Sunday, October 7, 2018

And the boy became a Mathematician : Meet Dr. Omar Mohsen

This is one of the true happy news that made me proud as well optimistic about the future.
In April 2011,
I wrote about this 15-years-old mathematics genius who was doing his master’s degree in the American University in Cairo " AUC" during then and that genius’ name was Omar Othman or as he is known now as Omar Mohsen. "Yes, Masters degree"
Omar Mohsen
Dr. Omar Mohsen right now in

Now, the boy has grown and became a young man.

The 22-years old mathematician has got his Ph.D. degree from Universite Paris Diderot or Paris Diderot University on Thursday according to his father.

According to his professor of Mathematics in Cairo University Hany El-Hosseini,  Mohsen's thesis was examined before a panel of 7- internationally renowned Mathematicians including Professor Alain Connes, who received Fields Medal  "It is like Nobel Price for Mathematicians."
El-Hosseini also explained what Mohsen was doing in Cairo University's Faculty of Sciences.

It turned out that he was studying unofficially mathematics in CU's Faculty of Sciences from 2009 and 2012 in parallel of his study in the AUC as well as studying for the preparatory degree in the Egyptian basic education system.
Among his professors and teachers besides Dr. Hany El-Hosseini is Dr. Laila Soueif  "Yes, the famous political activist".

In 2012, a French professor met Omar Mohsen while he was attended one of the summer camps for students like him, something like a camp for brilliant students and was impressed with his talent and thinking.
In the same year, she managed to get him a grant in L'Ecole Normale Superieure and that was a big leap to the other part of the world where Mohsen would achieve his dreams.
I think that Dr. Mohsen is the youngest Egyptian ever to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics. "Big Mashallah"

Officially, Omar Mohsen has got only the Preparatory degree in Egypt in the CV and the rest is an excellent French education system that supports genius students.

I must say that according to what I have read, the teachers of Omar Mohsen noticed that he was a genius in mathematics in the fifth grade and told his family to support him.
Mohsen got his basic education in Egypt in a public school as far as I read.

Honestly, I do not know why we do not have a special system for truly genius children who can advance and leap in education comparing to their other students.

Lately, I have not written cheerful news about Egypt in the blog but here is a good start.
Inshallah, the next time I will write about Omar Mohsen when he receives the Fields award,

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