Saturday, August 9, 2014

Regarding the Yazidis and the Arab Media : The elephant in the room

Right now Thousands of Iraqi/Kurd Yizadis are trying to escape with their lives and their kids from the hell unleashed by the IS aka ISIS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Northern Iraq. 

They headed to their holy Sinjar mountain as a refuge for days with no food or water before the Peshmerga forces managed to rescue them and transfer them to Duhok province.

Despite how awful it may sound now but this is not the first time the Yazidis face this and head to the mountain in an attempt to protect themselves just like any other religious and ethnic sect in Levant and Iraq.

Despite all what is happening last week ,  there has been complete silence regarding to what is happening to this small and old sect in Iraq in the Arab media. I believe there was even more attention to what happened to the Christians in Mosul than to the Yazidis and the reason is well know to everybody but nobody wants to speak about the elephant in the room.

The Yazidis as an old religious sect revers Melek Taus which is commonly known in Judaism , Christianity and Islam as Satan aka the devil. They are commonly known as the devil worshipers in the Arab media and Arab people especially those who don't deal them or know them outside Iraq and Syria.

Already even there are some Shiites as well many Sunnis believe that the Yazidis are named after Yazid , the most hated personality in the Shiite beliefs who was responsible for the death of Al-Hussein.

For radicals the Yizadis are simply Satanists in nutshell and you only have to see how the IS deals with the Christians and other Muslims to know how they are going to deal with them.

Personally I knew about the Yizadis for the first time in some American Indiana Jones novel when I was a teenage and you do not have to guess how the Yizadis were portrayed then. They were those evil Satanists in the East that Indiana Jones kicked their asses.

The second time I read about them was after the US invasion to Iraq. Some Egyptian journalist wrote about his visit to their territories in a publication issued by Egyptian Dar El-Halal and actually I remember that he wrote about their beliefs explaining it but still they were regarded as Satanists.

Already that particular point made them so attractive to adventure journalists as well tabloid journalists all over the world as well radical groups throughout history.

Technically speaking they are Satanists in their own way but not in your usual Anton LaVey cat blood suckers Rosemary’s baby cult.They chose exclusion I believe to avoid that image.

This is the elephant in the room I am speaking.

This is why I believe that the Arab media ignored what happened to them because they may not get the sympathy they deserve as humans like the Christians in Mosul.

If you notice there is more coverage about the Christians in Mosul and we got social media campaigns in solidarity with them and the head of Arab churches in several countries including Egypt spoke about them. 

Only on Friday a group of Arab and Muslim tweets launched a hashtag called “Save the Yazidis by the names of humanity”. Needles to say the IS supporters are attacking those tweeps and ask them that same question “ Do not you know what they worship !?”

Satanists or not the Yazidis should not be killed and forced to leave their land which they chose to live in away from the rest of the people to keep their beliefs.

Ironically when you think about according the mainstream religious views , I believe that the IS crazy sick fighters are falling to the devil’s trap with their genocides in Iraq.

BY the way I believe the Gulf countries should send food aids to the Iraqis and Kurds including Yazidis just like Gaza. I think the Gulf countries owe it to the Iraqis and Kurds after all many of the IS financers are from these countries.


  1. That was interesting and well-researched, Zeinobia. Thank you for pointing out that one elephant in the room, i.e., that the Yazidis are Satanists. But you know what. You completely missed another great big elephant in the same room!

    Islam is a cult!
    Islam is a Satanic cult!
    Islam is a death cult!

    Do you see that second elephant? It's that many people in the West believe that Islam is an evil death-worshipping cult!

    1. not many, just a bunch of hysterical American retards who want to essentialize islam to all the perceived negative things in it.

  2. Dear Zeinobia I am afraid you are wrong. Nobody cares because you can't blame the Jews.

    1. Those guys want a genocide of Muslims like IS wants a genocide of Yazidis. It is funny how hypocritical they are.

    2. Hamas is the party that doesnt want a cease fire. Hamas charter calls for destruction of Israel, who really want genocide here?

    3. Israel want immediate cease fire. Hamas doesn't want cease fire.

      Its Hamas who wants to have more people killed. Hamas is an extremist Muslim movement, like ISIS.

    4. My post could have been clearer. I meant the people like those in the links Jason posted. I was not talking about Israel or Israelis. The "Gates of Vienna" and other such groups have a relentless obsession with Muslims that goes well beyond criticism of unhinged extremists like IS. I am talking about those who traffic and profit off this hate through scam artistry like Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller. They peddle hatred to make money and gain political positions and prominence. Now that Wilders has shown his true face, he is started to be a fading star.

      These aren't Jewish organizations; they are usually European or American atheists, with some pretending to be Christian when their supposed Christianity is almost as much of a joke as IS's Islam. Not quite as far but they too are absolutely obsessed with blanket demonization of Muslims somewhat like the IS despises all Yazidis. Once the Soviet Union was gone and racism started to become less socially acceptable, there were some who needed a new enemy to focus on. Eventually Muslims become their preferred target. Once the public gets tired of their Muslim obsession they will try to denounce something else. China is a decent bet. Could be Russia.

      It is obvious that if IS controlled Gaza it would never sign any cease-fire agreement and instead fight total war. This differs from most Palestinian factions that at least are possible to negotiate cease-fires with periodically. IS won't accept any peace but eventually something will be worked out between Israel and Palestine.

    5. To give another example, the terroristic actions of Anders Breivik was in part inspired by this industry that churns out hate for personal gain. There comes a point at which it becomes quite dangerous. The dream for some of them is that the United States would use its military power to try to exterminate specific groups, although that will never happen. Some of them would actually support that and try to defend it and cheer it on.

    6. The Likud party documents call for the abortion of the Palestinian state and explicitly request its preemptive destruction. There are some elements among Likud, Shas, Jewish Home, and other such parties that aspire to be a Jewish version of IS.

    7. Hamas literally talks about killing jews in its charter. Until now it resisted cease fire. It armed itself to the teeth (despite the "blockade"), it caused many palestinians and israelis to suffer.

      Hamas doesnt care about the casualties from both sides cause they are deeply religious people and this is holy war against infidels.

    8. Sounds like Ovadia Youssef.

    9. My original post about "these guys wanting a genocide" was meant to be a reply to the Jason post about the links. Apparently hit a different reply button.

  3. The Canadian,
    Could anyone point to a Arab country that trusts another Arab county or a Middle Eastern sect that trusts another Middle Eastern sect or a Middle Eastern religion that trusts another Middle Eastern religion! Shedding these primitive tribal traditions will allow the Middle East to evolve until then they will live in the dark ages. T.E. Lawrence: So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.

  4. Thanks for this, Zeinobia. Your information and impressions here help me to understand more about the Yazidis. I have been posting in my own limited way about the disaster that is happening in Iraq, in hope that someone will help the besieged minorities. But maybe it is all too much for Westerners to understand.

    I have followed your blog for years and have learned so much. You put so much work and heart into it. Please keep on.
    All the best to you.

  5. So, what comments you did pubish here ? What you want from that ?

    1. Stop !!!

      By any reasonable standard the comments you complain about are better than any comment you've ever written.

    2. The Canadian.
      Hamdy I dare you criticize the 'Pure Laine' in your beautiful province as much as you criticize the Jews, Americans, etc and see what will happen to you.

  6. "The Yazidi town of Shariya, located a few miles south of Dohuk, is a “collective village” created by Saddam Hussein during his Arabization program in the 1970s. Saddam bulldozed countless Yazidi towns until there was nothing left but gravel, and then forcibly moved their former inhabitants into collectives situated in locations that served his strategic interests. Shariya lies in the center of a valley ringed by hills, along the bases of which were originally a number of Yazidi villages. Saddam destroyed all of these villages (fearing that their proximity to the mountains would facilitate the harboring of Peshmerga fighters) and huddled all the villagers together in the center of the open plain between the mountains, where they would be much easier to keep an eye on."

  7. Have you guys seen this? Over 18 for explicit blood and gore. It seems that those IS guys have been mutilating and decapitating Christian babies. Infants and children! And proudly displaying their heads on sticks.


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