Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Quote of The Week : A matter of Misunderstanding !!

I understood you .. now I understood you !!!

Former Tunisian president Ben Ali

His last televised speech on 13th of January 2011

Tunis , Tunisia

The last speech Ben Ali says


  1. Where is "fehemtokom"?

  2. achtung:
    تونس اختارت التغيير و مصر اختارت شيبسي بالجمبري

    مبروك لمصر النكهه الجديده و عقبال نكهات اكتر و اكتر

  3. There is a rumor that Ben Ali ordered the excution of his speech writer before he departed Tunisia :)

  4. understanding the differences:
    "The stakes are enormous for America in Egypt. Transit through the Suez Canal is vital to our navy and our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The peace Sadat made with Israel is vital to Jerusalem, which every Israeli leader knows. A stable pro-Western Egypt has been the bed rock of our Middle East policy since Henry Kissinger."


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