Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anan to meet with political powers tomorrow

According to several news sources including Al Jazeera General Sami Anan is going to meet with political powers tomorrow to discuss the transfer of power.

To be accurate he is going to discuss the amendments of the elections law , the treachery law and date of the presidential elections.

I met Mustafa El Nagar of El Adl party today and he told me that the sooner the better we have elections , it is true the sooner the better we have elections but based on a real elections laws while the treachery law active to make sure that those who corrupted our political life for decades are away from our new parliament.

I expect that the Al Wasat’s men Abu Ela Mady and Essam Sultan will bring up the safe exit offer on the table as they along with Hazem Abu Ismail said today in public whether on TV or at Tahrir square. Sultan offers SCAF the opportunity life time : A pardon for SCAF’s members by the upcoming Egyptian president , no one will ask about the past for the sake of the future and they will even get respect and will be honored but they just leave.

The safe exist option was mentioned before but not like that , it was mentioned

Politically speaking this option or this card is powerful one when it comes to negotiations but the question is who will negotiate who !?  Are our parties and political powers strong enough to show this card to our generals because actually you need to have a real power to bring it on the table with these men while you are still political power that gained its freedom after decades of taking orders or prosecution for many years without a real power in the street. Nevertheless the safe exit option may gain support from the Egyptian people despite all the corruption accusations and allegations surrounding the generals not because they love the generals but because of this emotional relation between the people and the army.

There is no doubt that part of the the generals’ problem , in fact their main problem is the safe exit.

Tomorrow we will see if the generals are just fooling around with the parties or they got the message of today’s protests

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  1. I'm eager to know the answer to this:

    "Tomorrow we will see if the generals are just fooling around with the parties or they got the message of today’s protests"

    Did they got the message?


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