Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gaddafi addresses the Tunisian people !!??

Gaddafi addressed the Tunisian people defending Ben Ali and demanding him to return back yesterday in a Televised speech.
The king of Africa and revolutions felt so sorry for Tunisia and wondered why the Tunisians do not adopt the public committee system he invented instead of forcing their president out in this way!! Those Tunisians should have waited what would happen after those 3 years

Then he moved to this
Those bloody Wikileaks you ungrateful Tunisians
He accused the Wikileaks of setting this up and that Tunisia is fine and nothing bad , Wikileaks are full of lies about Tunisia , Libya and Egypt and he will present these false ambassadors to court !! “ I actually did not get this part right , how he will present these ambassadors to court If they are Americans !!”
He blamed the Tunisians for the chaos in the country then wondered why the Tunisians gave up their sons like that to bring another president to rule the country !! NO One is better than Zine !!
I just wonder what or who gave him the idea that the Tunisians would watch him not to mention listen him in the first place.
This is the first time an Arab leader to comment on the Wikileaks and also to address the  Tunisian people blaming them to force Ben Ali out !!
As someone who read the cables of Libya I know why Gaddafi mentioned them and it is not because of that nurse but because his family controls the economy of Libya just like the Ben Ali clan.
The Libyan TV has been airing the scenes of violence and clashes between the Tunisian citizens and the security plus the looting scenes since the speech to scare the Libyan people from imitating their western neighbors. 
In a very related issue the man looks terrible , what kind of crack he is on !!? I think he is especially now , he is scared.


  1. Who the hell is doing this shitty make up for Arab rulers !?

  2. I wish Tunisians listen instead to the recent sound advice of Shiekh Youssef el-Qaradawy

  3. Yes he is scared.

    He has the audacity to say all these things in spite of the Tunisian people because he is used to always getting his way.

    His influence has been devastating to many countries both near and far.

    He arms and finances the Justice and Equality movement's Islamist rebels in Darfur, who are fighting to topple Sudan's President and then sides with Sudan against the deployment of international Darfur borders Libya...and he defends Sudan's President against the International Criminal Court because...he is scared.

    The problem is that after his time comes his sons are poised to take over power.

    على ليبيا السلام

    Sudanese commentator

  4. @Z
    The large number of Tunisian related postings and comments on your site is testimony to political deprivation and thirst for democracy in the Arab world.....keep up the good work & god bless.
    The Canadian.

  5. Arab Grab to let these animals rule them

  6. Sudanese commentator: there have been reports[unconfirmed] that Libyan intelligence is helping secure an exit for some Trabulsis in the south.. t rust matto a luna to keep his nose out of it

    Our friend Sayed Kotb has a summerhouse in Djerba, perhaps he will agree with Gaddafi that Ben Ali is the greatest Tunisian leader ever

    P.S he doesn't do drugs! the moon is just waxing

  7. hot entourage though

  8. The ppl of the region need to coordinate a revolution in each respective country. Imagine ppl taking to the streets at the same time from Algeria all the way to Egypt.

  9. اه يا جبنا يولاد الـ...

  10. He should stick to his Ukrainian nurse and shut up.

  11. Stick it in his Ukrainian nurse?
    that's pretty rude anonymous :P

  12. Go Tunisians, freedom from political abuse, silencing of your speech or your freedom to express, the freedom to elect your own leader. A leader that will NOT subdue you to years of abuse or nominate himself President For Life as his military police Humvee's roam your neighborhood looking for opposition and silencing their voices in the middle of the night.


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