Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : When Egyptian activists Protested For The Woes of Tal

Monday, September 20, 2010

Follow Up : When Egyptian activists Protested For The Woes of Tal

Egyptians activists were the men and ladies of their word holding a stand in front of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo to protest the illegal detention of Tal.

By the wonder Amira Tahawy
 It was a small stand but it has a big effect indeed because that stand was not approved and was sieged as usual by cordons and cordons of security forces and the fact that they could not protest in front of the Embassy actually but rather in the main street besides Al Tahrir Cinema.

By Bassem Fathi
One of the security forces officers told Egyptian activist and TV hostess Bothiana Kamel that they did not want any problems with Syria , it is good to know that the Egyptian regime still cares for our relations with Syria though !!
The stand was a small activists made of not less than 30 activists yet according to attendees more activists would have join it if it had not been by the security forces.
Due to circumstances out of my hand I could not participate in this protest but I believe blogging Tal’s case to the world is my protest , I could be in her place and wish that the world does not forget me.

This is small protest but a big step indeed for Arabic activism , I feel proud and happy that Egypt is the heart of the Arab world , I was more than happy to read the beautiful tweets of our Syrian tweeps and bloggers who praised us , it is a great and beautiful feeling.
Here are couple of photos from stand by Amira Tahawy :

In solidarity with Syrian people

Release Tal
To the public

6th April Youth for Tal
Freedom for Tal , Freedom for Golan

Here are video clips from today’s protest :
A stand at the Syrian Embassy p.1
A stand at the Syrian Embassy p.2

6April Youth , Al Ghad Party and human rights activists participated in this small significant stand
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