Saturday, August 9, 2014

#Jan25 : And it turns out that Arab Spring was a plot against Islam

Yes according to Mubarak's minister of interior Habib El-Adly in front of the court during the retrial of the century aka the killing of the protesters retrial on Saturday the Arab spring was actually a plot by the west against Islam and the Islamic way of life !!
He also said that the 25 January revolution was orchestrated by the United States claiming that he did not give any orders to attack the protesters or to use live ammunition against them.
For five hours Habib El-Adly kept speaking and defending himself as well fabricating lies about the revolution. He repeated the same old lies that Hamas as well PLO “yes” came from Gaza and Palestine to kill the protesters. He also said that they “The Palestinians” betrayed the hand that helped them and trained them.
Of course if you take El-Adly’s claims seriously , you should ask yourself what kind of a regime or an army or a police or an intelligence was that to allow two thousand foreigner fighters to cross the borders and Sinai to kill protesters in the capital using the vehicles and uniforms of the police !!!!!!! Accordingly Mubarak , El-Adly and also the members of SCAF including the current President of Egypt should stand a trial then for their failure to protect.
It is worth to mention that for months now the Pro El-Sisi media markets that the  military intelligence predicted that there would be public revolution against Mubarak since 2005.
It is worth  to mention also that the current constitution recognize the 25 January as a revolution and El-Sisi always mentions it in his speeches. Of course mentioning that date as a revolution in this stage means that he needs to win the support of the public in Egypt if you think about it.
But on the other hand all the Pro El-Sisi media whether in the mainstream media or the social media got nothing to do 24/7 except to defame and to destroy the 25 January revolution and those who did it. Needless to say the Pro El-Sisi media is cheering up for El-Adly’s word in court today.
Considering the facts that Mubarak cronies like Ahmed Ezz are set free once again and the revolutionaries are in jail,I won’t be surprised to find El-Adly as well Mubarak and the rest of the cronies in that trial.
Mubarak was sentenced to life in the initial verdict of the killing of protesters trial.
The whole world saw what happened during the 18 days. We got hundreds of videos and recorded testimonies as well two fact finding commissions that reached to the same conclusion when it comes to the shooting of the protesters. Twisting history won’t work I am afraid.
This is a revolution that was made and led by youth and youth’s memory is strong.
As you notice I do not blog too often about Egypt’s internal affairs because I feel depressed whenever I do so. This is the sort of news I have avoid in the past few weeks and months. Every day we find a new news and new decision that make me and others like me wonder if those days back in 2011 were just a dream.


  1. Sisi, Mubarak, all bloodsucking terrorist savages. More barbaric than the mediocre Morsi. Sisi will regret ever killing his way to the presidency when his time comes up. And it will come to its end.

    The real conspiracy is that these leeches are allowed to murder and pillage Egypt.

  2. Abdel Fattah El Sissi saved us all from all killers and traitors like yourself. The great Egyptian people owes him eternal gratitude.

    Tahya Masr

  3. Hey, Anonymous 8/10/2014 06:35:00 AM and Anonymous 8/11/2014 03:19:00 AM! That's some great discussion right there. Quality back-and forth. Would you guys continue please? So much more interesting than listening to quasi-terrorists like Hamdy Youssef instruct Zeinobia on what her editorial policies should be, which he knows better than Zeinobia, because he regularly exchanges email with Allah swt.

    1. Sisi is following the typical path of coup dictators. The main difference is that he rode to power on a wave of genuine discontent and exploited it, giving a false impression initially that this might be a "reset" of democracy. In this way, Sisi's rise much like Augusto Pinochet's. Events subsequently have shown that Sisi's government has become just another tyranny.

      Sisi's oppressive policies are well documented. He has committed numerous massacres. The infamous ones at the Republican Guards barracks, Rabaa, on October 6, on January 25, and many others. There are a huge number of imprisoned dissidents on false charges and tons of documented torture cases. There also is the fact that he rigged the presidential election to eliminate any real choice or democracy from it.

      There is no disputing that Sisi is a murderous thug and a dictator. His tolerance of dissent is no greater than most other dictators. What he may or may not get is that people will get very tired of his failed economic policies and eventually have enough of the oppression and rise up again. If the courts acquit the terrorist thug Mubarak, this will also increase hatred against him. More and more people see this government for what it is.

      Again, the real conspiracy is that liberty is still missing from Egypt.

  4. Why is that idiot Jason not writing on other blogs (serious blogs with knowledgeable contributors)? Why not? Maybe he went there and realized that he understands nothing to what's written there (as he is an ignorant). Or maybe he already tried to explain why Islam is evil and why Israel is the chosen nation from God...on serious blogs, this type of BS is quickly deconstructed. He prefers to write here because he believes that Arabs or non Arabs interested in the middle east are reading this blog. Pathetic.

  5. Also, take a look at this.

    Sisi actually believes that it is embarrassing for himself if sick facts that need to be exposed to the public eye are made known. What he said about the orphanage abuse case is quite sad. This man has no respect for freedom, individual choice, media objectivity.

    It should also be noted that it was Tantawi's state army that killed the Christians of the Maspero demonstration. This should not be overlooked. Sisi is of this vile legacy.


      "it is not the right time to focus on the issue of abuse in orphanages"

      Haha that's funny and scary. Also his dismissal of "empowering the youth".


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