Friday, September 30, 2011

30/9 : Tahrir against SCAF

@1:00 PM CLT
There are problems and I can not update my old blog post.
The numbers are not many in the
square. There are about 4 podiums in the square where the biggest two are set up by El Wasat that is definitely showing off its size with its shirts and caps. The second biggest podium is set up by Abu Ismail Campaign with his posters and tshirts all over the place.
Needless to say the religious factor is present in both podiums with the use of Quranic verses and prophetic quotes despite the Al Wasat podium is more open airing songs
Despite the major Islamist factions said they will not participate there is undeniable presence of them.
Also despite the Muslim brotherhood made it clear that they will not participate I saw famous MB Kamal Al Halabawy at Tahrir
Saw George Ishak and Asmaa Mahfouz as well as Basma.
There are talks of a sit in from the podiums
There are of course anti SCAF chants and slogans like the people want to down the mosheer ..etc
The street vendors are here
The El Adl party and social democratic party
There is a pro Omar Abdel Rahman protest
Waiting for the rallies

@3:45 PM CLT

The numbers are still not that impressive despite they increased with the April 6th youth movement rally with strong chants
There was another rally from the free Egyptian front against military trial ,a small one
There are expectations that the leftist powers are organizing rallies coming to Tahrir
People come and ago
Essam Sultan is like a star
Street kids are hired by parties to distribute flyers and held banners
Photos and videos on the way

@5:10 PM CLT

April 6th Youth movement is going to have a sit in at the Tahrir complex along with the transportation workers.
There is a group of revolution injured protesters who decided to have a food strike.
Met with Mustafa El Nagar and Ahmed Shoukry "El Adl party founders" and I agree with what El Naggar told me that we should push to amend the elections law as soon as possible in order to have elections in the nearest time.
There are protests and rallies in Alexandria and Asuit
Saw Nawara Negm who is doing a coverage for Tahrir square.

@7:10 PM CLT

Ok there are unconfirmed news that Abu Ismail campaign and Al Wasat campaign are going to have a sit in. 
The important march will start now from Tahrir square to Maspero TV building to protest against the ministry of information. 
 We fear from another disaster like 9/9 

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