Friday, March 30, 2007

The Persian Empire strikes back

It is about the British sailors or marines or whatever they are called , pardon me because I am not in the mood as I feel so ............

Let's speak the truth the British wanted to play some game yet the Iranians turned the table over their heads , they wanted to play James Bond with the Vevak the son of the Sevak , the mighty Sevak

The British say that they didn't enter the Iranian water and that they got a satellite image for this and thus they will not apologize demanding the immediate release of their soldiers

On the other side the Iranians say that the speed boat or what even the British Navy soldier were using entered the Iranian waters for about 1/2 KM , and this is a violation and UK should apologize

With my all respect I don't think that the Speed Boat of James Bond enter 1/2 KM , if it enter 1/2 KM then how the Iranian Navy went so fast to catch the Britons , I mean 1/2 KM is enough distance to make the Britons just jump and swim to the Iraqi safe side as soon as the Persian attack of Xerxes grandchildren , it was either they were inside , more than 1/2 KM spying or checking the Iranian security in their borders or the Iranians were just standing on the water borders waiting for some British patrol to come to kidnapped them

seriously I think Iran is playing foolishly like UK , the Iranian regime now thinks that it holds a card that can be used in blackmailing the west for its nuclear program and the Security Council sanctions

On the other side America and its unfortunate European follower UK found it as a great opportunity to create some reason of War , to make the west hate more and more those Persians the grand children of Xerxes !!

It makes me uncomfortable know to know that UK attacked Iran cutting off the relations as if there were real ones and Najidi found an opportunity for his tongue to respect an official apology , I swear that after some hours he will come and request the Queen's apology but she won't do it because they are arrogant but because they didn't do in most important stuff like the Sikhs massacre in India during the occupation

Look I am not real in my mood ,I feel so dull , only few weeks and the POWs back a memory now !!

it is so depressing

I am sorry



    the persian dirt are killing the arabs in iraq.

  2. Zeinab,
    As they say, women are moody and their emoitions are always in flux. So you are forgiven for being depressed. Yep, I said it, women are moody :D>.

    ----------------------------------- To my dear dear friend amre el white!

    The US will not strike Iran. This is because the US is busy with the Iraq issue. So amre, why don't you ask the "ARABS" to strike the persian empire? Afraid they will kick your Arab behinds? Me think so :D.

    And no, I am not persian.

  3. god bless amrica you are wrong: iraq kicked the ass of IRAN- AND THE eGYPTIANS tactics and exprertise and arms, played a decisve role in finishing off the iranians in el-fao! The Iranian army only faught Iraq in 100 years and there it defeated totally.......

    Zeinab.please read my latest post and you will understand my point

  4. Amre el white!I think you have been fed lies. Try looking at the world map before 1980 and then after 1990. Tell me the "lands" iran lost to iraq. I on the other hand can tell you that Arabs cry over the Lesser Tunb, called Tunb as Sughra, and Greater Tunb called Tunb al Kubra and shat al Arab (which is going to be renamed shat al faris soon.

  5. scram off that Egyptian site!

    If you are reaaly American why do care about an Arab Irani conflict?.

    I think you are an Irani who is trying to dig a wdge between Egyptians and their American allies and friends.

    Again my answer to you is el can find all the informaton about it in dozens of articles online.

    the war ended in 1988 ended with an iraqi occupation of iran that lasted for two years. The iranians were cowrds to fight themselves to get back their lands.

    so it was the 1990 war that braught them back their occupied terroritories

  6. What egyptian site are you talking about? And I am sorry to tell you that I am not American either. Hence I am not suprised that Arabs like you call someone who disagrees with you, the 3ameel of farsis/safavids.

    You guys fears the persian more than you fear anyone else. That fear is based on the history of the persians kicking your behind before Islam came. I can say, the only thing that saved the Arabs was Islam. Even then you guys were saved by the persians. Bukhari and Muslim were both persian including many other prominent hadith scholars.

    But that is beside the point. My point was well made and you have conceded to it. No land have been lost to the arabs by the persians. However the Arabs have lost lands to the persians. And I believe they will lose bahrain soon too :D>. Get ready the for the persian cresent.

    muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. not an egyptian site idiot. I'm sure you goole! Just take your head out of your posterior and look at American "reports" available for free online.

    my adcice to you is to jerk off, otherwise your excessive energies will explode iside you and turn your posterior into a water-melon

  8. bucharri was a turkik not persian!
    now, scram..........

  9. Amre the white

    You don't need to use such billigerent and bellicose language with me Amre the white. You just need to admit that you lost the debate and surrender like a real man.

    Since I know you will not act like a real man. I am going to be the gentleman and kick you behind with these proofs :D>.

    About Bukhari:

    Abu 'Abdullaah Muhammad Ibn Ismaa'eel al-Bukhaaree, who was born at Bukhaaraa in the year 194A.H. / 810C.E. was of Persian origin. His ancestor, Bardizbah, was a farmer in the vicinity of Bukhaaraa, who was taken captive during the Muslim conquest of the region.

    BUKHĀRĪ [Mahommed ibn Ismā'īl al-Bukhārī] (810-872), Arabic author of the most generally accepted collection of traditions (ḥadīth) from Mahomet, was born at Bokhara (Bukhārā), of an Iranian family, in A.H. 194 (A.D. 810).

    I would have brought you more but I doubt you can read.


  10. you must be disperately in black coffee mood just to mention this incidence in your blog

    never mind, every one will enjoy, The POWs having vacation from the navy, gaining weight eating Irani Grill & Leban Confectionary

    Blair found at last a subject to drag Left wing press away from his ass

    Bush found another reason to harass Iran

    Najad retaliates the petrayal of his General who fled to CIA in Turkey & seems he knew pretty much.

    every one is happy!

    tell me if i can help you to get rid of your mood?

  11. and now i am amazed to find out that i got myself stuck in the middle of 2 morons [Baathist scum fled in Sweden & American lover jack ass].

    The 1980-1988 Iraq Iran war was the untimate expression of insanity of Sadam with his (fashist, tribal, baathist, gangster-like background) and Kheumeini with his (extreme radical, expulsionist, unilateral, black mentality)

    It is exactly what both peoples of Iraq & Iran deserved for their foolish choices.

  12. I'm not a baathist dirt! i never said that. I'm just an egyptian citezen who wishes the best for all Arab country.


    A serious question is nagging me-which is about the colour of the posterior of your persian mama

  13. I do not know the Aardvark gentleman,and god forgive me for putting two such words together but I think it will suffice to quote mark twain saying, "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a moron than to open it and remove all doubt."

    Well done aardvark

  14. Ok some rest here , I was busy today and when I open I found some war of words between Amre and God bless America and between aardvark and Amre and God bless America

    Amr you know what I think about the Iranians and the war against them

    god bless America ,well you got a point here but believe there are many Arabs who ready to fight Iran for real so take care coz your invitation will mean nothing except the destruction of the Arab Army

    aardvark your describiton for the Iranian Iraqi war is from the best I have read

    guys you know I feel now fine after reading these comments ,really I am fine now

  15. zeinobia ??????? you are calling for killing egyptians and the destruction of egyptian army by by those filthy persians!!!!!! Are you Egyptian. and how come you support that persian dirt against me???????????????????

  16. Dear Zeinobia

    I noted in your last entry that you are slightly shifted away from you dark mood, if my last entry took a small share in that, so i consider my day life-worthy

    Keep on my queen, and i hope to comment more and more on your Blog, unfortunately i did not know you earlier!

    and [Amre Albino], it is written [citizen] and not [citezen]
    Mesak ful ya mowaten!!!!!
    find another place to fight your face fly (debban washak)!!!!

  17. boy! i suggest that you start off looking for a teaching english for forgeiners school. You are exceptoinally talented!

    why dont you blog or write your real name, because if you do, i will beat the hell out of you with my shoes, dirt!

  18. Zeinobia,
    I also think you have a valid point but also an invalid point. The invalid point is your assumption that I am inviting the Arabs to war. I am sorry to tell you that is not true. The truth is that I was asking a question to my dear friend Amre the white, rather than inviting anyone to do anything.

    Just wanted to clear that out. And I look forward in commenting on your blogs and discussing matters with Amre the white

  19. @God Bless America ,I understand you from the first time ,but what I wrote is something already I am living there are many arabs who are ready to go and fight Iran ignoring the fact it is much much stronger and powerful ,not to mention that it is completely wrong
    I am looking forward too to your comments and by the way , me and Amre are always debating so you will enjoy it :)

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  21. be careful of these iranian ajams! they are still living in the past and get their empire back that was destroyed totally be us! the glorious and fierce arab fighters!. Im lebanese and I know what Im talking about cuz I was born and lived in Iraq!! every iranian( as simple ppl) knows what their goverment is doing =(trying to take over arab countries by supporting militans groups) they support hoothies in yemen, hizbollah in lebanon, making ppl shia so countries can get weak ( to creat conflicts between sunnis and shai) look they killed our brothers in iraq and remeber what they did in al haj in saudi arabia ( look in the internet). they also still claim explicitly without being embarrassed that arab countries belong to those filthy brown motherfuckers!!. the sad thing is that most arabs know nothing about it!!. But any arab who support them is a big ignorant of whats happening. you gotta know that these people hate islam. Saddam knew what they want and he kicked their ugly asses.

  22. to the author..what persian empire ur ralking about ?? LOL this country is weaker that what u think haha. anyway review the iran -Iraq war and see what iraq did with these big-nosed ajam.

    btw, the author seems to be shia who prefer iran on his homeland egypt (traitor)

    persian empire LOL hahaha


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