Sunday, August 10, 2014

Talk to me about breaking the law and constitution !!

It turns out that the judge in the #Jan25 Protesters killing retrial referred yesterday during Habib El-Adly’s 5 hours speech a complaint presented by non other Mubarak’s minister of interior against a group of revolutionary activists to the prosecutor general !!
Oh yes the judge referred that complaint to the prosecutor general to investigate it. Habib El-Adly reported politician and Constitution Party leading figure Gamila Ismail , leftist activist and singer Samia Jaheen as well activist Ahmed Douma to the prosecutor General for attacking public properties during the 25 January revolution !!!!!!
Yes and of course we know that such complaints sometimes if not most of the times turn serious and Pro-Democracy activist find themselves behind bars.
Already Ahmed Douma is currently serving three years in jail for illegal prosecuting along April 6 Youth founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel.
Anyhow I am amazed that the judge cared to refer that complaint to prosecutor general and not to refer Habib El-Adly himself to the prosecutor general for admitting that he used to spy and blackmail people !!
Oh yes in a strange moment of pride that shows the true IQ of El-Adly , he admitted that he used to spy on people and recruit them.

El-Adly : When I used to spy on some lady !!
“ When I  used to spy and to wire-tape some lady and I find out that she is doing something indecent , I did not scandalize her but I used to advise her and recruit her” said El-Adly with all pride in front of the cameras , in front of the judge.
Of course the man did not tell us why they “ministry of interior during his time” would spy on people or why they blackmail them and recruit or even recruit them to do what !?
I think spying on people without a court or prosecution order has been unconstitutional in Egypt whether before or after the revolution. In any other country such confession means a new investigation.
Amazingly while searching online I found out that TV host and journalst Wael Al Abrashi claimed in July 2013 that General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi told him that Habib El-Adly used to spy on the armed forces’ commanders and their families.
Living in police state means that every security apparatus spies on other apparatuses besides of course the citizens, the poor citizens.
Anyhow in real state of law Habib El-Adly should be investigated for that confession, of course I said in a real state of law. Egypt has not become a real state of law but insh Allah soon it will become one. 


  1. Courts in Egypt don't need evidence or intelligent analysis to convict. They can and will make up and do whatever they want to do to advance their violent political agenda. The mass surveillance conducted by these guys reduces the security of everyone since it makes Egyptians more likely to be seized and tortured by successive terrorist regimes, especially this sick one.

  2. Z, I would be interested in an update on the recent presidents and their families. Morsy and Mubarak are imprisoned in Egypt, right? What about their close relatives? Are they all in the same prison? It would be cool if Mubarak and Morsy ate dinner together and traded stories.

    How much of Mubarak's wealth has been recovered? Where is Suzanne Mubarak? I know she's not popular with Egyptian Chronicles readers, but at least she was a campaigner against female genital mutilation (FGM). Egypt is defacto the world headquarters for FGM, so that took some courage.


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