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What we know about Trump's Companies in Egypt

As US President Donald Trump issued his infamous executive order to ban nationals of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States for at least 90 days, people around the global why those seven countries in particular.
The executive order that has been turning the world upside down literality bars all people coming from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen whether refugees or immigrants or just visitors for at least 90 days.

Many people asked a very good question on why those countries specifically were chosen out of 50 Muslim-majority countries especially in the executive order Trump mentions 9/11 attacks.
The 9/11 attacks hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. None of those countries are on the ban list.
Trump's executive order
Trump signing one of his executive orders last week "AP 
Some again asked why he did not include those countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the list. It is a legitimate question*.
According to the White House secretary Sean Spicer those seven countries on the travel ban list were initially identified as "countries of concern" under the Obama administration.

That answer was not convincing for some who raised very serious accusation that Trump got business interest in three countries of the 9/11 attackers origin countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.
It turns out that Trump got companies in Egypt "2", Saudi Arabia "4" and UAE  "at least 2".
Yes, the business tycoon president is said to own two companies in Egypt and this was a surprise for me !!

I have not known before that the American business tycoon has business in Egypt or even has visited it publicly before.

According to an early Bloomberg report, Trump owns "possibly" in Egypt according to his files in the Federal Election Commission: Trump Marks Egypt and Trump Marks Egypt LLC
I have not heard about them before. No one had heard of them already in Egypt. There is more

In a quick search in the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt "AmCham Egypt", there is no match for both companies in its database which is quite interesting.

Egyptian media tried to find out more about those two companies. Pro-regime news website Youm 7 contacted Egypt's ministry of investment to know more about them.

An official anonymous source told Youm 7 that both "Trump Marks Egypt" and "Trump Marks Egypt LLC" are not registered at the Egyptian ministry of investment and that there is no company bearing the name "Trump" registered at the ministry in the first place.

Interesting !?? Wait for more.

Even quicker google search will show that the two Companies "Trump Marks Egypt Corp" and "Trump Marks Egypt LLC" are registered in DoverDelaware in the States.
Another search in the State of Delaware's official website "I love how you have a quick access to information like that", You will find more info about the two companies.

In the division of Corporations in the State of Delaware's official website, you will find nearly 96 Companies registered in that States alone bearing the name "Trump Marks" including "Trump Marks Egypt Corp" and "Trump Marks Egypt LLC".
Trump Marks
A collage of screen shots showing Trump Marks companies
registered in Delaware
The file number of "Trump Marks Egypt Corp" is "4424526" while the file number of "Trump Marks Egypt LLC" is "4424031".

Trump Marks Egypt
A screen shot for the Trump Marks Egypt companies in
Delaware's division of corporations 
According to the information available in Delaware Corporations Database, "Trump Marks Egypt Corp" was founded 9/17/2007 as a Corporation.
"Trump Marks Egypt LLC" was founded also on 9/17/2007 but as Limited Liability Company.
There is nothing more about the activity about both companies.

Both Companies' registered agent in the State of Delaware is the National Registered Agents, Inc.
I was curious enough to check a couple of other companies especially that they are almost identical bearing "Trump Marks**LLC" or "Trump Marks** Corporation" and I found that many of them are founded in 2007 and registered with the National Registered Agents.
I can not find anything about the Trump Marks Egypt companies beyond that. So What we really know about those companies is the following:
  • They are not registered at Egypt's Ministry of investment
  • They are registered in the State of Delaware, United States.
  • Their activity is unclear.
It would be very helpful if US-based investigative reporters dig deeper about those companies.
FYI Spicer denied that Trump's businesses influence his decisions and executive orders.
From 2 days ago, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus hinted out that the executive order may extend to include other countries including Egypt and Pakistan.
By the way , the Egyptian Ministry of foreign affairs has not issued a statement condemning that racist executive order as a leading Arab Middle Eastern country.

*I do not like how that question on why Trump did not include the 9/11 hijackers countries including Egypt in the travel ban list is being repeated as if it is acceptable to enforce the perception that all the people in those countries are terrorists who deserve mass punishment.
No one should be banned from travel on basis of religion or race or gender, it is simple as that.


  1. It is simple as that: Trumps like Sissy. Sissy is a key ally of Trump's war against terror.

  2. So far, Trump has only targeted countries with which the United States has minimal political and military ties or semi-failed states. If he issues another executive order to bar citizens from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or Pakistan, he will destroy American foreign policy even more than he is already doing. At least some of them would retaliate with reciprocal bans and possibly move against his business interests. If they cut back political and military cooperation, that would enrage the establishment of which Trump is now a part. Furthermore, Trump's international businesses cannot function without travel to the U.S. being an option.

    One error Trump, Bannon, Miller, and others who were involved in this particular executive order made was to underestimate the extent of the domestic crisis it would cause. Courts are now ruling against portions of the order, and the protests/stories from travelers have dented the Trump/Bannon narrative about its purpose.

    Although Bannon wants to deploy the American military assertively abroad, the policies he is promoting are going to hobble Trump's ability to fulfill Bannon's goals.

  3. Californians are calling him "Cheetoes dust", :) Thanks for tracking down this information Zee, as over here we could not find it. He won't release his tax forms which would show where he is making money. Deb

  4. You deserve a Pulitzer Prize for finding this :)

  5. Wow. This may be Zeinobia's magnum opus.

    Yeah, from about an hour ago reports are that the border is open again, and Trump is pretty pissed. I don't know how this is going to play out.

    Judge Robart, who is being a pain in Trump's ass right now, lives right here in Seattle, btw; it's as Leftist a city as we have in the States. There are going to be several interesting years.

    O.K., I always enjoy your opinions.

  6. Dear Zeinab,

    If you register a name in USA or elsewhere containing "Egypt" doesn't mean that the company is based or doing business in Egypt... I don't know from where did you get this logic?!!

    Example :A lot of institutes in Egypt have the word "Canadian" & doesn't have any relation what so ever with Canada...

    He could have had planes to expand in Egypt, but if there are no registration in Trade ministry & the American chamber of Commerce in Egypt, IT DEFINITELY IMPLIICATES THAT THERE ARE NO BUSINESS ACTITIVITIES IN EGYPT.

    Another thing about the travel ban issue - as we are only seeing the CNN part of this "Trump" issues - HE said several times that he picked these countries on recent intelligence reports about possible expected threats on US, nothing related to 9/11 that everyone is repeating in the lines of CNN viewers...

    Last but not least, I believe that the this travel ban is "Unjustified " & should be lifted immediately for several reasons...

    Deepest regards,

    1. Actually,it is Bloomberg that says he has got business in Egypt.

  7. This doesn't mean anything in all actuality. It just might only mean he has lent his name to something over there. If you read corporate paperwork they have signatures of the corporation owners on the articles of incorporation and each year they file annual reports the owners names and signatures are on there also. So maybe these filings are just trade mark filings. Dig deeper, don't just rattle off things you know nothing about.

    1. Shame on you. She looked far deeper than you have. She levies no allegations and makes no assumptions. The only thing she said was nothing could be found with Trump's name on it listed in Egypt and the only thing linking Trump to Egypt in the US, as far as company names, were out of De.

  8. When I visited Egypt, I was told that it is against the law for foreigners to own land in Egypt. I can't recall what they said about marriage to an Egyptian and how it affects this law. You can, however, stay in Egypt if you teach at a university.

  9. Respectful UNKNOWN?? or Dear MADAM X /Mr.X?! I am very sorry as i got no clue or any idea about Egyptian integration Rules & Regulations/ but if you & as your good self did mention..that foreighner/s can't own or buy a land,would you or anyone in this world blame such..mandate/s?? Just try to recall the consequences of that in what was once Grand-Palestine in the decades of 1920--->1940? somehow even before those 2 mentioned periods and beyond??...The Arab nations learned.. their lessons in a very HARD way...and said>>((NEVER AGAIN!!))...Even though in Lebanon,where i was born,Armenians/Assyrians/Kurds/Jews/also Arab different nationalities..own lands+properties+etc..etc,be it Christians or Muslims, even though i mentioned the Jews.i meant the Lebanese Jews,some were born in it,and their family trees age back tens of decades and got longer roots than that,some did settle in Lebanon coming from other Arab neighbouring countries such as SYRIA+IRAQ..&others?!... owned lands/properties in Beirut/The Capital/Aley/Shtoura/Bhamdoun & other mountainous districts,even in SAYDA or the SIDON Sea-Side,in South of Lebanon?!But since 1948's year of AL-NAK-BEH< (DEBARCLE YEAR as Palestinian people/survivors+refugees named it!! & As they, THE JEW owners sold them before leaving for South America and Europe,,,as their stay and ownership issues were in not just the neighbouring countries,but the Arab world,like Egypt/TUNISIA/MOROCCO & others in North Africa?!As we say IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO?they felt Unsafe..and treated as ALIENS after decades, even centuries LIVING/DYING in those countries,but somehow WERE protected by the authorities of those periods,but under observation and suspicion,til proved..Loyal citizens/individuals,..intolerable situation to endure and tolerate, or to get rid of everything and Flee & LEAVE for good,very unhappy situation for all involved..and none was ready for it..but HAPPENED after 1948?!!..So to avoid such mishap-s to occur once again..would have been considered..DISASTROUS!! The FACT is this: When all such land-s buying/selling happened, the whole Arab world >> S..A..Y,AT ALL/in such dealings+matters?!So you see,/Dear UNKNOWN/Be You>Madam or Sir,...why such Rules & Regulations>>do EXIST???I do assume & In my humble way// Regards from I.Barsoumian/London

    ,why such rules,,EXIST


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