Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ahmed Ezz : The last Days of Disco

I only show these videos below because I know how much Ahmed Ezz has harmed Egypt in the past 10 years. Here is a video showing Ahmed Ezz and former minister of tourism at the North Cairo court. It was shot through a mobile phone.

Here are also rare photos from the court for Ezz, Garana and Magrabhi behind bars in the court from the fantastic Original Dostor, they wear white but Ezz as usually very stylish with his sweater.

Now here is old is gold video from the last days of disco when high middle class teenager Ahmed Abdel Aziz Ezz love rock and used to play drums for free in Tiba band.
Tiba is the band of Hussein and Mody El-Emam in early 1980s. Ezz left the band to work with his dad in business and cut his relations with the El-Emam. Next time they knew anything about him , they found him a big businessman !!I think Ahmed Ezz should have continued playing drums because he would not have harmed anybody with and for sure God would bless the money he would earn it form playing drums than that empire he built from greed. ¨Here is another song from Tiba band recorded with Ezz on drums : Aswan"
Side Note : This video is so gayyyyyyy but I like the song , there were very promising bands in that era that unfortunately could not continue for economic reasons. I love Tiba band music already. 
In his power "NDPC 09"
Many people believe that what happened last January 28,2011 when the police suddenly disappeared and jails were opened.. etc was actually a plan set up by Ezz , Al-Adly and none other than Gamal Mubarak without Hosni Mubarak’s knowledge. When the army went down to the streets and detained Habib Al-Adly then later brought to Hosni Mubarak , he confessed about the whole plan. That plan was arranged to be implemented when Gamal Mubarak would run for the office, the trio knew how much the Egyptian people would stand against his candidacy. Hosni Mubarak was said to be so mad that he called all sort of names and spit on his face which is the hugest insult in our culture. At the same time Ahmed Ezz was busted at Gouna airport in an attempt to flee the country with his wife and his son.
Ahmed Ezz’s life must be present in a film or TV series , seriously it has all the drama you can imagine it !!
From Egyptian Chronicles Archive : The steel man speaks about the party man


  1. Why is the leader of these crooks still free and living a comfortable life in Sharm El Sheik.

  2. @ Anonymous: because weirdly the High council for armed forces said that the constitution had decided expectational measures for judging the president as they said in Mona El Shazly's which is weird because as I know the constitution is supposed to be suspended !!

  3. سبحان المعز الذل


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