Egyptian Chronicles: Ahmed Fouad II, Egypt's Lonely King Without a Throne

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ahmed Fouad II, Egypt's Lonely King Without a Throne

Wall Street Journal presented to its readers a very interesting report about former King Fouad II whom it called Egypt’s lonely king without a throne.
I like the photo of Ahmed Fouad II in black and white so much , it is so artistic but I do not like Wall Street Journal itself still I recommend you to read it.

I wish that Gamal Pasha Mubarak learns that nothing forever from the story of King Fouad II , King Farouk was dying for a boy to have a heir and once he had had him , he had to leave the whole kingdom to live in exile and to watch the end of his royal family forever ; never say never about the throne of Egypt !!
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  1. you are right Z. Anything that is forced, somehow becomes cursed and leathal. hope all concerned parties remember this.

  2. to Z and anon--- A different time and a different era..


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