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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Shut Up Please , All of You Just Shut Up

The sectarian tensions have not rested yet after the Camilla Shehata’s video appearance and I would not reopen this file again if it were not for what happened after Ahmed Mansour’s show last Wednesday.

Ahmed Mansour hosted Dr. Mohamed Salim El-Awa , the famous Islamist thinker and lawyer to comment the latest sectarian tensions and the state inside state on the 15th September 2010

You can watch the episode below after

Mohamed Salim El-Aowa on Al Jazeera

I only watched the episode today despite I followed the reactions it has generated since last Wednesday and I did not stop at Dr. El-Awa whom I know his stand very well nor crazy Bishop Bishoy and his views about Muslims because it is not first time he shocks us with views but I stopped at Ahmed Mansour ; what the hell was this !!??

The man is speaking as if there were an on going sectarian war between Muslims and Christians in Egypt not trying to calm things down or to solve things in a rational way and ironically he is angry that the Pope refuses to sit with him , well for the record Pope Shnouda appeared with Muslim Egyptian TV hosts in both national TV and privately owned TV channels other than OTV which he thankfully reminded us that it is owned by Christian Sawiris !!?

Professionally speaking he was biased  or rather was intending on making his guest more angry from the Church without regarding what this church represents to millions of Egyptian Christians , even if he believes that the Church is a state inside state now and the regime is weak in front of it , there is much better way to handle things professionally when it comes to reporting.

Already for the sake of the professionalism Mansour must host someone from the Church , for the sake of the professionalism he should apologize to Sheikh Ali Gomaa because officially the incident he spoke about did not take place according to the Judges’ club which denied it.

It was a joke on how he asked Dr. El-Awa how to stop the sectarian division !!

The Church has already filed a lawsuit against both El-Awa and Al Jazeera channel and started to fire back on his allegations.

El-Awa is now the new Mohamed Omara to be accurate and he needs to speak in a channel other than Al Jazeera and preferably with a TV host other than Mansour.

By the way there is some strange relationship , whenever we speak seriously about the succession plans in Egypt , whenever we pay attention to the nasty attempt of Gamal Mubarak and co. to destroy what is left in this country and its legal state , we find the ugly sectarian tensions. Of course I do not deny that this time the Church has a big role to stop this insanity starting from hiding men like Bishoy and more important stop acting as a state inside a state for real.

We are entering a very critical phase in our history in our Egypt , I believe if we manage to survive all those years as one nation , we will make it and the best thing we can do now is to make all those living on the sectarian division shut up !!

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  1. Bishop Bishoy made very reasonable comments. If you want to dismantle a "state within a state," start with Al-Azhar and finish with the Coptic Church. Otherwise, this is very simply an attack on a minority group.

    The core of the problem is that many Muslims want to apply a double standard based on system which puts Muslims above others. Create a system that is truly fair for all parties, then have the government truly be independent and not involve itself in religious issues (Muslim or Christian), and the problems will go away.

  2. what is reason from what he said exactly !!?
    Are you serious AL Azhar !!?? My dear Al Azhar does not hold the same status of the Church in the Christian life , my dear Sheikh Al Azhar can't tell us whom we can elect
    Al Azhar was never a state inside a state even in its strongest times because the Shiekh of Al Azhar does not hold the same status like the pope
    I know many Christians think of Al Azhar like the Church but this a misconceptation
    With my all respect when we want to apply the law the Church stands against just like the divorce issue

  3. @Anon: What you wrote is a joke. Al Azhar has been known to be an executor of regime's point of view and has no control over us what so ever. Also, unlike the case for Christians, Azhar and its clerics have no religious authority over us, this means as a muslim you could choose to go against their point of view or pick from different points of views among clerics. The same isnt true for Christians. The fact is Sadaat was the only one who understood that Archbishop Shenouda has an attitude and views that will eventually lead to this divide and of course the regime never likes to see cooperation among members of the society and will be the only winner from such sectarian rift.


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