Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Myth And Reality in The Jasmine Revolution

This post is about the myth and reality regarding the Jasmine revolution :
Reality : It started when a policewoman slapped Mohamed Bou Azizi, the university graduate who could not find a job in Sidi Bou Zid governorate except as a vegetable sellers .Feeling so hurt in his dignity , Bou Azizi decided to kill himself publicly ,he torched himself to start an intifada of unemployed in Sidi Bou Zid , the Southern agricultural governorate that seemed to be forgotten by the Ben Ali regime. Bou Aziz failed in his suicide attempt but managed to push the unemployed across the governorate to protest his death. Facing something unexpected the police treated with the matter violently because people began to b killed by the Tunisian police’s fire. Despite enjoyed a stable economy for a while Tunisians began to suffer from the corruption of dictatorship , only the ruling class and the regime men enjoyed the fruits of the Tunisian economy while they left the poor class to suffer and the Middle class to struggle for its survival. The Sidi Bou Zid’s protests sooner moved to other governorates with high unemployment rates and the police also cracked them violently , many more citizens are killed. The climax of events was in Kasserine and the massacre that took place there where the protests erupted through out the country objecting what happened on that night. It was unlike anything happened in Tunisia since the independence .
This is the Tunisia’s Jasmine revolution in a nutshell
Check the Tunisian posts in Egyptian Chronicles’ Maghreb section.
Now to the myths
  • Wikileaks played role in the Jasmine revolution
This is absolutely ridiculous , first of all nothing came in the Wikileaks the Tunisian people had not known before. I know as Egyptian how corrupted the Laila Ben Ali family was before Wikilaeks , only the West knew for really about their corruption through the Wikileaks.
The West is trying to take credit  it does not deserve , the West ignores the fact that over 90 Tunisian citizens have been killed by the Ben Ali police in the past three weeks , as if the blood of  90 citizens are not enough to ignite the revolution. Bou Azizi did not burn himself because of the Wikileaks , sorry Assange but for 25 years the Tunisians have been suffering and they did not wait you so they would rebel.
I am so angry from this claim because I know that if anything happens in Egypt , the Western media will claim that it is theWikileaks charm !!
  • Twitter and Facebook played role in the Jasmine revolution
How can twitter and Facebook played a role when there was strict censorship that was only lifted from two days ago !!? This is not Egypt , this is started as unemployed The twitter and Facebook played role only in delivering the story to the media that unfortunately ignored. Only few media outlets used the twitter and Facebook as alternative source for following what is happening in the country , I am proud that I used them yet I am full aware that twitter did not play a role inside the country as much as outside the country.
By the way Facebook administration as usual listened to the Ben  Ali Tunisian regime and closed anti regime pages : The Tunisian people are on fire Mr. President 4 with no prior notification for no reason.  Of course its admin acted quickly and made two other pages with updates. The SBZ News and Nawaat were the main sources for real info in the country.
  • Israel and Zionists are behind what happened in Tunisia !!
I am afraid this is not an Egyptian joke, this is an actual theory you can find it online adopted and you can find here in the comments. First of all I do not know why Israel would work to get rid from unofficial friendly regime like Ben Ali’s !!? Already Israel is scared from democracy in the Arab world. Do you remember when Ben Ali used Israeli weapons against his own people last week ?? Was Mohamed Bou Azizi a Mossad Israeli Zionist agent !!? Were the angry protesters in Kasserein agents working in Tunisia for chaos ?
  • There is an oil discovered in Tunisia and this is why Ben Ali was removed !!
I received that myth in a comment today , with my all respect the Ben Ali clan had  no objection in giving up the Tunisian oil to anyone on the condition of sharing the profits.
These two myths above do not respect the pain the Tunisian people endured during the Ben Ali era nor the fact that more than 90 persons were killed. It is not as if we are humans who can rebel against their unjust rulers.
  • The Islamists / Communists are behind the success of this revolution
No one has a hand in the success of this revolution except the people of Tunisia , no Islamists nor communists , it was a pure people’s action.
Those who only woke up on the revolution last Friday have these lame excuses and explanations because they did not follow the matter since the 17th of December 2010. I am proud to say that I have followed it since the beginning ,this is a real people’s revolution. The people of the world do not understand what is happening because it happened too fast.
The Tunisian people are highly educated , they have the highest level of literacy in the Arab world and Africa combined together , they know their rights very well and they have suffered a lot. They know what they know and did.
This is not the Iranian revolution  , do not kill hope , do not disrespect the martyrs of this revolution.


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  2. Parts of Gadhafi's ongoing speech will be quoted ad nauseum by wester and certain arab media as proof that dictators are scared of wikileaks and not their own people, who needed to be told their leaders were corrupt. They will ignore the rest of the sentence which would undermine the profundity of the analysis 'wikileaks or kleenex is a plot to destroy the relationship between the US and our countries'. Other gems 'weren't you chanting for ben ali a few days ago, now i won't believe you when you chant for me on my next visit'.

    The contrast between Jazeera and Alarabiya's coverage is clear, the 'moderate' channel bush and then obama approved and the saudi's funded was first pro-regime, then trying to keep ghanoush, shows Tunisians as savages destroying their country (no pics of the uniformed police looting), and finally explicit defense of the Arab status quo + carrying qadhafis speech live to scare people. If wikileaks is relevant to Tunis then one of the most importat is the cable about wikileaks praising Alarabiya as a counter to Aljazeera (not that this is news to anyone who watches both channels in Arabic).

    P.S. Jazeera journalists and anchor men and women did an excellent job, but now normal programming is coming back and I don't like the way the talk shows are going, the talking heads should all shut up, in such volatile times they can cause real problems. What happens next is to be decided by the Tunisians INSIDE their country they freed it, not the exiled politicians. Some humility people.

    MY fav moments from todays coverage:

    A Yemeni woman saying 'Saleh threatens us with becoming like Afghanistan and Iraq, now we threaten him with Tunis' - that's the guy who let the American's bomb his country and claimed responsibility, and blamed an American spy drone even he didn't know about on Iran.

    A Tunisian 'this is not a hunger revolution...Bouazizi had been unemployed for years but could not stand the humilating treatment'.

    Plus of course the neighbourhood protection schemes, I am praying there will be no more victims tonight from the regime militias.

  3. The soon-to-be free citizens of the Nile Valley Republic salute the free citizens of Tunisia!

  4. Libyan girl, you;re better off watching state-TV than Aravyia, it's rubbish.


  5. @ anonymous

    Hey at least it was better than Alhurra :D

  6. @Jason: you are the perfect reflection of Western ignorance and hypocracy. You are not Tunisian, Egyptian, Sudanese or from this region all together yet you like your country are sticking your nose in our affairs. The difference between Southern Sudanese who did have a legitimate cause but allowed Western powers to exploit their cause and use them against their country, is that the Tunisians sent an important message to the West, a message shared by many of us in the region, WE DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP OR APPROVAL AND WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR DIRTY CONNECTIONS WITH THOSE ABUSING US FOR SO MANY YEARS.

  7. You're giving Jason too much credit for wot he's worth, just another brainless hasbara operative. Don't feed...

  8. What business does an American like Jason have with this site other than being a undercover operative low life.

  9. "The soon-to-be free citizens of the Nile Valley Republic salute the free citizens of Tunisia!" The CIA-Mossad-NATO plan is to split Egypt and the Sudan. And, of course , Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc. Balkanisation is the name of the game.

  10. If you want to attack the US, is it too much to ask for a reasonable argument and no personal attacks? Believe it or not, there are Americans and others who visit sites such as this blog just out of interest and a desire for knowledge. Not everyone is an Israeli agent.

  11. reasonable arguments for attacking the US? are you joshing?
    Compensation for US veterans, wot about the Vietnamese?not human enough?

    false flag:

    In NATO countries:

    Latin America

    and those are just the tip of the iceberg, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface..reasonable arguments?? are you shameless? yeah yeah, we shouldn't blame people for their government's "ill-doings", we shouldn't blame the fat-arsed brainwashed yanks who spend half their lives glued to the telly whilst gobbling junkfood.. but you have to admit you you have committed atrocities, war crimes[against man and planet] in less than a century that would shock the imperial powers of the past, more than quadruple the deaths to all what they did combined in 4 centuries[French, Belgian, Dutch, British, Italians, Germans].
    You are a nation of parasites, if I was born American and had no choice about it; I'd move to Canada and become a Canadian..a decent citizen of the world and not be connected to such a disgusting country and "nation"

    Reasonable f.....Amerikanische idioten
    Scum of the world is asking for a reasonable argument to attack the US,

  12. man, I fear for Tunisia, just as predicted the new government is full of old timers who caused the ptoblems in the first place, all the key positions are saved for their previous ministers,but now that the Army is out on the prext that they will uphold the law, the Tunisian demonstraters will be kept at bay by the armed forces. from where I am standing, the good people of Tunisia have been stitched up, they have no other choice but to accept the same government as before, as of the elections in 60 days, forget it there will be no opposition, so much for future Arab democracy, it will never happen.

  13. I tried to share your blog with facebook but I was blocked with the following message from facebook:

    This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.

    The message I wrote was "Mohamed Bou Azizi is a true, modern day hero for the people."

    I was successful posting the message with the link to your blog from my Facebook status update. But you should be aware that Facebook is blocking content even out here in the Philippines.


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