Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More about the "Shaha boy"

I don't think that this case should be closed on the contrary it should be opened ,it is a crime against humanity

More updates I knew today , yesterday a panel of forensic doctors and experts came and digged the body of the boy from the cemetery according to the D.A orders, this is an independent panel , already the primary inspection of the body showed various injuries in various parts from the body that do not go along with the official forensic report the interior ministry is insisting on according to the newspapers and the Websites today

another thing dear IRC President made a wonderful translation for what Wael Abbas had published earlier about the case , I recommend that you go there and read it to know more about this horrible case




  1. Please mention my love and prayers to the wind... in that beautiful part of the earth you live in...for the family of this boy who is a martyr for justice in an increasingly scary world.
    Thankyou for your blog...Best regards, Linner

  2. thanks Linner ,it is so sweet


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