Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help us to help you SCAF !!

Last Monday in celebrating 60 days on ousting Hosni Mubarak or as officially said his stepping down  , Yosri Fouda hosted 2 representatives from the SCAF to speak on air in a very critical moment.
Yosri Fouda hosted Lt.general Mohamed El-Assar and Lt.general Ismail Etman. This is the third TV appearance for El-Assar who is originally responsible for the American file at the ministry of defense while I lost count with Major general Etman. Major general Etman is the head of morale department “PR” and the army spokesperson. “I believe he is army man X who used to call Yosri Fouda’s show every Wednesday night !!”
Here is the full interview in video , it was about 3 hours.
In nutshell :
  • I believe Yosri Fouda did his best in this episode , I really respect the fact that he did not ignored our inquiries on twitter. If I am not mistaken this is the first time for the SCAF to meet twitter face to face like that. Of course Yosri Fouda could not bring all our inquiries from twitter but at least he said the words “virginity tests” on TV directly. I do not care what Etman’s answer was but I care that million of Egyptians now will be interested enough to search online to know what about these “Virginity tests”.
  • It is not Fouda’s mistakes that his guests especially Etman who did not answer a question as far as I remember as he should.
  • This episode was a golden chance for the SCAF to win a lot after what happened last Saturday but they did not seize as they should because of their military insistence on showing that they never do anything wrong. There is a communication problem between us and the council , we do not want to understand the military way and they are insisting on their military stubbornness.
  • Major General El-Assar informed us that there is no punishment for political corruption in our laws currently. He also informed us that the former “ousted” president is only under house arrest but he is not barred from communicating with people or even the media. This interview came after the audio recording.
  • Major General El-Assar said that there will be a national unity committee for putting the constitution , the SCAF is trying to please the No-to-the-constitutional amendments as far as I see.
  • Lt. General Etman denied the allegations of torture and abuse despite all the video testimonies all over the internet showing the traces of abuse and torture by the military police.
  • Major General Etman defended the military court order to imprison Maikel Nabil three years , of course he claimed that he got a fair trial unlike what Nabil’s lawyers. Ironically they made of Nabil a hero of opinion with their way !!
  • Major General Etman also addressed the defected officers matter as well. Already we waited for them to address the matter but as expected it was address in the most provoking wrong and stupid way. 4 of these officers “ the Youtube officers and the Tahrir officers” were fired because of their bad behavior , two of them are womanizers already !!
  • Etman thinks that he deals with children , I swear it is enough that he did not say that the man behind Omar Soliman was his bodyguard but rather a man who protect him here and there !!?
  • He did not convince us as he should that Ibrahim Kamel was behind the clashes of last Saturday.
  • Major General El-Assar said that the Egyptian army opposed the succession file and also privatization “ Banque D’Caire” incident. He also siad that if we want to check what the Egyptian army’s position was from the former regime, then we should check “Wikileaks” !! Ironically and I am a good reader for the cables , I do not consider them a trusted source. 
  • They are not helping us to help them.
Yosri Fouda said something that incriminates Mubarak in front of the public opinion and to be honest the way he did it on air was more than great , it reminded me with his Al Jazeera days. Fouda said that during preparing for his wonderful Al Jazeera’s special about Egyptian POWs , he contacted late field marshal Abu Ghazla to get some details. It seems that Abu Ghazla wanted to tell him indirectly that Mubarak did not and does not care for the Egyptian POWs case but could not directly thus he told him another tale. In 1990 when Egypt took the side of Kuwait Saddam Hussein “whom many idolized for no reason” decided to avenge from Mubarak. He ordered the execution of Egyptian labor in Iraq. Many Egyptians returned back in coffins that used to be named the sun coffins. We do not know how many sun coffins returned back from Iraq but it was alarming to the degree that Abu Ghazla came and discussed the matter with Mubarak and the president of Egypt said the follow :
     And who told them to go to Iraq ? it is not my business !!
Needless of say I felt the two men were surprised by the testimony and did not know what to say. Regarding Mubarak , well I am not surprised from his answer , this was how Mubarak used to act.

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  1. Zeinobia do you know why were they called sun coffins? thanks


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