sudan got from the Aswan Dam and zero benefit Sudan got.

    We also view his political theory of Pan-Arabism as being defunct and detrimental to Sudan and thank God it has been supplanted with Pan-Africanism.

    What do you know of the Mahdists and the Umma Party?

    Predictably - nothing.

  13. Pan-Africanism enveloping MENA is fake, As far as i am concerned Obama's first visit to Africa occurred in Ghana. Why USA and Israel only include China Russia Ukraine etc anon Bless the whip in your hand bless it on your back the shackles are broken, a new Nile consumption treaty has been signed USA and Israel are dear friends coming soon to Juba just like genocide janjaweed and Osama was theirs

  14. Whips, shackles, back?

    Sounds like a throwback to Muhammad Ali's era but what are you on about?!

    Who said anything about MENA.

    Sudan, whether North or South is not in MENA.

    Pan-Arabism in Sudan is defunct.

    Pan-Africanism in Sudan is alive and kicking.

  15. @the Sudanese fellows, whoever denies the role of president Naguib and president Nasser in the independence of Sudan is either fool or ungrateful.
    Before the Egyptian revolution, Mostafa ElNahas, the prime minister of Egypt, asked Egyptians working in the British bases and in Suez canal to quit their work to protest the removal of Sudan from king Farouk's title. It was said that the Egyptian employees quit their jobs and ElNahas immediately offered them 80,000 jobs in the government. Also at that time, Egypt was a very rich country that the Eyptian government at one time lended some European countries 50 million pounds (1 Egyptian pound=1 1/4 British pounds)to buy cotton.

    Nasser and his fellow officers believed the only way to end British domination in Sudan was for Egypt to officially abandon its sovereignty over Sudan. Since Britain's own claim to sovereignty in Sudan theoretically depended upon Egyptian sovereignty, the revolutionaries calculated that this tactic would leave Britain with no option but to withdraw. Their calculation proved to be correct, and in 1954 the governments of Egypt and Britain signed a treaty guaranteeing Sudanese independence on January 1, 1956.

    I think you are the one who needs to educate yourself about our great leader and what he has done for your country.

  16. Good historical chronology 'from the Egyptian perspective' - but you arrogantly spoke of Egypt and Britain and not the Sudanese themselves who are the primary stakeholders.

    As far back as 1942 the the Graduates General Conference, the post-Mahdist nucleus of Sudanese nationalism which was formed by educated Sudanese, presented the *British* Governor General with a memorandum that demanded a pledge of self-determination after the war...

    The *British* Governor General refused their demands but the system of government was changed
    into a partially elected Legislative Assembly with its own executive council consisting of five British, seven Sudanese *and no Egyptian members*.

    In 1952, leaders of the Umma-dominated legislature negotiated the Self-Determination Agreement with *Britain*.

    The legislators then enacted a constitution that provided for a Prime Minister and council of ministers responsible to a bi-cameral parliament.

    Read carefully at what Cairo's reaction was...when Egypt's demands for recognition of its sovereignty over Sudan were refused, she repudiated the condominium agreement in protest (which changed nothing on the ground) and declared Egypt's reigning monarch - Farouk as King of Sudan!

    And here is where some Egyptians who are fond of the Monarchy get their airy-fairy, meaningless, self-professed title for Farouk as King of Egypt and Sudan - the reality on the ground at the time refuted that completely - and all the Sudanese as well as British historians reject it.

    The Free Officers were negotiating with the British over the evacuation of British troops from the Suez - *selfishly* refusing to acknowledge Sudanese demands for self-determination and tying in Cairo's approval of Sudan's self-determination with Britain's removing its troops from the Suez!

    And you have the nerve to portray the demand for the liberation of Sudan from foreign occupation as a favour given by Nasser?!

    In reality the Sudan Defence Forces and the Ansar could have fought the occupying Egyptian forces in Sudan, if the British troops remained neutral and defeated them, but Britain wanted to honour agreements - including the Condominium Agreement, although Egypt had an extremely nominal role and no real power in Sudan...

    Naguib was wise enough to separate the two issues: Sudanese self-determination and British withdrawal from the Suez and in February 1953 London and Cairo signed the Anglo-Egyptian accord, which allowed for a three-year transition period from co-dominium rule to self-government.

    Subsequently during the transition phase, British and Egyptian troops were withdrawn from Sudan.

    Naguib and Nasser were in no way 'charitable' to Sudan nor do the Sudanese people owe them anything.

    What they conceded in negotiations with the Brits, the Ansar were willing to fight to the death for, and this is well documented.

    In a desperate attempt to salvage some influence Naguib single-handedly unified the hodge-podge groups that supported close ties to Egypt as the 'Unionists' in his home in Cairo...

    This was done to counter the massively popular movement led by Imam AbdelRahman Al-Mahdi for the complete independence of Sudan from British rule and Egyptian tokenism.

    Egypt massively funded the Unionists in Sudan's pre-independence elections yet ironically it was a 'Unionist' led Parliament led by a 'Unionist' leader who accepted the bill from the Darfuri Umma Party MP to declare independence unilaterally from inside the parliament.

    Nasser gave Sudan nothing, he took from Sudan a rotten deal in the 1959 Agreement which benefited Egypt 'at the expense' of Sudan.

    His political legacy in Sudan is non-existent.

  17. Sudanese Observer1/10/2011 02:59:00 AM

    What is absolutely certain beyond a shred of a doubt is that Egypt (at the official level and the level of those with influence outside the government) has "failed miserably" in forging sustainable relations with Sudan since Muhammad Ali's invasion, to the July Revolution, to this day.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Egyptian arrogance, disdain of the other and delusions of grandeur have seemingly not dissipated.

    I worry for your future generations.

  18. @Simon: haha Israel was never friends w any one. Those in Southern Sudan welcoming Israelis w open arms are playing w the devil and betraying their principles how cld u be a victim of atrocities and deal with the biggest offender of humans on Earth right now?!!
    The US and Israel and China and the others will suck the resources as usual and wn all is done the country will be left for its ppl to fight. If Sudan has nothing to do with MENA then why is Israel there?

  19. @ SUDANESE FOOL: Pan-Africanism ur ass, its a matter of time before u take up arms against each other. Idiots who does that? who splits a country instead of throwing a defunct president and work on the issues. There is a reason the top figure from Southern Sudan was killed but u idiots dnt even get it.

  20. @Hazem: fm an Egyptian can we stop worshipping presidents? He has done some awful things too.

    @Simon: Israel is all about destruction nothing more. Any one who choses willingly to deal with it while complaining from inhumane treatment needs to know that they are dealing with the oppressor of another person who is going through what he/she complains of having gone through. Israel is a temporary outsider and sooner or later it will fall apart.

    @Sudanese commentators: this is the day you waited for and yet you are here at a blog spot! If you are so sure of the choices being made good for you but why are you here repeating things to an audience who doesnt see things the same way you see it?
    The Pan-Arabism Pan Africanism comment, confirms to me that this is all about labels. Others including Egypt are not responsible for the choices of those Sudanese who made their country all about being Arab while it wasnt. You have not been under occupation for so long, you failed in unifying your ppl and this is what led directly to what is happening today. I have no crystal ball here but if this is all about switching labels then its not a new story and African history is full of sad stories of disputes over labels. So, Al Bashir is so popular you claimed, I havent met one Sudanese who can stand the man, and if this is the case, what kind of future awaits Northern Sudanese then? More twisted applications of what is falsely introduced as Islamic?
    All your comments actually leads me to one conclusion, any other country in Egypt's shoes should have made sure it is in control in Etheiopea and Sudan. Save us the blah blah you will rant here bec this is exactly what your new-socalled Best friends did and are still doing.

  21. Sudanese Observer1/10/2011 08:26:00 PM

    You make judgements on Sudan based on the handful of Sudanese people you know?

    Egypt tried to make sure it was in control in Sudan and Ethiopia but failed miserably - you should know this and too bad Egypt's game, influence and goodwill has been on the decline ever since...

    Yes the Sudanese political class failed at uniting Sudan and that is why the logical decision was made to split instead of to fight. The failed political class weren't occupied by Egypt, they were influenced by it - even Bashir foolishly fought in Egypt's wars.

    Our generation doesn't have these inclinations and Pan-Africanism is alive and kicking.
    Do you even know what Pan-Africanism is?
    Not knowing anything about Sudan or Pan-Africanism I don't blame you for superficially summarising it all under one word - labels! Lol!
    Pan-Africanism is dynamic - it has a theoretical basis (Anta Diop) and there are various institutional examples of it in practice: SADC and the EAC and it has its leaders such as the venerable Thabo Mbeki.

    Bashir's time will come.
    A pipeline dream is for Sudan to be re-united under the 'New Sudan' principles of Dr Garang - let's wait and see.
    Consequently what do those who comment know about Dr Garang?

    It suits both your purpose and agenda to perpetually portray Africa in a negative light - when more African States have democracy and a healthy civil society than Arab States.

    The point is many Africans like myself can see right through it.

    Yes Egypt doesn't physically sell weapons to African States as much as Western companies do - I don't know if the US would allow it even if it wanted to.

    But Egypt has definitely done its fair share of subversive action, as evidenced in Wikileaks - supporting exiled Islamic fundamentalist Somali leaders in Eritrea - in order to weaken Ethiopia.

    Supporting the first military regime in Sudan in order to push the 1959 Agreement through...

    At least Western countries have something else to offer, apart from weapons, what does Egypt have to offer?

    And for Anonymous who attacked South Sudan's neutrality on Israel - was it Israel that massacred South Sudanese refugees in a public square?
    Or was it Israel that takes pot shots at Africans that are seeking asylum there via Egypt?
    Or is it Israel that portrays Africans in a negative, racist light in its media..?

    If legitimate rights have been usurped, just like what Egypt did in the 1959 Agreement, then maybe it's best to fight for those rights rather than continue to be deprived of them.

    What is absolutely certain beyond a shred of a doubt is that Egypt (at the official level and the level of those with influence outside the government) has "failed miserably" in forging sustainable relations with Sudan since Muhammad Ali's invasion, to the July Revolution, to this day.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Egyptian arrogance, disdain of the other and delusions of grandeur have seemingly not dissipated.

    I worry for your future generations.

  22. A present for all:

    New Name For South Sudan Debate Broadened
    "...for millennia, the Nile has given life to various communities that live in its South Sudan sub-basin. We know also that our future prosperity lies in exploiting its potential to realise socio-economic and political development."
    10 January 2011
    The Name is “The State of the Nile”

    By Alier Ngong Oka*

  23. "Or is it Israel that portrays Africans in a negative, racist light in its media..?"

    Actually you'd be very surprised at how Israelis treat and depict Ethiopians in their country.

    All you South Sudanese chickenhawks are tools

  24. The Falasha Mora have issues in Israel - as did the Sephardim against the Ashkenazim ascendency - they still do not make a 'habit' out of portraying Africans as disgustingly as the Egyptian media does - that much is fact.

    Sudanese commentator

  25. To all the Sudanese on this blog: congratulations on the independence of South Sudan. I hope you will succeed in building a better country than the rubbish to the north of you.



    Text of a paper delivered 27th November 2009 at the International Sudan Studies Conference held at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria, South Africa, convened by The Sudan Studies Associations ( UK, USA and Sudan ), The Centre for African Renaissance Studies ( CARS/UNISA ) and UNISA. ‘The Africans may borrow a leaf from the Pan-Arab Movement and solidarity in terms of it’s form and structure but with different social and cultural content’ ( Nyaba 2007, 26)

    According to Bernal it was in the period 1831 to 1860 that the Egyptian view of Ancient history was destroyed and replaced by the European view, as expounded in western scholarship today. Egypt today remains the centre point of Arab culture. Hunwick and Powell ( 2007 ) note the belated attention of the Arab world about those of African descent in their midst and their enslavement. In the past Muslim scholars refused to refer to Arab slavery of Africans. Beckerleg ( 2003 ) in her research on Palestinians of African descent notes that despite its proximity to Egypt and Africa, Egypt is viewed by Palestinians as a fellow Arab country. Many black Palestinians profess no awareness of their African origins, such is the extent of their denationalisation. She states ( Beckerleg 2003, 15 ) :-

  27. ^ Arabs themselves originate from Africa, and it can still be seen by many from the peninsula

  28. hahah Israel is nice bec they dnt depict u according to ur own logic badly. I guess all these articles about how RACIST Israeli community is and the suffering of even black jews are a dream!! Egyptians hosted Sudanese from all parts of Sudan for yrs and yrs. Israel used them as cheap labour and have a pact w Egyptian regime to shoot them down like ducks and in the end we get ungrateful comments from Sudanese. Amazing. So, wn u become a refugee, which is a very high probability plz dnt come to our country.

    All I see is, more lets blame Egypt, and more talk about labels. Youve done wt u wanted now so stop blaming Egypt and dnt come back crying wn this turns into a mess. As for labels, be African, be Arab be an alien who cares? wt matters is whether the two states will be able to stand up and support themselves. Northern Sudanese have a real problem w that crazy president for sure. The South lacks on basic infrastructures and will be exploited by so many, including those now mentioned as "friends". Also, knw that by cooperating w Israel willingly, u r betraying ur principles for ppl claiming to fight for their right to self determination and equality in their homelands. This last point isnt bet u and egypt, its individual.
    I dnt care about which new name will be given to Southern Sudan, its their choice and Egypt's objection was a stupid move but wt else can we expect fm our foreign ministry and regime.

    Last but not least, Israels role in dividing ur country is ANNOUNCED its not a secret and u guys "think" u did that. There is a reason why the most prominent Southern Sudanese figure had to be killed for this to happen and life aint going to be all happy and pinky for many.

    Good luck.

  29. @Sudanese Observer: I told u so many times before this obsession w labels shows how u r racist deep inside, which is really sad. Yes, YOU failed, no body else its UR failure. You are partially responsible for wt happened in Mohandeseen BUT ITS EASIER TO BLAME OTHERS. Your political knowledge and analysis is PATHETIC. If you think Egypts regime isnt shooting ur ppl the same ones u failed and pushed out no less, based on an agreement w Israel then u r an idiot but then again we all know u r an idiot.
    My question again: Sudanese are getting wt we are told here that they wanted. Egypt has no control now. Why are u here barking at us the usual crap? Go be merry w ur split country, betray the same principles u claim to be defending, go name it nile wtever. Just dnt send us mroe refugees.

  30. Sudanese Observer1/11/2011 02:19:00 PM

    Also, knw that by cooperating w Israel willingly, u r betraying ur principles for ppl claiming to fight for their right to self determination and equality in their homelands. This last point isnt bet u and egypt, its individual.

    Doesn't your country cooperate with Israel?

    Isn't that a betrayal?

    What are you doing about it?

    Or is it OK for the goose and not OK for the gander - double-standards yet again...

    I salute and respect your honesty for admitting that Egypt's objection to the possible naming of South Sudan as the Nile Republic was a mistake.

    It was a grave mistake and South Sudanese internet forums are going mad over it.

    Consequently - even the owner of this blog complained - as if the Nile 'belonged' to Egypt and South Sudan was the first country to possibly name itself over an international river.

    It is precisely due to this type of 'arrogance' that Egypt has so little goodwill in East Africa.

    Israel isn't diving Sudan, the Sudanese political class in the North and South have agreed to it.

    Israel is eager to establish relations with an independent South Sudan - just like its relations with...wait for it...yes - 'Egypt'.

    @ the second Anonymous:

    Did anyone tell you you have no class before?

    Do you even know what racism is?

    We were partly responsible for the brutalisation, beating and murder of defenceless refugees at Mustafa Mahmoud?
    That's laughable.

    At the end of the day 'Egypt' is the one doing the shooting and Israel is the one taking in the ones that cross the border...

    About the refugees, I understand's Egypt's concerns.
    I guess this is one disadvantage of Egypt's Mediterranean geographic position.
    FYI refugees are never 'sent' they flee either out of genuine fear from persecution or death, or for better socio-economic prospects...
    They 'do not' go to Egypt wanting to settle there, because they know how racist Egyptian society is - they use Egypt as a transit point to go to Europe, Canada, the States or Australia.

    If there is security in the North and South and this is what people are working for - then there will not be an influx of refugees in Egypt.

    The problem is the 4 Freedoms which are supposed to allow the free movement of people between Sudan and Egypt.

    Egyptians are afforded free movement into Sudan but not vice-versa.

    That is why we and the opposition are campaigning for the annulment of the 4 Freedoms - so that people go through the normal procedures when wanting to travel from one country to another.

  31. Southern Sudanese have always been european agents for strife in the region. The rhetoric they choose for their "cause" is actually a thinly veiled afrocentrism, laced with anti-arab racism and islamophobia. That's cool and all, but it wouldn't be so comical if they didn't always seek the help & services of the "white devil" to execute their goals (e.g., look at their willingness to cooperate with Israel, which treats Africans similarly to Palestinians).

    Even the way they practice Christianity is straight imported from Europe, it's not unique and historically rooted like the Coptics or Ethiopian Christianity. I can't deny it is amusing to see pseudo-intellectuals using multiple aliases to ramble, especially with witty remarks they most certainly learned from whitey in the states.

    But at the end of the day, this is just about a people being used, who won't realize it until their oil revenues are in the pockets of their masters. :)

  32. Israel is taking your ppl to work as slaves SLAVES SLAVES do you get that idiot. WHO CREATED THE REFUGEES SITUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHO MADE THEM PREFER THIS LIFE THAN GOING BACK HOME WHO IS SO HATED TODAY THAT HALF OF THE COUNTRY IS DECIDING TO PART WAYS? DO YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF ACCOUNTABILITY OR IS IT ALL EGYPT FOR YOU? Yes you are racist and you have inferiority issues towards us, youll always always feel lower than us and so you seek to satisfy this by attacking us all the time. You live in the past and ask us to be responsible for things we as the ppl arent responsible for and when we ask you to be accountable for what your gov did you always find ways to excuse yourselves. Im waiting sadly for the day well have you in person as a refugee and then well see who was right and who was wrong.
    Souther Sudanese had no other way but to part if this is the mentalities they have to deal with I cant blame them. Idiots like that cant keep a country together.

  33. First Anonymous: so you're not white?
    And Egypt doesn't seek the services nay the largesse of the 'white devil' (your words) to invest in its economy, create jobs and keep the wheels rolling?

    Case in point of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Why don't you say that the way Sudanese Muslims practice Islam is also alien as it doesn't conform to Azharite standards...?

    The Azhar did legitimate the colonial fight against the Mahdist State after all...

    Don't talk to us about being used - the 1959 Agreement and its dastardly consequences for the Sudanese speak for themselves.

    Your critique of afro-centrism is poor and it's ludicrous that you even think of accusing Africans or racism against Arabs when the exact opposite occurs all over the Arab world and in Egypt.

    You have nothing better to say than to revert to 'The Nation of Islam's' detestable, outdated doctrine of racial separation?

    And can you pin-point one Islamophobic thing I've said?

    The best (and most pathetic) means of defence in your case seems to be to attack.

    Apart from knowing nothing about Sudan, you obviously know nothing about Africa and Pan-Africanism.

    Yes you are racist and you have inferiority issues towards us, youll always always feel lower than us

    Is that what they've been telling you to make yourself feel good?


    Israel doesn't execute its African refugees and there are at least 500 Sudanese refugees there.

    Israel has never carried out an atrocity like what Egypt did at Mustafa Mahmoud.

    That much is fact.

    That is why Israel is not viewed more negatively than Egypt in South Sudan.

    The Southern Sudanese are also suspicious of 'Egyptian' interests in the waters of the White Nile.

    That's what blacks are called in the Arab world, in Palestine by Palestinians even:

    And slavery is what flourished after Muhammad Ali's invasion of Sudan.

    No we don't live in the past and don't blame contemporary generations for past wrongs - you live in the past as evident in how you deal with Sudan and all things Sudanese.

    You don't have the courage to accept historical views of history that run contrary to your delusions of grandeur.

    You don't have the courage to accept that the days when black-face and racism were funny are gone.

    Do you really think that Egypt is the only place in the region that the Sudanese go to...??

    Delusions of grandeur and excessive self-flattery.

    It's funny how an apologist for the massacre at Mustafa Mahmoud speaks on behalf of the Southern Sudanese.

    Keep digging yourselves these holes - change is here and change is coming.


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