Saturday, May 28, 2011

We are all Hamza Ali El-Khatib , Syria’s Khalid Said “Extremely Graphic”

Hamza El-Khatib
I was not planning to write anything tonight except the coverage of #May27 but the face of Hamza and his smile makes me obliged as a human , as an Arab , as a Muslim and as an Egyptian to speak about him.
Hamza is a 13 years old boy from Syria , he lived with his parents in a village called “Al Jeezah” or “Al Giza” in Daraa governorate. His tragedy started when he marched along his family in a rally to break the siege of the city of Daraa. He was detained among hundreds of Syrian during the massacre of Siada , I remember this massacre from couple of weeks ago and how horrible it was. According to my knowledge the detainees were hundreds and they were detained in schools and even football playgrounds.
Now after weeks of absence Hamza returned to his family as a dead body. He returned as dead body of full of tortures marks with his genitals. Yes his body was full of torture marks and bullets !! They cut his genitals then they killed , yes according to his autopsy he was shot down after cutting his genitals.
Here is a video showing Hamza as a dead little tortured boy , I think he was being washed for the burial. This is extremely , extremely graphic video , I mean it. The genitals part was being pixelated.  
Syrian Giza : Hamza Ali El-Khatib
I want for real to cut the balls of whoever did this to that boy.
Hamza was buried in his hometown last May 25th ,2011.
Syrian Giza : Late Hamza’s funeral
Update : Thanks to Syrian friends I found this segment from some TV show on Syrian channel called Addonia which is a pro-regime channel. It turned out Al Jazeera channel aired this clip and the Syrian regime had to fire back. The speaker on the phone was none other than the chief of Syria's medical examiners association Dr. Akram El-Shaar whom reminded me in a terrible way with Dr.El Sabae of Egypt. Already I do not know if they were speaking about Hamza or another boy called Hamdy !!!!
Anyhow I did a little online search and I found out that Dr. El Shaar claimed that he supervised the autopsy of Hamza in Damascus and that the boy did not have a single trace of torture. He added that he got photos for Hamza when he came to the morgue and would show it on his family if they wanted to !!!! He justified what we have seen in the body of little Hamza as signs of decomposition !! There was so administrative error and the body was delivered late which made it decay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok I am sorry but I have to ask some questions because this is a deja vu of Khalid Said's case in even worse ways :

  • What was the cause of death already !? 
  • Why was he transferred to Damascus ? 
  • Why did the authorities wait for nearly a month to transfer his body !? 
  • Why did the medical examiners leave his body to decay !? Do not they have refrigerators to keep dead bodies !?
  • There are clear holes of bullets in his body , from where did they come !? 
  • According to Hamza's family he was detained by the security forces !? How he turned up a dead body !? 
  • Where are the traces of autopsy in the first place ? I do not see any trace for any autopsy trace from any kind in Hamza's body and you can see it in the video , his body is in front of you. 
  • Who castrated Hamza !?

El Shaar is the twin of El Sabae , insh Allah the day will come and he will be kicked off his position because of his lies in the same way.
Hamza is Syria’s Khalid Said and as we were all Khalid Said , we are all Hamza El-Khatib.  Hamza is not the first Syrian not even the first boy who was being tortured and killed by the El Assad just like Said who was not the first Egyptian to be beaten till death by the thugs of Mubarak. Yet I believe Hamza can be a turning point in the Syrian revolution and he can play a similar role with his smile just like Khalid in Egypt by pushing the Syrian revolution.

There are many children who were killed and also tortured from the great Daraa by El Assad regime. I found this video lately also from Daraa , for a little girl who was being shot from Siada in Daraa. The video was uploaded on May 10th and she was probably killed in that massacre where Hamza was captured. I do not know her name or age but she was younger than Hamza.
A little martyr girl from Siada , Daraa
Here is “We are all Hamza El-Khatib” Facebook group , please spread this worldwide.
You must know children and boys are being raped by El Assad troops in order to blackmail their families and also of course because they are sick bastards. Here is a video that shocked Syria activists with its graphic content showing another Syrian boy naked and being beaten by security forces then sexually molested. I do not know when that video was filmed though or where it was filmed in Syria.
Abusing a Syrian boy
They are reports of boys being sexually molested in Homs as far as I know from dear Syrian activists and I believe human rights organizations should work very hard to give any documentation in order not only to expose El Assad regime but to expose that bias world.
Children go to heaven while dictators and criminals go to hell , this is something I believe in.
Next Friday is Khaled Said’s murder first anniversary by the way.
Tomorrow Saturday is dedicated to Hamza , protests will be held insh Allah in solidarity with Hamza. We are trying to do something in Cairo as well.
Famous Syrian pro-democracy cartoonist Ali Ferzat was the first celeb from the country to mourn Hamza on Facebook publicly in so sweet words calling his friends and fans to spread the news of his martyrdom through all sites.


  1. Hamza was also shot non-fatal shots in both arms as means of torture and the teacher was skinned alive.

  2. Thanks for sharing
    Allah yerhamek ya Hamza !!
    Dear god, give his family lots of power to be strong and move on .. and give the power to our brothers in Syria to continue the revolution.

    Kais from Tunisia.

  3. MostafaElGuindy5/28/2011 02:04:00 AM

    رحمتك يا رب

  4. In the high heavens Hamza Insha'Allah

  5. Ya rab I just have no words. Its hard to believe these monsters are human.

  6. During the chaos that brought the revolution, opens the opportunity to commit crimes with impunity for all! Since any murder can be written off as a Martyr revolyutsii.I again! "Kids do not need to bring to the meetings, but when your stupid head will understand it!

  7. There is nothing worse than the life of someone so young being ended.Why has it come to this in Syria?
    I don't think there is much doubt about what is going on there and will go on.
    Its crazy. There is a site I have come across which supposedly critiques MSM in the west. They
    are saying that Syria is the victim of a propaganda war by ,get this ,No1. The WEST, no.2 IKWAN, no3 SAUDI/ALJEZEERA, no4 ISRAEL. They even throw in Robert Fisk and will probably include you now, Zenobia.

  8. The Arab governments have not even condemned the Assad regime nor will they act to stop this criminal because they are of the same kind.
    I believe that if the Arab governments were democratically elected, Assad would think twice before killing his people.
    The Canadian.

  9. I really couldn't control my self after reading and watching these brutal inhuman acts being practiced upon these innocent people. How come these ruthless criminals are called humans, the word human must only be called to those who have mercy in their hearts not brutal bastards like these ones. May God take his utmost revenge on all these criminals where they can meet all in hell and bless the souls of his innocent helpless martyrs .

  10. I respect the motivations for writing this blog and I like your blogs and regular reader. However, I find the video of dead people is disrespective to their body after death. In our religion we were asked to bury the dead the soonest after death so their body are not revealed. Even if sensitive parts were censored, he did not give his permission for others to video his body to the world as dead. I call on you to remove these videos. We do not need to see their dead body to believe the suffering they have seen. In this way they are being killed twice. Once by their natural death and the second by spreading the videos of their dead body.
    I hope my call will find a way to you!!

    1. Who are you ? Are you a relative ? A friend ? or something more sinister ? I am sure that the benefit for the world to see these crimes out weighs anything else...

  11. And the world stands by and does nothing. These people are animals, and I have no words to express how sick and angry this makes me. But in my opinion, the world by just standing by and watching, and blurting out some insignificant threats, is as guilty as these torturers!!

    I pray for these poor young souls, may they rest in peace.

  12. Anonymous said...

    "During the chaos that brought the revolution, opens the opportunity to commit crimes with impunity for all! Since any murder can be written off as a Martyr revolyutsii.I again! "Kids do not need to bring to the meetings, but when your stupid head will understand it!"

    you moron who can't even phrase a sentence properly, what kind of a sick excuse is that.The child wasn't killed on spot, he was detained and tortured till death. So you think these practises only happen during unrest in Arab regimes you big idiot. What about the Alexandrian girl who got shot in the head by a stray bullet sitting in her bedroom studying? or would you suggest we should all live in bunkers? just fuck off with your excuses you worthless piece of shit NDP bastard.

  13. I disagree with Anonymous who wants the videos taken down. It is important that the world be aware what is happening and Zeinobia deserves credit for posting this information. By the way I can't bring myself to watch the video. The description and comments are as much as I can bear.

  14. Just shameful
    The behavior of the Arabs against themselves just crazy

    Funny ending always against the United States and Israel
    But the Arabs are dangerous to yourself a lot more than others

    Zane Macro

  15. I really respected this blog a lot, although I'm not the one who requested that the video of these murdered people being removed as a kind of respect of the The sanctity of death, I did appreciate this fast and quick action as a kind of response to something that makes sense. It was my first time to be a reader in this blog and I'm sure I'll be a regular one.

  16. even animal never do this .
    judgment will be done

  17. I can't even write anything, my eyes are filled with tears , I' m astonished that there are human beings who could do this to a little kid.even animals don't do this .I can't imagine such a thing

  18. These people are not animals. Don't insult animals.

    They are mentally sick, twisted psychopaths, serial killers who ENJOY what they do and now are freer to act out their rage of insanity under cover.

    Arab police forces are comprised of mentally disturbed criminals who should be eliminated one way or the other.

  19. I opened up the link to this video clip not understanding what I was about to witness. It is truely horrific what was done to this little boy and all the other cruel and inhumane acts perpetrated on the Syrian people.After watching this horror, I was compelled to send it on to friends. I felt I owed it to wee Hamza not to turn away. Where is the world while this is going on? I am ashamed. I am from the north east of Scotland.


  21. I keep thinking of the look in his eyes when the filthy bastards touched his sacred body, I want them forced to cook parts of their body, shoot themselves in the arms and peal off their legs skin. Im dead serious, whether they are Syrians or Iranians. Keep the video. If this happened to me, I would hope that as many people can see what my killers did to my innocent sole. Omar Hamdani from West Oz

  22. I am an American. My eyes see what yours see. No child should be tortured. No child! The ones who did this, will do it again if they have not done so already. They deserve torture before God finds them, so that they do not enjoy this day to that day. I believe that God will exact his pentaly on those who kill the innocent.

  23. Hi, I am German. And I'm really shocked what happens these days in Syria! I shared this page on facebook and hope, that huge organizations like WHO or the UN do anything against it soon!

  24. hülye gyökér arabok

  25. Zeinobia I thought you will not tolerate racist remarks yet you keep allowing them...... like one above in Hungarian

  26. Hamza Ali al-Khatib, I hope the citizens of the world are all united against the perpetrators of this horrible tragedy. It may be traumatic for us to even imagine what you went through, but it will never equal to what you endured as a child and as a boy.

    Ana Maria

  27. Why is it that as soon as I hear the word torture another word spring out in my mind "Arabs"? I am not being a racist here but evidence shows that this sort of barbaric behavior took place in most Arab nations and it is still taking place as we speak. It looks as if they enjoy it, and the worst it gets the more they enjoy it, but man torturing children is sick because in the end it exposes the sick mind of the Arabs who do it.

  28. Arabs? never in Latin America(yes, involving children)? never in China, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka? never in Sub-Saharan say Sierra Leone, Congo, Rwanda, Liberia... apartheid South Africa? what about Europe in WW2...something called the holocaust? nope, never... you are absolutely right, just happens in the Arab world. It simply has to do with those sick Arabs and nothing to do with police states and dictatorships.

  29. Everywhere in the world are people who do such things, mostly hidden. I'm ashamed and very sad that humans are able to do this. Innocent, poor boy tortured by MEN. Only men are able to do this. This is perverted power. More pervers is not possible.
    All power, government, army, police must be controlled by the people. This is th only way to avoid such human tragedies. Th. from Switzerland

  30. Anonymous said: "Why is it that as soon as I hear the word torture another word spring out in my mind "Arabs"? I am not being a racist here..."

    Maybe you need to educate yourself about what racism is. Racists are people who think that all Jews are thieves and murderers because of Israeli war crimes, or who think of Americans as torturers and sexual sadists because of Abu Ghraib and Camp Delta and Bagram. Or who, as soon as they hear the word "torture", the word "Arabs" springs into their mind...

  31. Alice, maybe you need to look at the world around you and learn about reality. The reality is that most Arab leaders think they own their country and their people, that because of that they can do whatever they want to them, kill them, torture them, banish them, beat them up, take away their freedom. Torture is that act that most Arab countries practice to keep control of what they think is their own. In other word to extend, exercise and keep indefinite illegitimacy, for that they use the secret police who learn the ancient art of inflicting pain who dare to disagree. So do not go on about the usual pathetic weak link and excuse of racism. I never was nor will ever be
    a racist, I always look at the evidence, at how nations treat its own people and evidence suggests that on the Arabs use torture to practice sadistic control. In my mind people are equal, Muslims, Jews, Christens or Black, white or brown. In the end, you judge them by their humanity and what they do and the Arabs do a lot of torture, thank you very much.

  32. I actually agree with anonymous above, there is no racism here. Did torture happen in Tunisia? yes, In Syria?yes, in Libya?yes, in Egypt?yes, in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi, Iraq? yes, yes, yes. Sure, it happens every where else, but we are talking about the Arab world's freedom of speech. Arabs have been tortured by other countries? I agree, but here we are referring to Arab leaders and security organizations adding to the misery of the Arab people by torturing their own people some more in order to save their corrupt regimes by torturing wholesale including women and children. On you tube the other day I saw a thick necked security operator or secret policeman ordering a detainee in jail to hold his face still so that he can repeatedly slap it in the most ferocious way in successive blows, it was sickening. Comment claim it was filmed in Egypt, I say it was filmed in Tunisia, but it could be anywhere in the Arab world. How can a person do that is beyond my capacity to understand? so faced with this kind of act repeatedly coming from the Arab world is bound to raise questions and there is no racism here, its pure authenticated violence and sadism by Arabs predators against Arab victims,and nearly in all of them freedom of speech appear to be at the center of it. So dont dismiss the observation based on a racism ticket bullshit, instead give me one Arab nation where torture is officially not practiced to repress "freedom of speech", Syria? Egypt? Tunisia? Algeria? the simple answer is there is none, they all do it as an old time established practice since there was never ever freedom of speech anywhere in the Arab world, how were people controlled then?the answer is repression, violence and torture.Racism my foot....

  33. This is actually a very serious problem which is discussed over here. As there are many questions arise from this situation. So they need to be answered for these bad situations occur.

  34. Israel does not have to do anything to show the world how sick the Arabs are to each other, since the Arabs are doing the work for them to the highest quality possible in the art of killing and torturing, thank you very much.

  35. After watching another news broadcast yesterday about unrest in the Middle East, I decided to do more research. I am not from this area, so I must read, read, and read some more to try to understand. I came across an article about this young man. It took everything I had just to read what they did to him. I had to put my computer down and make myself go to school. After school was finished, I came home, kissed my family. The boy was on my mind. I couldn't sleep. I have been reading so much, trying to understand. You deserve your freedom. No human being deserves this treatment. There is no excuse for this type of violence!! I am an American. We are not a popular country in these area's. As a regular citizen, I am not exposed to violence like what this poor young man went through. I am deeply disturbed by what I have been reading and seeing on the issues of torture. I also am sitting here wondering what the world is doing while this is happening. Where is the U.N.? Why was Libya helped and no where else? Where are the human rights activists? What can the average free citizen do to help?

    I do not know the answers to these questions. The only thing I can do is read and talk. I will use my own freedom to seek knowledge and spread the word of reality in these area's. My heart breaks for the communities who have to live like this, for the families that are being torn apart, and for the souls of those who have passed in this horrific fashion. My eyes, my heart, and my soul will never be the same after reading of this poor boy. Please know, there are those of us in the west that DO CARE! I will share a poem with you all... from one long distance heart to another. Peace be with you.

    Our Deepest Fear

    It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

    It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

    We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,talented and fabulous?

    Actually, who are you not to be?

    You are a child of God.

    Your playing small does not serve the world.

    There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

    We were born to make manifest the glory of
    God that is within us.

    It's not just in some of us; it's in EVERYONE.

    And as we let our own light shine,
    we unconsciously give other people
    permission to do the same.

    As we are liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others.

  36. I also am sitting here wondering what the world is doing while this is happening. Where is the U.N.? Why was Libya helped and no where else? Where are the human rights activists?
    Differences in Libyan and Syrian unrest

    1-no defections from Syrian senior officials, ambassadors or representatives abroad or in International bodies like the UN.

    2-no unified Arab stand or condemnation from the Arab League of States, not a single Arab country has officially condemened what is happening in Syria, not even the revolutionary ones like Tunisia and Egypt.

    3-many in the West believed that Bashar AlAssad was different from his father and that he is a reformer so they were hoping he can actually reform and allowing him a time frame might give him an opportunity to show if he was indeed pro-reforms.

    4-unlike Libya, no oil disruptions caused by an unrest in Syria especially to Europe. Although the Arab league's blessing is the main force behind the no fly zone and UN condemnation, a long struggle in Libya will have serious implications on energy starving Italy and other European countries so they had to lend a helping hand for their own future interests.

    5-contrary to common belief, Syrian regime is actually supported by 2 major players in the region, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The former doesn't need another revolution right at its borders and the latter's motto is "the devil you know.".

  37. Whew! Thank goodness torture by police only happens here in Arab countries. I was worried that things like that were common in Congo, Rwanda, Apartheid South Africa, Columbia, El Salvador, Israel, China, Burma, the former Soviet republics, Franco's Spain, Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Thank goodness there is no torture in Abu Ghraib and Bagram and Camp Delta and those other "secret US gulags" after all! African-Americans retain only fond memories of their kind reception in torture-free America, as do, of course, the Vietnamese back when the Americans came to "liberate" them and stayed as welcome guests. Golly, the Afghans are literally dying to keep learning all about the humane, non-'Arab') way to treat people from their American teachers.

    No, the problem is "Arabs" -- eradicate them, and you eradicate torture, isn't that right, oh non-racist, non-ignorant one?

  38. Hamza Al Khatib is a boy who has captured many hearts. He is a innocent sweet looking child. HE did not deserve to die the way he did by those barbarians. I just pray to god that these barbarians that are killing innocent children rot on earth and hell. I wish we were there to save you Hamza. You didn't deserve to die the way you did. Keep smiling in heaven like the way you are doing in the pic. We all love you rest in peace little bro.

  39. Torture is useful

  40. Torture certainly is popular with the regimes in the middle east. That might well have something to do with arab culture, which places such emphasize on the male machismo. A man must be brave, strong, dominant. Sexwise, he is in charge. What seperates arab men, from most western societys is the unashamed sadism, in male arab sexuality. This sadism is directed towards both men and women, and shows up in the rape statistics and in pools, like the one that said that one in every two arab men thinks some torture should be allowed during wartime.

    Fiction, films, and even real wars, all feature scenes of torture.

  41. Let's celebrate the giving season and enjoy the Top Toys !

    I will come to fight for Hamza. Hamza al khateeb lowe from REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA.

  43. January 6, 1992

    Remember Nayirah, Witness for Kuwait?

    By John R. MacArthur

    In his urgent arguments during the fall and winter of 1990 for military action against Saddam Hussein, President Bush made much of the Iraqi leader's cruelty toward the Kuwaiti people. Mr. Bush's allegations of atrocities by Iraqi forces generally went unchallenged. Mr. Hussein's violent disposal of dissident Iraqis was a matter of record, so few politicians, journalists or human rights investigators were prepared to question the President's campaign to paint his opponent as Adolf Hitler reborn.

    Some claims were no doubt true, but the most sensational one--that Iraqi soldiers removed hundreds of Kuwaiti babies from incubators and left them to die on hospital floors--was shown to be almost certainly false by an ABC reporter, John Martin, in March 1991, after the liberation of Kuwait. He interviewed hospital doctors who stayed in Kuwait throughout the occupation.


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