Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Historical moment !!

Ok I do not know how to record this historical moment :
Former ousted president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and his son Alaa and Gamal El-Din are detained for 15 days in jail.
Here is the historical announcement from the Egyptian National TV.

The public prosecutor has ordered their detention for 15 jails during the interrogations. Mubarak is facing charges : murdering protesters and stealing public money , he could get another 15 days just like Safwat El-Sharif who is facing similar charges. The ousted former president is going to be transferred from Sharm El-Sheikh hospital to the military hospital at El-Quba to complete his treatment during detention according to Al Ahram news portal. This is the military hospital where he was  treated from two year ago when he fell ill after his grandson’s death. “Oh yes Mubarak fell extremely ill after his grandson and there was no vice president or anything !!”
Still according to other sources he will be transferred to Cairo international medial center off of Ismailia road in two hours. According to Radio Misr he will be transferred in a helicopter. Here is the website of that medical center. If I am not mistaken this is the intelligence hospital , it follows the intelligence and also is famous for its cancer treatment.
Alaa and Gamal Mubarak are facing the same charges like their father. They were interrogated late last night at Sharm El-Sheikh and they left it to head for the jail. They arrived to Torah prison earlier this morning in handcuffs reportedly shocked. There is a media frenzy now on their life in jail. Here are videos from Sharm El-Sheikh showing angry  protesters outside Alaa and Gamal’s interrogation place “I think it was Sharm El-Sheikh courthouse.  I can’t see anything clearly because it was shot at night. There are insults of course in the video.

I do not want to imagine how they felt when they heard all those people , I do not want to imagine how they are feeling now but you know that terrible feeling when you fell from the 7th heaven to the lowest 7th earth in highest speed ever !!?
Here is the official statement from the Public prosecutor office.
This is the first time in our history , in our Egyptian history a former president and his sons face this , I am so emotional now.
Updates : 
  • Concerning the former first lady , well she is being interrogated currently for financial corruption.  All people are happy in a way I can't describe it. There is a rumour that she is being interrogated by the intelligence as she revealed some shocking information. There is news that she will be detained as well tonight at the Kanatar women prison. 
  • According to the State TV Hosni Mubarak is still in Sharm El-Sheikn hospital as his medical condition is not stable as in the morning. The former president does not want to eat and is emotionally affected by all this. 
  • Here is the moment they announced the matter on the national TV.

  • "We are sorry President" FB page supporters and Mubarak supporters are having an open strike in front of the Egyptian radio and TV building till Mubarak is released. 


  1. If I were King of Egypt, I would put them in the Monkey Hill of the Cairo Zoo. I would get all elementary School Children to visit them for free and feed them Banana and Peanuts ... No Popcorn.

  2. can't say anything just god finally respond
    يمهل ولا يهمل

  3. Will April 13th become a national holiday to celebrate the dictator's fall every year?
    Or is it better to wait for the day he is found guilty in court?

  4. all i can say is WOW...totally unexpected

  5. Egypt now is a great zoo! Are you in it jackals who feed on carrion, which go only in packs, because it alone fear, When Egypt was a great country, unfortunately you are now sliding into the abyss!

  6. Dear Zeinobia,

    Al ham du li Allah.
    In Shaa Allah all their corrupted servants will follow, including Mofid Shehab, Mostafa Al Feqi, and many many others in every single public and private work place in Egypt.
    In Shaa Allah, Egyptians will see the day where they can say that it is Our Country and not theirs as we used to say, a day where anyone can get his right for a job and a decent life only by his effort and his ethics not by his money, power or connections.
    Hasbia Allah in all of them who made our life in our country so bitter.
    May Allah Bless you and all our young revolutionaries.

  7. who do we thank for this? perhaps it's the hard-core real revolutionaries who refused to leave Tahrir till they were stormed yesterday. That's the truth, Mubarak would have never faced any trial if the army didn't become scared of sedition within from honest young officers. that's the real Egyptian army, the young officers who only care about their country and not the fat dirty asses sitting on top of the council. Publish if you dare or are you afraid the junta will cut you off? Then try to make decent living instead of blogging for your sugar daddy Tantawy.

  8. WOW thank you for reporting, Z.

  9. You're lucky he was even president for you BASTARDS! He's a HUMAN! Leave Hosni Mubarak alone RIGHT NOW! I mean it!

  10. Alhamdullilah for this great news and insyallah more to come until they all rot in jail or hell!!! let us not forget the martyrs and those who lost their lives for the last 30 years of mubarak regime!!!!

  11. Now we need to focus on elections, those Ikhwan bitches said today that if they decide to vie for 75% of the seats they're confident they can win them all of them

  12. "Former ousted President" doesn't make any sense it implies that he was ousted and is no more

  13. It seems that Soruor and joined the rest of the posse in Porto Tora

  14. I am so disappointed that the great Egyptian people of the 21st century faced with the once in a lifetime formidable task of devising the tools of democracy,have chosen to use this popular blog to discuss how to deal with a dictator like Mubarak rather than use the blog to discuss the very critical future of democracy in this country. Come on people, enough chit-chat and get on with the real discussion and debate about the business of becoming industrious, strong, developed and free. We want no more of this useless empty
    tittle-tattle, please.

  15. @Ahmed I am not worried about those Ikhwan bitches, they say they can win 75% haha! they wish, recent student union elections show that Ikhwan has no more than 2% support in universities, I had the link for university polls but I lost it maybe Zeinab has it. anyway young educated people can see what hypocrite bitches they are, they will be lucky to win 20% in true free elctions.

    salute to this man:

  16. @zenga

    Yeah I know, at my university Ain Shams, they only won one seat in the student union they threw a fit about it and disrupted lectures. However parliamentary elections are different they can't bribe college students with handings of ghee and kilos of meat or whatever. The Ikhwan (I can't even call them Mulsim) are the biggest hypocrites, they'll promise you paradise to get what they want. Once you start exploiting religion for political gain, there is no limit to how low they'll stoop for power.
    But Abo Elfatoh who defected from the Ikhwan said they won't win more than 20% of the seats, so hope still exist but we must start talking to people now!

  17. Mubarak, 82, had a bouquet of diseases and severe stress. Yes, of course, he was a dictator, but not very bloody: he lived and let live.
    Who Mubarak pressed to the nails, they themselves were not sugar. Pharaoh of our days with an iron hand to establish order. And the resorts are built instead of the pyramids. The creator of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh woke force to be dozing in the midst of the masses.

    This force is called the "baksheesh". And while the "baksheesh" in all the missing, yet there was a global economic crisis, no one in Egypt was not thinking about democracy and that Mubarak has its grips.

    And when riots broke out, the pogroms and the areal revolution, President-pharaoh long resisted. Ceded its place: if a country steers insurgent people. Out of their own volition and for reasons of health.

    Since then latched on to the infirm old man? He now does not hinder anybody. Fight barely alive the ruins of bygone days - it's like to battle with the pyramid of Cheops. Also a monument to the ancient Egyptian totalitarianism.

    When a dictator gets pathetic when the despot is brought to tears when yesterday's servants, helpers, and associates of the deposed and humiliated the defeated tyrant, it is impossible to speak of justice and humanism. For only the policy in-patient and long strikes.

  18. Insanely sorry for this proud old man, a real soldier. He did not run away, but could not. His sons have not given up, and that says a lot. Had a family. He was the host. Thrown down, trampled. forgotten everything he has done for his people. and done a lot. Awful. What kind of example has shown the country of his youth. children.

  19. @ Chris Crocker
    Chill and avoid bursting a blood vessel in our brain.

  20. Some of the nostalgia for Mubarak is beautifully poetic in these comments. Especially, but not only, Anonymous 4/13/2011 11:02:00 PM. I am impressed by your earnestness.

  21. I am proud now to be Arab because egypt is now enjoying the real democracy not because dictators toplingddown but because Egypt selected the right peaceful dimocratic roadmap to emerge in this new world.
    Thank you Zeinobia for your blogsite that I keep concunlting daily

    mohamed lahbib tidjani Algeria

  22. Engage in business! Look, those who looted the museum Who next after Mubarak? Who do you think has too much money? "Maybe the governor, director of the office, the owner of the store, your neighbor?

  23. I hope people who feel sorry for Mubarak think about the 800+ people who were slaughtered by him, think about those who were orphaned and widowed and the countless others who were paralyzed or blinded only because they dared to ask for freedom. That was just in the past three months, think about the slums and how they live, the torturing, dieing in police custody, the ferry that killed 1000+ people and then see if you can feel any sympathy for this man.

    ...(yeah I can be poetic too BOOYA!!)

  24. Mubarak himself drowned ferry? Or is he forcefully pushed at him people? Mubarak to blame for what people give birth to a bunch of kids and then not know what to feed them? Mubarak personally torturing someone? You have freedom, why do you not take it? "And because we do not you know what to do with it! Now the main thing for you to get his money, I have received money, and once all become fat and happy! you have no freedom and permissiveness "And it's scary! " We are looking for money Mubarak, and the next day your neighbor decides that you have a lot money and you stole them from him! "Excellent welcome to hell!

  25. Ok, following your logic, after the massacre of Mubarak must take for the judges? And why would not the chief prosecutor? "He put the people in jail!" What police? "They are guilty of the same" and the chief of prisons? And they are guilty, kept people in the cells! and the governor? They are guilty, did not give ground, did not give an apartment! and teachers punish for something that is not given you a crazy and a neighbor is to blame, since he has more money! "And maybe you are not without sin?" Do not judge ye be not judged!

  26. Mubharaks arrest is very unfortunate he is very old now he is in his last days so he should be free. His arrest is very bad past is past let him live his life happily.

  27. It looks like there are 2 realities of this 'Historical Moment'.
    One is the the news of detention, interrogation, and Tora that makes Egyptians euphoric.
    The 2nd is Tora as Club Med. Private rooms, servants, laptops, mobiles, flat screen TV, fridges, and above all companionship with the same gang. It is like a conference or a workshop for the old regime.


    Mubarak is a regular citizen, if there is evidence to convict him why the fuck would we make an exception? He's not the first 80 year old geezer to go to jail.

  29. Any Arab leader that I knew for the past five decades have used tricks or violence to get into power only later to see himself kicked out through violence or trickery. The point is that dozens of Arab leaders took power, they ruled their country with an iron fist and none of them did anything to improve the Arab lot. In my book, I have no sympathy for any Arab leader who does not use his position to improve his people, therefore, I don't care what happens to Mubarak, I don't care what happens to Gaddafi or Ben Ali or any so called leader who keeps proving to the world that somehow the Arabs are inferior, not capable of improving themselves, cruel,backward, stupid and loud. So please do not shed any tears over Mubarak, what has he done for you or your children? and who is going to be the next leader in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc.. and are any of them going to change things and do something positive for a change? You know what? something tells me, not a chance in a million, like there was no change in 500 years, there will be no future change either any time soon, judging by how slow things are in Egypt and Tunisia and how stupid they are in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.


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