Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Battle of Kasserine 2011 !! “Graphic”

Kasserine , Tunisia is known internationally thanks to the battle of Kasserine in 1943 but in perfect world it should be all over the news now before the news of South Sudan referendum after what happened last night in the governorate and its cities !!
A citizen killed in the clashes of last night 
The battle of Kasserine 2011 , this is the best headline to describe what happened exactly last night , it was a battle from one side , the side of the security  forces that open its fire against the angry civilians in one of the darkest moments in the history of Tunisia if I am not mistaken.
We do not know exactly how many citizens in Kasserine and also Sidi Bou Zid were killed last night , there are a lot of contradictions in data. The official sources speak about small numbers while the unofficial sources speak about bigger number. In general the media whether speaks between 4-14 citizens have been killed  in the clashes last night.
According to sources in Kasserine hospital and lately AFP not less than 20 civilians were killed , we do not know how many injured in the clashes but the photos are terrible.Witnesses are reporting that the security forces are preventing the ambulances from taking the victims and that they are throwing the dead bodies in to the near valleys !!
Here are video clips “All of them are from the Facebook , thus it will be hard to watch on Google read , please kindly visit the blog post itself” and photos from Kasserine and they are extremely graphic , I repeat EXTREMELY GRAPHIC :

This video shows a young man shot down in the street, location : Thala , Kasserine

This video was filmed at some hospital ‘most probably in Kasserine’

That video is from a funeral earlier today in Kasserine.
This photo for the bullets used in the clashes from the security forces side , the bullets are for steyr rifles!!
The protests have continued for the 24th day , this time it is more violent as we are receiving updates about victims falling down in Sidi Bou Zid and Kasserine up till now. The
Now the official media in Tunisia is speaking about bunch of anarchic vandals who attacked governmental and private properties in Kasserine and that how the brave forces stopped them !!
The official page of Ben Ali in the Facebook has been removed , I am proud that I attacked him there. The online Tunisian activists are announcing national mourning on the 9th of January 2011
Updated : 
  • Ben Ali is going to address the Tunisians on national TV tonight at 8 PM Tunis local time , I think it will be 7 PM GMT. This is the second he addresses the public since the start of the uprising. 
  • There is a curfew reportedly imposed in Kasserine. 
  • The death toll has increased to 26 !! 
  • The regime planned a football in Sousse but the game turned in to a clash between the citizens and the football fans from one side and the security forces from another side. 
  • More shocking videos and photos "extremely graphic" 
This video was filmed in Kasserine earlier today during the funeral of one of the citizens who were killed last night. The security forces attacked the funeral using live ammunition !! It does not appear clearly in this video but it appears in other videos.
This video shows you the bullets and tear gas grenades used

This video was filmed in Sousse governorate earlier today and its the clashes between the angry protesters and the security forces.
I think this clip was filmed in Sfax earlier today ,it shows how the police treats the detainees 
Now the photos are extremely graphic 'warning'
Head shot 
This was the young man above 

An injury in the chest , I do not know if he is alive 
Late 19 years old Mohamed Amin From Kasserine
Another victim
Another victim 

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  • The "Union generale Tunisienne du Travail" published a statement condemning the security forces attack. It is also began to publish lists with the names of the victims. The union has been from the most outspoken parties in Tunisia since the start of the uprising of Sidi Bou Zid from 24 days ago. It was keen on organizing the stands and protests through out the country in the past week 
  • There were protests in Sousse where civilians were attacked by the security forces that opened its fire in a disgusting way. A 42 years old man "Khaled El-Kadamy"tried to torch himself there but he was saved and currently he is suffering from 3rd degree burns. 
Mr. Khaled being transferred to the hospital
    A video showing the clashes in Sousse

  • A protester was killed in Sfax during the clashes , we do not have a final death toll yet. 
  • In an interview with Al Jazeera the minister of telecommunication defended his regime and claimed that "the security forces 


  1. we must keep information flowing

  2. Have the Carthaginians started the first Arab revolt against their oppressive rulers?

  3. We need to spread the news about what is happening in our countries. This is the time to bring change to our countries.

  4. Throught the history of the middle east and north africa, you can see that the Arabs are best at killing each other, Iraqi against Iraqi,
    Lebanese against Lebanese,Tunisian against Tunisian,Algerian against Algerian and all these events are documented in history, but then here is the sad fact, when it comes to fighting wars against external enemies, none of them can defend their skies, land, seas or indeed people, how sad.

  5. @Last Anon: I take it you skipped so many history classes didnt you? So, the Brits, the French and Italians are out bec they wanted to leave the rich countries they colonised?!! You decided to forget millions of MEs who gave their lives defending their countries and still do?!! WOW, wt a stupid comment

  6. Denial, Denial, I recognise the war of liberations and also the lives lost driving the Empires out, but that was 60 years ago, what took place since? I think you will find that if you study history with an open mind since 1950 then my comment will be justified and not seem too stupid. For a taster on how it should be done apart from Tunisia, look at India since their liberation and that was a few decades ago.


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