Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Omar Othman

Meet 15 years old Omar Othman, he met PM Essam Sharaf today in Cairo. Omar Othman is doing his master now in mathematics at the AUC. Yes the master in mathematics, mashAllah seriously. Mahmoud Wael has got a very strong competition.
Omar with PM Sharaf
I do not know why the Mubarak media ignored that young man !! This report made by France 24 about him last year.

We need to see these faces more often in order to have hope in the future which inshAllah will be brighter.
I tell you from now this boy and Mahmoud Wael are national treasures, their safety is from our national security.


  1. Young Egyptian in Canada4/11/2011 10:00:00 PM

    Bless him.

    The Egyptian mind is priceless. Our people, are our greatest resource. Far greater in value than any oil wealth, or gold wealth. That is why we can achieve the greatest progress & development by investing in our people, truly our most valuable asset.

  2. Your Army and Elite will do their best to create a constitution that protects their own interest just like Jefferson -an elite intellectual- wrote the constitution to protect the interest of the elite, what we have now in the US for example is 1% of the elite owning 99% of the US. The people of Egypt must create focus groups in every corner, every house, every public space in order to debate and educate those unfortunates more liable to be influenced by the Army and the Elite thus voting Yes for just about anything. This is a defining moment for Egypt, doing wrong and democracy is compromised.

  3. The profit Mohammad during his life advocated education,seeking knowledge and equality as the true Islamic way.In his death he advocated that leadership must be based on ability to lead by knowledge,experience and consultation. In his own way he was stressing good leadership as the means to progress, consultation as a means to Democracy and equality. After his death the opposite took place and Muslims were divided, apart from occasional historic moments when good leadership created a knowledge based society in Iraq, Egypt, Persia and Spain. After that the tribal spirit once more took over and these attributes that the prophet recommended were discovered in the west. Bad leadership, corruption,succession conflicts and ignorance followed and Islamic societies declined until the Turks followed by the west found the Middle east and north Africa easy pray to this day.Leaders like Mubarak, Ben Ali and Gaddafi are the very leaders who like those before them caused the decline. Tunisia and Egypt stand now at a crossroad, are they going to learn how to elect a new leader quickly before the army,the elite or the extremists get their way?

  4. Hi Zeinobia, here's another video about Omar Othman.


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