Monday, October 8, 2018

Hisham Al-Ashmawy is arrested in Libya and it is a big deal

Egypt has officially demanded Libya to extradite the country’s most wanted man Hisham Ashmawy after his surprising arrest earlier in Libya.
I think within hours the man who was sentenced to death in Egypt in at least two military trials, will be transferred back home.

Hisham Al-Ashmawy
Hisham Al-Ashmawy after his arrest
in Derna 
According to Libya’s National army aka “Hafter’s forces”, Al-Ashmaway was arrested in the city of Derna that was once a stronghold of Al-Qaeda fighters in the Eastern city earlier Monday. “About 3.30 am Libya local time”. 

He was found along a group of his men in El-Maghar district in the city, which was the last part of it that was not liberated yet from Islamist militants’ control.

What I have read so far, the Libyan forces got intel information from Cairo about Ashmawy.
The spokesperson of Libyan national armed forces said on social media that the 1980-born was wearing an explosive belt when he was busted.

The spokesperson added that due to the surprise and shock, he could not use it.
Some say that Al-Ashmawy did not use it and resist the Libyan army because he was accompanied by women and children.
To be specific the widow of Omar Rifai Sorour and her four children.
Egyptian Omar Rifai Sorour was a prominent member of Al-Qaeda in Libya who was killed in June 2018.
Omar Sorour was the militant group’s Islamic jurist.
He is also the son of Rifai Sorour, who was among the first generation of Salafi Jihadist clerics in Egypt and the Arab world.
Mohamed Rifai Sorour, Omar’s brother was killed earlier Monday during the raid.

So far there have been no reports about Hisham Al-Ashmawy’s wife or his children.
The last time I read something about his wife was in 2017 as far as I recall and it was about how she managed to flee Egypt arriving Libya through Sudan.

Back to her husband who planned the worst terrorist attacks Egypt have seen in 2013 and 2014, I think that arresting him alive is a huge achievement for Libyan forces. This is a big deal. Just imagine , the amount of information he has got.

Interestingly Libyan authorities found with him his Egyptian Armed Forces ID Card which identifies him as a retired major.
Al-Ashmawy's army id !!
Al-Ashmawy's army id !!
I wonder why he would carry with him that ID card after all those years.
There are many questions to be asked about Al-Ashmawy.
The most important one I guess now is how many new Hisham Ashmawys are hidden there in Egypt waiting for their moment to come with all that polarization and radicalism surrounding us in the world?


  1. Terorism is the world biggest industry, it exceeds Apple and the top 3 oil companies combind. Terorism industry is responsible for weapon sales, leading political positions, world-map changes, media expansion and coverage, etc. It is an intelligence operation in the core, run by manipulating or occationly by forming the doctrine of a terrorist group quickly to be followed by patsy footsolidgers.

    To know this fact a quick look to the mysteries of September 11, 2001 is enough. The OSP (Office of Special Plans) which controlled US politics in the run for Iraq war, indicated the purpose of modern politics is not to fight enemies but to create them. Once the seed is planted, the rest is left to ‘creative destruction’.

  2. I’m not so sure about the above comment’s accuracy in all aspects... though I will agree that it is a driving force in weapon sales, political ideologies etc. without a doubt. The (in my opinion) biggest goal of the majority of various “radical” ideologies is control. The control of others actions, laws & traditions, and in extreme cases, the right to love and live. Those seeking to control claim (as have every person who has fought a war based on religious beliefs) that their holy book and/or religious teachings are the only one that is correct so it is their duty to force “heathens” to see the proper way or die. I would hazard a guess that at least 90% of the religions in practice today (if not all) have justified killing in the name of it’s superiority and practice over other religions.
    How frightening is the thought that something meant to enlighten, bring people together and encourage good and just behavior has been twisted throughout time to justify the subjugation and killing of others?

  3. Maybe is a bit sick of me but the only thing I think is that he is cute.


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