Saturday, October 1, 2011

New codes for Egypt’s mobile phones

Ok there will be new codes for Egypt’s mobile phones and do not ask why because I do not know.
The new codes will work from this month.

Already I find this annoying and I hope that mobile phone networks would just automatically update the numbers when we call because I can’t imagine editing all the numbers in my contacts list !!


  1. they are adding a number because they are running out of numbers, they have been working on this project for almost 2 years.

  2. One word: retarded.

    Here in Finland one's phone number stays exact same even if changing operator. There used to be mandatory prefix per operator, but for once consumers won and now one practically never need to change phone number.

    1. Same in the UK(and most of Europe these days), I've had only one mobile number over the years going from monthly contract with vodafone to prepaid with T-mobile for many years, then changing 5 years ago to Three mobile. Never needed to change my number once, and that's how it should be for all.

  3. The question is, for the 015 old code which is common among the 3 operators, how can I decide which new code to use?!!

  4. More info:

    - 015 is already 8 numbers, it will not be updated.
    - Mobile operators will have transition phase, dialing old number will just work find. but this will be for just about 2 months.

  5. for android phones users there is an app to update the numbers to the new format

  6. How to Mass update your contacts' numbers

  7. Why is everything has to be so irritated in Egypt? If they are running out of numbers which I don't find it a good reason for adding another number. Why do they have to change all the current numbers?

    i made an excel program that can easily convert old mobile number format to new formats just follow the easy steps. This will save you a lot of time changing long list of contact list on your mobile one by one. The program is not Free it cost 5 EGP i will shortly tell you how to pay me so i can send you the link to download the program

  9. Thank u for making it more complicated, what else u going to do to the great people of Egypt

  10. I found a lost iPhone 5s and it reads: "This iPhone has been lost. Please call me. 02031220089". If you know this number or know the owner, please email


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