Egyptian Chronicles: Suzanne Mubarak Will Speak about Succession When Time Comes !!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Suzanne Mubarak Will Speak about Succession When Time Comes !!

Suzanne Mubarak (AP)
In a very rare occurrence Dostor newspaper reporter managed to ask Suzanne Mubarak about succession and the probability of having Gamal Mubarak as a president during the Mediterranean Africa Middle East Young entrepreneurs meeting “do not even ask about the name of that event”  
The current first lady of Egypt answered in a very vague and interesting way as she said :
I do not have a comment about this issue, when the right time comes , I will speak !!
Now she means that she will comment about this issue now but when the right time comes , she will speak !!??
When will that right time come ?? and what will she say !!?? In fact why will she speak at all !??
Suzanne Mubarak is well known to be the force behind her son’s presidential ambitions , she is a mother who sees that her son deserves to rule the world not only Egypt so I do not think that she will be neutral or will put the best interest of the country over her son’s best interest. “Her son’s best interest I believe is to leave politics and to enjoy his wealth”
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  1. It's commonly known that she's the one behind the whole succession thing .. but they say that the president and alaa mubarak doesn't agree about it .. i really want to know what does alaa mubarak think of it is it true that he doesn't agree or just rumors ?? know any thing about ya zeinab

  2. i totally agree with anonymous, and also wonder like him exactly. it generally feels bad when you feel as 80 million people are being ploted and used and also kept in the dark not letting us know what is the future instoring for our country......

  3. we are family friends with alaa mubarak and his wife we know for fact that alaa is totally against this succession plan if there is any infact with all the respect and love he has for his father he would truely wish that he would retier and live the rest of his life in peace

  4. That's great since it's coming from a close source to the family .. but i read some article that says that he's only against succession in his father's life cause it's disrespectful for him .. is this true or is he against the idea of succession whether his father is alive or not ?? and ofcourse he loves his father but what does he think about his policy in Egypt ??

  5. and BTW what is his work i mean there were alot of rumors about him before and they weren't any good .. after that other rumors were spread about him becoming Religious .. but what does he do for living .. does his business let him get any advantage or use of being the president's son as said before ?

  6. Past history of presidential successions in Egypt indicated that when leadership changes, the old leadership and its close associates are marginalized and sometimes convicted by the new leadership and it's 'shella'.
    So it is natural for the Mubarak family to try and protect their turf and existence because they know that the daggers will come out from different directions if they loose their ruling power.

  7. @Aoon: if they had a clean slate, they wont be so worried, problem is they clearly dont. Most Egyptians including opposition figures wont mind a safe out of power plan and many expressed these views publicly. The sad reality is that the country is run by a mafia, regardless of whether the president is directly involved or not, the members of this mafia are very close to him and its sad how they control every business aspect in the country. They are not only protecting themselves from being held accountable but they are also protecting the cow that has been giving them their golden milk for the past 30 yrs.

  8. lol dear Enoon '9/22/2010 11:03:00 PM'

    There is no opposition just a bunch of people with posters of baradei/useless blogs/twitter accounts and big mouths with no solution!

  9. Weren't we talking about alaa mubarak :D :D

  10. i thought we were talking abt alaa mubarak anyway i feel this man has managed to change the bad image we had abt him and i think this happened aft he got married cause we started seeing the couple normaly in public places i saw them several times in city stars with their children and no gaurds with them once in food court and several times attending movies also we never saw him imposing himself in the media like his brother or talking abt politics all the rumors regarding his business turned out to be B....S....

  11. @Sayed Kotb, I guess you're sniping at Zeinobia. Do you like the Mubaraks? Why?

  12. I totally agree with @anonymous 9/23/2010 06:05:00 PM .. I like the guy alot the only one i can even stand from the mubaraks

  13. hey the guy who said he knows alaa mubarak can u plz answer the questions of anonymous .. thanks

  14. @Jason

    ‘Like’ shouldn't be a term used in politics 'people loved change we can believe in!' Look what happened, the Dems are about to lose everything, but I digress.

    The Mubaraks are far from lovable/huggable, but I don't see a pragmatic and clear alternative on the horizon. Elbaradie is platitudes incarnate, with his anyone but Jimmy stance and as for my fellow MBers(sarcasm) well that will never happen!

    The Mubaraks are familiar with the bitter pill Egypt has to swallow in order to move into the 21st century. They have made many shrewd yet unpopular decisions during the past decade that have placed Egypt in a strategic economic position with respect to it being one of the darlings of the global bond market.

    So in the end Democracy will come but after the Mubaraks have steered it through this critical political and economic juncture!
    In the end everything negative Z blogs about with zeal and gusto is part of Egypt's 'growing pains' yes the poor will be poorer for a while, but that's the bitter pill they have to swallow! But in the long-term Egypt will be better off; India is the perfect model to what Egypt might become.

  15. Thank you, Sayed Kotb. Criticizing ElBaradei for platitudes seems unfair. Political campaigns always use slogans and sound bites, not just ElBaradei.

    As to "that will never happen" my understanding is that Hosni Mubarak is to blame for jiggering the constitutional and other requirements for presidential candidacy so as to exclude any plausible rivals to Gamal. President Mubarak and his thirty-year rule is the problem, not the solution. It is undemocratic and unseemly to continue the dynasty by these devious means. If the Mubaraks had any decency, and any love of their country, they would withdraw Gamal's candidacy and disavow the very idea off a hereditary dictatorship to rule Egypt. Modeling Egypt after North Korea is disgraceful.

    I agree the poor will be poorer for a while. The lack of democracy is a secondary factor. Mubarak's disastrous economic policies are primary. Like discouraging farmers from planting wheat and discouraging bakers from baking bread, as I mentioned in another comment.

    If ElBaradei is stressing an "anyone but Gamal" theme, then to me this is evidence not of superficiality but of deep clear-mindedness.

  16. @Sayed Kotb: Most rumors about Alla's business turned out to be BS?!! Where did you get this info? Go and check how his father in law has been exploiting his connections to the family to control particular business sectors. You are either an idiot who knows nothing or one of those benefiting from the way this gang has been controlling the country.

    El Baradie is preaching basic principles, the fact that ppl like you cant see that, speaks volumes about your lack of basic understanding of proper governance and citizens rights and how far this current regime has taken us away from enjoying the very basic rights.

  17. @Jason

    With all do respect Z or whomever made you drink the coolaid!

    1 Putin in Russia fiddled with the constitution and you don't get more sinister than a former KGB agent, the US whined for a bit. But then realized Putin and his puppet president were the only business friendly government. See the parallels with Egypt actually egypt is in a better position as the US won't even oppose Jimmy!

    2 Mubarak fired the whole public sector in the 90's, Greece is only playing catch up now. Which has immunized Egypt in away from the global crisis.

    3 The whole 30 year thing is subjective! Greece has been ruled by the Papandreaou clan for over 40 years yet you choose to pick on Mubarak!

    4 Without Mubarak finishing what his father started Egypt will never become a world player!

    5 The poor everywhere suffer not just in egypt!

    tx Jason!

  18. Dear Sayed Kotb , is not it amazing that you chose someone many consider as a rebel as your nickname while defending a regime Sayed Kotb would have been against the Mubarak regime himself !!

  19. Sarcasm is the spice of life ya Zeinab :)

  20. @Sayed Kotb: The only one who drank or smoked something fishy is you. Mubarak's arent World leaders, wont be considered proper leaders in our history. Theyve abused their positions to the max and if you are ignorant or playing so about how they managed to be millionaires. The fact is the following, Jamal traded in Egyptian debts and made a profit. If this happened in any respectful country he and his father wouldve been under investigation. He and his older bro used their connection the president to make deals and today along with his mothers relatives, his father in law and a bunch of his buddies from his UK times, they are the ones in control of every business aspect in the country. How could such twisted and shady situation lead to real economic change in Egypt?!! Sure the poor suffer every where but that doesnt excuse the bad conditions we have in Egypt. Again, you are a representation of the filthy way of thinking that has befallen this country with the spread of the NDP new thinking under of course the leadership of the Banker of all times Gamal. I hope you and him and your likes see the day that you are kicked out of our country, may be then you will realize that ppl really were fed up with your crappy ideas and so called solutions that were nothing but self-serving.


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