Saturday, October 1, 2011

30/9 : In photos

Here are couple of photos I took from 30/9 protest at Tahrir square. I could not post them tomorrow because I was and am still so tired. Currently I am uploading them on patches.

I am working on the video clips I shot also at the protest, they are not so many like other protests

We have to be honest with ourselves and understand that people are no longer believe in protesting at Tahrir square despite they believe in the revolution and its goals. Please do not preach me about the quantity and quality difference and how the protest was great despite its small number because we are now speaking to ourselves and alienating ourselves more and more from the public. Big numbers actually make the difference whether you like it or not , you want a proof check the real January 28th protests or the real and true million man protests in the past and what followed it from decisions.

I know some will not accept what I am saying but it is better to say then to come in the future and blame on ourselves that we did not speak and tried to correct our mistakes. 

By the way when I was at the square yesterday I met some people who did not come to protest for political reasons or general social reason but for their personal problems because on Friday there are media people in Tahrir square whom they complain to. Egyptians are really tired and they need someone to hear their complaints.


  1. Maybe you left early -- I was there from around 1pm to around 6pm, and I have friends who stayed till 10pm. Many of those I know marched from all over the city, from Sayida Zeinab and Shobra, and only arrived in the late afternoon.

    By the time I left, Tahrir had become very crowded, and streams of people were still arriving from the downtown side, some from as far away as Madinat Nasr.

    I can't believe that you consider yesterday's number "small" -- there were easily hundreds of thousands in Tahrir and the surrounding streets. The #1 chant was: "As-Shaab yooreed eskat al Mousheer!" and the largest poster was one that showed Mubarak and Tantawy as the same person.

    Later that night, hundreds marched out of Tahrir & headed toward the Ministry of Defense, but they were attacked by "Sons of Mubarak" at Kobba Bridge. None of the "Sons of Mubarak" thugs were arrested, but several Tahrir protesters were, including people who dared to ask why the Military Police were leaving the thugs alone but arresting protesters.

    It's no longer possible to lie to ourselves.

    The SCAF has totally betrayed the revolution which is the only source of legitimacy for its rule. Its members have proven to be just a bunch of gangsters who are imposing their destructive rule by brute force.

    They've managed to turn everybody against them except the most hardened enemies of Egypt. Even the opportunists who struck a deal with the SCAF are abandoning them like rats leaving a sinking ship.

    Our country is worth fighting for. Thousands of Egyptians have paid the price for our freedom with their blood. The revolution is ongoing and will not stop until the people finally fulfill the promise we made to ourselves and to Egypt on January 25th.

  2. Great slide show. You took so many pics!


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