Egyptian Chronicles: Ahmed Helmy Does Disturb The Lebanese !!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ahmed Helmy Does Disturb The Lebanese !!

Gamil and his wife after returning to Beirut
Lebanese General Gamil Al-Sayed has demanded the Egyptian government to pull back one of its diplomats and to order the Egyptian embassy in Beirut to stop spreading strife in the country. Al Sayed accused Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Helmy by name in particular of collecting data suspiciously  in the North of the country , Al Sayed claimed that Helmy is and his activities are known to the Lebanese security and there is an official report being prepared currently by the Lebanese authorities. In the Lebanese political forums Halmi is said to be actually a GIS officer so we are speaking now in to Omar Soliman taboo jurisdictions.
I do not understand fully the case of Gamil Al Sayed to believe or not but I am surprised that man who left his country and position knows the activities of other countries’ embassies and their diplomats ; there are Lebanese politicians who can address the matter instead of him without any consideration to Egypt.From Egypt’s official side Hossam Zaki , our undiplomatic FM spokesperson stated that Egypt will not reply on some Lebanese politicians’ bullshits , of course one thing you should learn in Lebanon is that your enemy today can be your ally tomorrow !!
I must admit that I am amazed that Mubarak or his men believe they can do in Lebanon what Nasser and his men used to do in 1960s , second of all I am amazed that we are still having this power to stir tensions in other countries , I though that the all tensions inside Egypt are enough for the national security.Second of all and this is for General Soliman ‘not the Lebanese president but spy chief and unofficial minister of foreign affairs’ why not we do not pay attention to what is happening in the South instead of what happening in the North !!?? Already Saudi Arabia has dumped Egypt in Lebanon and Hariri JR hearts Syria now, so why not to focus on our real national security matters for God sake !! Did not President Sadat say hands off Lebanon !!??
The mainstream media handled the matter with lots of sensitivity , some ignored the whole matter from A to Z and others published it without any reference to Halmi or our ambassador in Beirut.
Despite Hossam Zaki's statement expect the return of Helmy if the Lebanese state demands his departure , the thing which I believe is going to happen.
Photo: Egypt cinema star Ahmed Helmy’s film poster “sorry for disturbance”
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  1. Embassies everywhere collect information about their host countries. nothing new about that. what Gamil said doesn't prove how great the Lebanese security is. if they say that they don't want Helmy there, then he can be replaced by someone better. it's not a big problem.

    what can make problems is finding a real spy there. if this happen, then we can talk about a real problem.


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