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Duchess of Alexandria

I do not know if that was scoop or what , it began with a comment , it always starts with a comment in the last place in the last post I can imagine

I mean when I got home I found that in my Vox blog ,in two photos I posted there and forgot them there were two interesting comments here and there

and as soon as I read "Seeing my father" and the comment's name "H.I.R.H princess Liala Fuad" ,I had to read the comments again amazed as H.I.R.H Princess Liala Fuad said in my *blog* that she was the daughter of king Farouk and that her mom from the Savoy royal house married King Farouk in year 1956 and she was born in year 1957 !!

Strange yes and bizarre yes ,shocking well I am used to hear all sorts of rumors about king Farouk including his intention to form as assassin clan like Hassan El-Sabah to the rumors about his sexuality ,yes I read online that he was a gay !! well It is known lately that he created this womanizer fame , but for sure he was not a gay and he did not want to be the Shekih of Abdeen Palace !!

So I digged more about Princess Liala and I visited her website and I was surprised with the titles whether the Duchess of Alexandria or Duchess or Aswan , as far as I know the princesses Farial,Fawiza and late Fadia did not have any titles what so ever except princesses ,also I was surprised that no one noticed her before on the net , may be because she is in Australia and Australia is considered for Egyptians " the last country of Muslims" and here by this expression is so so so far away , rarely Egyptians go for Australia

Anyhow I kept digging in the website specially the Egyptian royal family  ,and of course I noticed that she had mistaken the sisters of King Farouk as his daughters 

of course I did not go for the Italian Royal Family because I don't know much about the Savoy royal family despite that the woman she is saying that she was her mother is much more controversial than King Farouk ,still I will stick to the part that is ours

As I am trying to be unbiased I found an email in the website where I can contact the princess so I give it a try , I sent her an email with several questions I included here :

  • Do she have any solid proof that confirms the marriage in 1956 like a marriage contract ?? especially the special Secretary of late King Farouk late Mr. Faheem "who was by the way friend to my grand dad" did not mention anything abut it and this is a man who did not leave the king's side
  • Why did they have a divorce??
  • why  did not the Princesses Farial ,Fawzia and late Fadia speak about her ?? nor King Ahmed Fouad II ever said anything about her either!!
  • The last meeting you said was in 1964 just one year before his death  , did she or her mother attend his funeral in Rome ?? already Queen Farida and the mother Queen Nazli had attended it
  • Does she have any contact what so ever with King Farouk's family ?? did she visit his tomb ?? or did she come to Egypt to attend princess Fadia's funeral from couple of years ??
  • Who gave her the title " Duchess of Alexandria" ??? this title never had existed in the history of Egyptian Monarchy ,the one royal title associated with a province in Egypt was the "Prince of Upper Egypt" {The crown prince} , I mean even the three princesses who were born during the monarchy never had titles except princesses !!??

I won't speculate and jump in to conclusion ,I will wait to hear from the other side and I hope that I get an answer not like the mother of Sherif El-Falali

What I think ;well I will wait


  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    Thank u so much for writing this essay.This lady is so vauge,i discovered her web site,and i was so sad when i saw the way she talk about the royal family as if they were living with each other for the past ten years.I emailed her,and i got avery rude answer,actually it was a warning that if i emailed her again asking about the truth of her claims,i will be punished.I don't know by whom. A group claim to be the royal council will do that .I wish that any one from the late king family would visit her site and have atalk with her.Thanks again for ur lovely blog.

  2. @anonymous,I received the same respond from the same unknown royal council , several emails not one yet I replied with powerful email that made some annoying me
    it turned out that this is the not the first time someone comes and says these claims
    I hope like you that some one from the Royal family stops this nonsense
    thanks for the wonderful blog

  3. “Without Prejudice”
    30 August 2007

    To all who have encountered it,

    Negative humor and criticism is one thing to have amongst associates and colleagues, but to have it publicly broadcasted across the globe via Blogs through Google or any particular search engine regarding a public Icon such as H.I.R.H Princess Liala is an infringement on the law.

    With standardized proof and acknowledgement of the pertinent authorities of whom or how H.I.R.H Princess Liala became, any impolite comment or critic suggested by the public is a transgression of the law and especially to the Royal Council in association with H.I.R.H Princess Liala.

    Any commentary to this and any other mater in relation therefore, is required to be submitted to the Royal Council and verified under investigation as to how and who it came about. Such matters as these can lead to a legal law suit hence in obstruction of justice and corporate or personal defamation via the internet.

    The Royal Council will be considering and further investigating Legal action against every comment made towards H.I.R.H Princess Liala. The Egyptian Embassy in Australia has also speculated in regards to such comments and is not impressed.

    The Royal Council to the Private Court of Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses Princess Liala and Prince Graeme of Alexandria.

  4. Ok first of all what is the Royal Council ?? for God Sake the king of Egypt , the current previous king of Egypt and his sisters , their family do not have a Royal COuncil
    Second of well you can stop critisicm ,I am sorry we critisice Kings and current presidents , who are you to think that you are above all
    third of all do not involve the Egyptian Embassy in Australia in this because they don not know and they are not connected you or council or any thing, you are just using big words to scare people

  5. I have been chasing this so-called princess liala in australia from melbourne for some time and no one, not even the press can be bothered with her. People like this should be aware that any false proclamation of who they are can lead to a law suit, especially when authorities such as the the egyptian embassy in australia are concerned. I can't believe that she also used the title duchess of alexandria? i mean, like you also said zenobia, who gave her that title. I have also been intrigued with this information and have dug up some interesting facts about royal family in egypt which relate to your findings also. This woman has taken a considerable amount of time and effort to make her story stick. If she says who she says she is, then why not come out and provide the press with some proof? What does she need to be scared of? We already know she lives in melbourne australia, and i will further investigate to know her whereabouts. There are some local newspapers in a city not too far away from melbourne that did a small scoop about her. I will keep you posted when i find this out. And the comment about 'to all who have encountered it', unless she provides the egyptian embassy with solid proof or to the public only then will apologise to her, but in the mean time, i will engage with the egyptian embassy in australia and hopefully they can shed some light on the matter.

    From a concerned aussie here in australia.

  6. t@Dear Aussie,thanks for very much for your concern ,I already was following this topic and that lady as far as I could and I think I exposed her in her and in my other blogs , already I tried to connect the Egyptian Royal family , to connect King AHmed Fouad II through his brother Mr.Akram El-Naquib
    I will be very thankful if you keep on me the updates especially from the local papers , I will be very thankful , I will try to arise more attention in Egypt now because currently people are so interested in King Farouk thanks to a popular TV show , the problem is if you googled The words "King Farouk" you will find her pathatic website in the first page of google
    by the way I recieved responds from her so called council afterwars check it out

  7. Hello again...Aussie here...well i have searched the net andfound a website with the local WERRIBBE paper here in melbourne did indeed do a scoop about her. So at least we now know where she is. I have read what the VISCOUNT did say and what a load of rubbish. Obviously someone is trying to cover up something. All i know is that the truth is out there and i will find, through allah's help, the meaning to this once and for all. I am part egyptian and to have someone destroy it's reputation is not on. If you type in google, 'princess liala faouk', there you will find her guest book with various people saying'good things about her'. I have clicked on the names who wrote to her and found something very interesting. The names who wrote about her do not correspond with the emails provided so i have written to a specific person called'mary' (i will not disclose her full name yet until i get a message from her. Basically, i think that she is writting letters in her guest book to her self, making up hotmail addresses. What a joke!!!

  8. Dear Aussie , Already I recieved an email by the name Dame something ,I checked from the name ,it was a real Dame in the UK but the strange thing that the Dame used the same email of the viscount , I mean at least she should have another email
    when I confronted her or the one who sent the email I recieved no respond except that they tried to add me on the MSN Msg !! I blocked them
    there is something fishy for sure !!

  9. can you please post the emailo sent by the dame on this blog.


  10. Are you all mad ? this "princess" Liala is an imposture. King Farouk had ONLY 4 children and cerntainly not from princess Mafalda of Savoy who died in 1944 in a Nazi camp. Stop telling nonsense please

  11. My dear lfaubladier ,please chuck back the archive first before speaking

  12. I hope you get to the bottom of this.
    I have met the "princess" and am not sure what to think.

  13. @anonymous , so how is the so-called Princess ??
    Is she acting like a real royalty ,you see ironically if you watch the Youtube videos I posted for Princess Farial ,the real princess you will find a commoner not a princess
    the bottom of this I already some how reached to it , she is not related to the Egyptian Royal Family
    Beside the clear evidence
    this is from a very close source to the Egyptian Royal family ,already even before the craziness of the TV Series by months
    I think she seeks attention , you will be surprised to know that she sent a Christmas greeting in my vox account !!!???

  14. Good work zeinobia... what a ridiculous scam

  15. @anonymous, thanks and it is not scum but it is more sick , a way to search for attention , it is a sick thing to make a lie and live in it

  16. @anonymous , so how is the so-called Princess ??

    From what I have seen of her The so-called one is how would you say clearly not well in the head.
    I dont know how she came up with all of this.

    Here is a link to one of the articals in a local paper if you have not seen it it is quite funny but also quite sad in a way

  17. @anonymous , you got to be kidding !! Those poor Aussies believed her nonsense :(

  18. Hi All,

    I have met "Princess Liala" and members of her "royal court", who all happen to be a group of gullible people from the suburbs who beleive the myths she feeds them. I also know where she lives, hardly a house fit for a princess in one of the poorest working class suburbs of Melbourne. I also had the displeasure of attending an event where all of these so called royals were gathered, doing mock knightings etc.
    Very fake people living a myth.
    Also I should also mention that in "Australia's first "Royal Wedding" the princess was walked down the aisle by another fraud of international proportions the so called "emperor of Constantinople" what a joke, a spaniard staking claim to the byzantine empire, the guy is not even an Orthodox Christian.

  19. If it wasn't illegal I would post her address on this blog

  20. @Australian anonymous, I think it is interesting to deal with those people, they were so sick , I do not know why they live such lies !! it is so pathetic
    I am not surprised with her husband she claims that she is a Duchess where as the Egyptian Royal family members are all Muslims !!
    unfortunately former King Ahmed Fouad II is too exhausted to sue her and her entourage
    it is so pathetic

  21. I knewn she was a fake from the moment I heard of
    this so called princess.How is that she holds the
    title of duchess but the rest of the late king's
    daughters do not.She needs to stop making these
    false claims I hope the royal family does something about this take legal action.

  22. this is soo strange!! i wonder what is really happening ! thanks zeinobia for your efforts & everyone who helped..i really wana get to the bottom of this..btw zeinobia i found out that princess fawzeia is still alive she's about 88 now !! but i really wana meet her,in fact i wana meet anyone who is related to king farouk i wana know more about him & how was it in his time..wud yu help me about this thing? thank you soo much

  23. @Missunknown , according to my sources the King's family is facing a lot of her kind. i think one day they will reach to her

    @anonymous , meeting the Empress is like a mission impossible in Egypt even the biggest journalists could meet her , already she is said to be in Switzerland with her daughter Princess Shahinaz
    I know someone people related to king Farouk and I tell you now he was not like what the media made us to believe , he was a kind person who had a lot of hopes and ambitions but achieved none because of those who were around him

  24. okay,so about this so-called princess liala,does anyone who saw her have a picture of her? imean we might notice any resemblence with the king if she was right & i personally dont think so..

  25. dearest zeinobia its me again,okay so anyone who met her or anything hav a picture for her?imean we could see the resembelence with the late king if any of this crap is true right?& i personally dunt think so..i hope zeinobia that you provide me with more info about him,i do know alot of things about the royal family & the problems they faced but all im saying is that if your grandfather or grandmother lived at that era or were related to the king by any means & passed over any info over to jus in lov with that person."may your soul rest in peace your majesty" thank you zeinobia for all this stuff ive been following alot of stuff about the whole royal family..

  26. Dear Zeinobia, I have met the "princess" and her husband. I do not understand why they are doing this thing. She must be really crazy, but her husband more so as he believes everything that she is telling him. I know for a fact that the husband was a normal hard working person until he met this woman! She must have done somthing to make him change....he doesn't even use his real surname anymore but just the 'duke'.
    I feel very sorry for any family associated with these people as they must hide with embarassment every time the 'princess' is mentioned.
    I would be very happy to hear that someone has been able to stop this 'fantasy' that they live in.
    Another concerned australian.

  27. I have met this woman and whilst she has a generous heart and I gave her the benefit of the doubt, there has never been any real proof to counter what we all believe to be the truth. That is, that she lives in a fantasy world.
    Such a shame and it saddens me that she felt the need to create an identity such as this....just shows that she is a very lost soul seeking acceptance and belonging.

    Former 'friend'

  28. Dear Zienobia
    I looked for king Farouk on Wikipedia as to be honest with you I knew very little about him other than that he was a king of Egypt who no offense was rather overweight. THe reason I checked him is becasue I joined the ning of "Princess Leila" who claims what you say that she is his daughter born in Australia yet it is wikipedia that calls her a liar as it does not claim that he ever had a daughter by the name of Leila born in 1957 or any other year for that matter. It also does not list him as having a child with any woman from Australia but this is very common on the net. I mean for people to give themselves royal titles that are fake or to buy them from Republics that exist only on paper with only the rights to sell titles. One of these republics "Aquitaine" which allows one to be a Prince or Princess for 2000 dollars.

    I for my part have come to believe though I know not this for fact that some of these people do it to show off yet I am starting to see another possibility that these people do it get others to donate money to the charities they have set up; supossedly for the poor which are probably for their own benefit and little if any going to the poor or anybody other than themselves. Of course this I know not if it is true but I see it as being more than possible as many might be more willing to give to a charity if it is being organized by one whom they believe is a Princess of Egypt.

    As for me my name is Gianni Truvianni and I am a writer if you google my name you will see my popularity and if you want I can write something about how you see this. If you wish to contact me look for me on facebook my name there is Gianni Truvianni.

    Gianni Truvianni

  29. yeah things like this happens, i was wandering if anyone could please find out for if anyone knew of a woman by the name of leeza ann she hung out with the royal family of egypt back in the say 1968 not sure of the dates please post either way and i will check back thanks renae.

  30. The Viscount Anthony of Alexandria (former) eventually exposed her lies and is now working hard to recover from financial difficulty after the "Princess" failed to fulfill her promises to him of money and riches.
    I know these people and will stop at nothing to destroy the public profile of this imposter "Princess". stick to your psychic readings and writing mediocre books Liala McKay, your public demise as a princess is near......

  31. On social networking sites mostly fake ones. Of course there are real ones too.
    I read the King had a son. He was glad the second wife gave him a son. Also, I can't find Liala anywhere in history. If she has a half brother he would know the truth. You need to find the half brother. They're from different Mothers the brother and her and maybe another sister. There are photos on the networking sites of the Duke getting invitation to Princess Diana's wedding. Would they send an invitation to a fake person? Wouldn't someone at the Royal Family in UK know? That's where the answer lies if they're friends. One that's fake is Princess Ellen de Fantaine who got her royalty of Countess of Paulovia which is a virtual site. She claims to be the goddaughter of Princess Liala. She didn't get her title Countess from marriage. Someone needs to report her to the Royal Crown in England. If she's the goddaughter find her and ask her. She runs the ning site: See her Countess title here:
    Is she fake or what Princesse Fantaine? She runs the Princes and Princesses Club a social networking club and is on facebook as Princess Fantaine. Ask her how she got to be goddaughter of Princess Liala?

  32. I wouldn't go by Gianni Truvianni and what he says. He's retaliating. He was banned from all the royal sites for showing his "private parts" on the royal networks and nude photos all over the place of women. You need to get information from a more credible source. He was banned from Princes and Princesses Club run by Fantaine and several others. (you don't need to post this. This is just for your information)

  33. There are a lot of photos of her wedding to the Duke on social networking sites she belongs to and that should prove her marriage to the Duke of Alexandria and maybe Royalty. It was a huge wedding with a lot of dignitaries there from the photos. I'm not sure about other royals. Royals can move to exile and live very low key especially if they have material possessions left over from family and no money. That is possible. It is also possible for her Mother to have a child and records kept from the public. More research needs to be done to find family members or relatives. There must be someone left alive from that era. People that attended the wedding. Did anyone go to the wedding?

  34. I had the pleasure of working with H.I. & R.H. Princess Liala of Egypt and her father is the King of Egypt. I believe her. Many Royals that live in exile live in a low key residence. They don't all live in Palaces especially in exile. They like to live a normal semi-private life. She has always been honest, straight-forward and does what she says she'll do. She has shown kindness and is soft-spoken and cares about everyone she meets. As a person she is genuine, kind and a very good person. Those that do not know her should not throw stones. Those that have been to her home also should not throw stones. I believe she is who she says she is and trust her.

    1. I also have had the "pleasure" of meeting this "princess Liala". She is a fake and unfortunately, her husband was once a normal a loving person. I can not confirm now what he is. He must be wearing 'rose coloured' glasses to believe any of this 'stuff'. He is a 2nd son and can not inherit any title when his brother is still alive and well. !! I think she is a real nut CASE !!

  35. If anyone finds out any other information please post it here, because the people that believe and trust her need to know. Be sure what you say is the facts if you find out differently.

  36. If the late Princess Mafalda survived the known death of 1944 why was this triumph not heralded after the war. The People of Italy would have been delighted to know one of the Royal family has survived being a 'guest' of Hitler. Why did not Rudolf Hess make this known at his trial? Why did we not see pictures of the Princess and her daughter together after 1957 and why was Mafalda not accorded some kind of State funeral befitting her rank? Far too many unanswered questions here. I understand Graeme is supposed to be Duke of Roxeburge, where is that? If it's Roxburgh in Scotland then the current real Duke is alive, well and living there. I note that the blog sites are run by the Princess' marketting manager. There are so many spelling mistakes that she must be cheap to employ.

  37. Well Tom Fleury,you have spelling mistakes in your post as well. When a person is blogging hundreds of blogs per week they have to go at a fast past. No her Media Manager is not cheap to employ. As a matter of fact, she was paid very cheaply and is no longer her Manager. She has left her employment when she investigated her for her new documentary she is writing on Royals. Yes, she worked for six months without payment until she demanded payment for her services. She was 100% loyal but then found out later that Princess Liala of Egypt was not real so she refused to promote her any longer, but instead using the story for in documentary writings on royals instead. Secondly, new blogs have been posted about Princess Liala of Egypt, Empress of Constantinople at Also at

  38. Please remove my remarks above that say she is honest and straight forward and does what she says she'll do. That was while working for her until we found out differently after careful investigation into her so-called majesty.

  39. A lot of us were friends but when you do work for a Royal that uses a fake title all you can do is go work for someone else. As a matter of fact the H.I.M. Empress Liala of Constantinople her newest title is also not real. Her media manager worked hard 3-4 hours a day to get her to the top of search engines. She did a fine job at that, but then to find she is not a real royal and has since left working for her. If you see her newest blogs have been changed to reflect after investigation she is not real.

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  43. Well, everyone It's time to turn the page on this one. I heard through the grapevine on this site: that Princess Cantrell also uses a fake title and either gives or sells out fake titles. She live in Rancho Mirage, CA and has a gulf shop. In meantime, if anyone has extra news on any fake royals, please post here.

  44. You can see a lot of royals at: and you can determine for yourself and see if you see new Egyptian royals there. I'm curious to find out myself. The site is a place where you can list your doubts on certain royals and they investigate them for Free to help the on line community. Some help other organizations and they use their own names, I give them credit for that. The ones that use fake names along with the fake titles, that annoys me.

  45. princess liala is a fake i know that 100% as being an old friend all thats she is is a fruit loop

  46. How is your mystery of the so-called Princess Liala alleged daughter of King Farouk?
    I don't wish to get involved, however, I am an honest person, of high standard of ethics and morals. And if it's one thing I abhore is people who cannot face reality. I must comment on this alleged Princess in that: I am very, very dear friends with a man in Melbourne, who has worked for a great many years with the so called Duke of Roxburghe - Liala's husband.(and they still work together to this day - July 2010). Not only is this woman of very poor health physically and mentally (she can't even take the right dose for her medication and ends up babbling absolute nonsense, she has drained her poor, stupid, unsuspecting husband of his thousands of dollars in his superannuation (retirement) payout - but, she's still draining him - he is already of retiring age, but he has to keep working to support her fantastical fantasy. She is an absolute nutter. Her stories she creates around all of this - is mind boggling - and the fact that there is so many gullible idiots out there who believe her. Just to talk to her you can tell she is a nuff-nuff. I feel sorry for her stupid husband who will be left with nothing to support himself come the time he can't work anymore - but sadly he will have nothing left. Why don't the Egyptian or Australian authorities put a stop to her fraudulent crap that she is posting on the internet. Even posting photos of friends whom she invited to the wedding in Melbourne and putting false titles to their names such as Lady & Sir...this Liala is a freak of nuttier than nutty, bordering on multiple personality & insanity. I am appalled that this crap can go on, on such a massive scale. Lock her up - throw the key away - the world will be just that little bit more safer

  47. My mother has been taken in by this princess.On the princess`s 5oth birthday she made my mother a Duchess fancy that from a woman who sells Avon to the common people its a joke.

  48. I would like to hear from anybody who knows anything regarding her last 3 husbands

  49. I too have met Liala, and been to her house a number of times. Since I want to remain anonymous, I won't give too much detail, but I will say she wanted to hire me to replace her previous publicity person.

    I worked with her for quite a few months (unpaid), and it was clear she was in very poor health, both physically and mentally. She did, as a previous writer has said, often forget to take her medication, and suffered physically as a result.

    She is also unable to string a sentence together in writing. She tends to write in UPPERCASE, which is very annoying, and knows very little about punctuation or grammar. So if you see a well-written sentence, it was probably not written by her. (For example the one above that was signed by her). I have also met her husband, and he seems far more intelligent, but totally smitten. I suspect it is he who writes the properly-written sentences.

    As far as her claims to royalty are concerned, I asked her about this a number of times, and she was always evasive and vague and didn't want to talk about it. It was as though she was having trouble remembering all the lies.

    She did tell me some things that I haven't heard others say online. For example, that she was good friends with Princess Diana, and acted as her psychic and counselor several times. She claimed it was HER that told Diana that Charles will never be king.

    The walls of her home are covered with "signed" pictures of famous people. Of course, these can be bought online and in many shops, so these are not proof she has met them. Some did have Liala's name on them, but that too is not proof of anything.

    She showed me jewellery she claimed she had made that she wanted to sell. However, they were all of different styles - not apparently by one maker at all. And one had a tiny "Made in China" tag on it. lol

    She also claims to be a psychic. Yet she was unable to tell me anything at all about myself, and when I made up a story that was semi-plausible, she readily agreed with me and expanded on it. Of course, it was all a load of rubbish, and if she really was a psychic wouldn't she be able to tell I was lying?

    As far as her royal claims are concerned, I think that unless a "real" royal relative of hers comes forward and acknowledges her claims as being true, we probably won't know for a while. I would be interested to see her birth certificate, and to find out whether she has any siblings with those same parents. She told me she only found out fairly recently that her mother was the Princess, and who her father was, which makes me wonder who raised her.

    One little question is nagging me though. Princess Mafalda was born in 1902. Which makes her 55 years old when Liala was born in 1957. Yes, I know this is quite possible, but it doesn't seem likely that a woman of that age, who has been through the horrors of a concentration camp, could give birth.

  50. You are all too quick to judge her. I know for a fact that she IS who she says she is. She has not always known who her father was, and when she met him when she was young, she was not told he was The King. It was shortly before her mother died that she was told. She was not raised as Royalty. You are correct in saying that her health is poor, and she is indeed a poor speaker and writer. She is not as aware as she used to be, but has good and bad days healthwise. Why is it so important for most of you to prove that she is a fake? As I said, she is indeed who she says she is, and truly a real Princess. She chooses to live a low key life, and should not be chastized for that. She has a good heart, and tries to do good deeds. It is a shame that her health is failing and it affects her speech and behavior, but that does not mean that she is pretending to be a Princess. As I said, most of you are too quick to judge. Lighten up on her-she is not well, and does not deserve all of this negative talk about her.

  51. Dear All,

    I think this '''princess liala' is a dreamer. She should be awaken up, hopefully soon. I think she suffers from alzheimer.
    King Farouk was a great man, and had 5 children only. Full stop.

  52. The Egyptian Embassy still do not know anything about her

  53. Looks like a wonderful fairytale ending to me

  54. I will investigate further 😊


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