Saturday, October 6, 2018

Melania Trump in Egypt : A Quiet Six of October war anniversary

Probably this is the quietest Six of October war anniversary I have ever seen in my life in Egypt. No fireworks at night or airshows in the morning.
The only main event of the day was the very short visit of Melania Trump to Egypt, its last stop in its very quick fashionable African tour.
Melania Trump at the Sphinx
Melania Trump at the Sphinx "Masrawy"
The First Lady of the United States “FLOTUS” arrived Cairo earlier Morning where she was received by Egypt’s First Entasser Amer “I like the fact that officially she is using her family surname instead of her husband’s surname” at Cairo International Airport.

They went to the Presidential Palace where they were joined by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi who spoke about the importance of cooperation between the United States and Egypt in their talks.
Entasser Amer held bilateral talks with FLOTUS where they discussed also bilateral relations and cooperation to the end of that talk.

Entasser Amer with Melania Trump
Entasser Amer with Melania Trump at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis
 "Egyptian Presidency"
After the talks, she went from Cairo to Giza turning traffic upside down on a National Day with hundreds from security men securing her trip from Heliopolis to Giza pyramids plateau.
Visitors and tourists were not allowed to visit the pyramids Plateau for security reason.

At the pyramids, Melania Trump had one of those photo shots with her White Suit and hat.
Needless to say to the only interesting or rather important things we got from Melania’s visit to Cairo were her statement about her husband’s addiction to Twitter and her support to Brett Kavanaugh while speaking politely about his accuser Dr.Christine Blasey Ford.

It is like that she is trying to clean the shit her hubby said on twitter about Kavanaugh affair.
The media did not care much about her talks with Egyptian officials as much they cared about her outfit or her suit.
Some say it was inspired by Nazi Bolloq of Raiders of the lost arc.

Others say that she reminded them of Michael Jackson’s suit in Smooth Criminal if you remember it.

Melania Trump Vs. Micheal Jackson
The Daily show published this on twitter then they
removed it later !! 
In Egypt, many compared Melania Trump’s suit to late Egyptian cinema icon Stephan Rosti’s unforgettable appearance in the-1950-Comedy “The Millionaire”.
Rosti and Melania
Stephan Rosti as Zaki Bashta on the left and Melania Trumpshta
on the right 

Of course, it seems for CNN’s correspondent for FLOTUS’ activities, that man-inspired suit had a strong message to Cairo.
I do not know how I can answer but the only thing I can say, Melania should care for women’s rights in her country then liberating us, the women of Egypt.
I still feel angry at that tweet which is full ugly orientalism.
Now aside from all the jokes and talk about Melania Trump and her man-inspired suit, I have one question in my mind.
Why did not Melania Trump pay her respect at the Unknown Soldier Memorial or even put flowers on the tomb of late President Sadat whose assassination’s anniversary was on 6 October as well?

Paying respect to the Unknown soldier memorial is a good sign that Melania and her team respect the country for real.

Aside mark: This is the most under-the-spotlight for activity-shy Amer. She waited for four years to have more noticeable activity.
Happy 6th October anniversary to everybody before I forget. 

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