Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Media Circus in Town

As if we do not have enough from the media Circus of Suzanne Tamim , yes it is quiet now due to the publication ban but it is still there !! Last Thursday night the news came with a terrible crime , two girls were brutally killed in 6th of October city “or rather governorate now”.
The crime with its details would have been the talk of town :
Two girls in their early 20s got killed in a villa alone after a wild night with drugs and alcohol [according to the early reports] , the brutal details of the murder itself is enough as they were stubbed about 60 times ,one of them was beheaded and nothing was stolen from that villa . It did not take much time from the police to know that it is a personal issue between the murderer and the victim or at least one of the victims [the owner of the villa]
But it became the talk of town because one of the victims is the daughter of 3rd degree Moroccan singer called Laila Ghofran !! Now it is officially the Laila Ghofran’s daughter murder case !!?? As if this murder was filling the void of Suzanne’s murder !!??
Laila Ghofran is just like Tamim but she is much older,she is not pretty like Tamim and always marries men who are younger than her.I do not recall for her any song except may be she sang a cover for one of Halim’s famous song “Hobak Nar” and she was terrible. She wants to appear young that she got that tattoo on her arm of a naked woman !!??? In brief she is the favorite type of tabloids.
To be honest it is the first time I know that she has got a girl from an Egyptian husband.
I do not like to consider it a celeb crime like some media is reporting especially in the Arab countries because originally the daughter of Ghofran was not the target , Heba “her daughter” was in the wrong place in the wrong time .. this is one
Two there are many things to be discussed than this celebrity connection thing like for instance the security of the 6th October Governorate. The Crime happened in a compound and the murderer left as he entered.
And the fact that this crime can be alarm to the parents who abandon their kids and work in Gulf to get money. May be Laila Ghofran’s daughter is a victim of her mother’s lust to life and fame but what about Nadine the owner of the villa !!
I concentrate on Nadine because this girl is a victim of her parents before her reckless way of life , she did not find a parent to guide her. Her parents are living in Saudi Arabia for 20 years , they do not come to Egypt but they send to the 23 years old girl monthly L.E 5,000 !!!!
Nadine and Heba are students in one of the Private universities in 6th of October. Nadine was known for her parties in the compound. The neighbors used to complain from the loud music.
The media is expecting  Gossip girl high society boys and gals would be interrogated in the investigation ,about 100 gals and boys.
I wish  that the media treats not like a Laila Ghofran’s daughter murder because what happened was shocking and awful enough to make it the talk of the town.
By the way this is a real exam to the Egyptian Police and the interior ministry ,here the crime happened on the Egyptian Soil not in Dubai.


  1. and plzz stop making up some shitty rumors about people!! enty wa7da fadya we 5alas :s

  2. This article is full of spelling and grammer mistakes, next time run spell checker!!

  3. It is definetly way out of place to judge the girls and say that they were killed after a WILD NIGHT!!!! Nothing has been proven yet!!

  4. i think you must spend some nights in gil you know too much about this history and you are silly

  5. the police must take you to know about this history you know too much and nothing

  6. it's definetly silly what you say in your article

  7. Please support what you say with facts. Stop spreading & publishing rumors! Let their souls rest in peace, and pray for them instead of just making false assumptions about an unresolved case, and people you didn't personally know. Not everything you read in the press is true by the way!

  8. what high school did she go to in Saudi Arabia, i think i know her.

  9. First of all I will not accept any insult in my blog
    Second please again read the post and understand it perfectly before you jump in to the wagon

    @anonymous#1, no dear I am not amusing myself by this crime ,If I were I would have spoken about it day and night and I would it consider it a celeb crime

    @anonymous#2, what spelling mistakes you are speaking about

    @anonymous#3,ok then I am sorry for wasting your time.

    @anonymous#4, I think the fact that both girls suffered from the lack of proper guidance in their lives is not a rumor

    @anonymous#5,unfortunately I do not know

  10. eih el habal dah no one has the right to write what u wrote!!!!! we in sha2 allah lama temoty 7ad hay2ool nafs el kalam 3aleky, 3ashan rabena mabisebsh 7a2 7ad....

  11. @anonymous ,
    what habal did I write exactly !!?? Criticizing the media for making it a celebrity crime despite it was a horrible one that does not need any celebrity connection to be the spot light !!?
    Calling for more police presence in the 6th of October or it is how I am sad because those two girls were victims of their parents !??
    Tell me what habal did I write my dear friend

  12. Guys guys!! this is "A" personal blog!! the girl has the right to write whatever she wants, if u dont like it,, dont read it :)
    as simple as that! Plus the girl is not a detective! she is just reporting what is already being told around town and in the news, so why dont u guys go and accuse those who already said these stuff about them! or just read wento sakteen!

  13. I just want to say one sentence "7asbi Allah wa ni3ma alwakeel fiki w fi amsalek"


  15. first of all fe 7aga esmha freedom of speech
    if u dun like what u r reading dun read it!
    second for the writer i knw u have been talking about 7gat sm3teha only msh 7gat shofteha.. and wn it come to the reputation of 2 dead gals b3eed b2a 3n homa meen we their parents pay m a a fel month!!and everything else.. kan lazm tt2kdy l 2wl.. we de 7aga trg3lk enty fel l 27;r we bardo l klam l msh 3agb 7ad mn l 2wl ya reet my2rhoosh

  16. none of this is tru!! if someone from ur family was in her place u wouldnt like anyone to come and make up shitty rumors..
    how do u know her personal pocket money value..
    its non of ur business if she has parties or not u dont even know the truth so leave it up until u know the truth..
    stop making shitty rumors bitch!!

  17. u know what zeinobia u r very silly and very bad person u r just nothing to judge people judge yourself first h my god how stupid u r shame n u!!advise dear please find a solution to your self.

  18. first of all what goes around comes around
    do u think that the line u draw above that shit u wrote prevented us to read u gotta do more than that
    second they caught the guy who did it and he did only to steal money and he thought that there was no one inside the villa and the police proved that none of the girls had drugs or alcohol in her system and heba was married nadine is still a virgin
    so u need to write a huge apology to them and ask god to 4give what u ve done coz it's a big sin
    who are u in god's sake to judge people
    are u that innocent ????????????????????

  19. u r a girl right??????????????
    would u like people to talk about ur reputation ?when u r alive u can defend it
    but these r 2 dead girls they cant defend them selves 4 god's sake
    have mercy on them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz police said that they had no drugs or alcohol in their bodies and nadine was a virgin

  20. ppl!!! y u giving the girl such a hard time?? khalas she gave her opinion on something! everyone has their own opinion and should be respected! although i would advice u to make sure on what u know about this man that stabbed 2 girls before u have even posted this :)
    have agood day everyone........and CHILL OUT!!

  21. Even my fifteen-year-old sister can write better than this. The article is full of phony information, spelling and grammatical mistakes and is written at about a third grade level, your career as a journalist should end here in fact it should have ended a while ago. Your level of professionalism is at the lowest I have ever seen maybe you should do thorough research on a topic before you write an article that is guaranteed to circulate information. Your writing is so poor you cannot even make it as a writer for a gossip column is a teen magazine, in fact you cannot even for an elementary school newspaper. So I suggest you go back to school learn to write and research a topic properly and thoroughly then maybe just maybe try pursuing a career in this again .

  22. I just have few questions:
    1-why did the murderer brutally stab both girls in that way and try to cut nadine's tongue out, whan one stab was enough so he can escape, and they would probably never have reached him.
    2-Why is the married girl not living with her husband?
    3-Why did the thief not steal more than a cell phone and 200 pounds? no jewelry?

  23. Haram 3alieky. How can you sit there and talk about these girls' upbringing and way of life like this after they have passed?? Especially since you dont know them, imagine their parents reading your blog after everything they have already been through and seeing that you are blaming them for this?? How dare you speak of the girls in this way?? I happen to know of these girls and she was very sweet and you have no right to sit here and ruin her reputation after her death. you should be ashamed of yourself truly. and about mentioning Heba's mother, this is natrual because she is a celebrety and people know her so of course they are going to mention it, but that doesn't mean that it's a "celebrity crime" as you claim. Again, you really should be ashamed of yourself. Allah yer7amhom wa Inshallah min ahl all jannah..

  24. @anonymous#1, I hope someone will listen to you.

    @anonymous#2,thank you

    @anonymous#3, I wonder if Justice will say its word in it as it should or not.

    @anonymous#4,when a newspaper like Al Masry Al Youm publishes this ,do you take it for granted or not ??

    @anonymous#5, I think that Nadine does not need a rude commenter to defend her

    @anonymous#6, thank you sir for your precious advice.

    @Reham, I think that the guy you are so happy that they caught seems to be the wrong guy according to Laila Ghofran herself.
    My dear it seems that you only cared about the tabloid part but you did not get what I am saying just like the majority

    @anonymous#7, yes dear I am a girl can you believe it ?? what you are telling to have mercy on them why do not you go and say all that to the news sites across the Arab world !!

    @anonymous#8,my dear it seems to me that they found a vent ,I welcome that but there are limits

    @anonymous#9, my dear I am not a journalist , I am a blogger ,check what is difference between blogging and journalism before you speak ,do your own research

    @anonymous#10,well Heba does not live all the time with her husband as he did not inform his family yet
    about the rest of the questions , well these are the questions we are already asking and can't find answers from the official version of the story.

    @concerned girl,my dear girl , I respect your loss and I am sorry for it. Dear I did not ruin any reputation of anyone , if you want to blame someone on those news reports go and blame the interior ministry because there is no single letter written in these reports except it was approved ,this is something you must know very well and understand it , go and read Last week's Ahram

  25. No, you're the one that should get your facts straight before going and posting things. If you see the interview on Al Beit Beitak you'll see that these girls' innocence is proven, how bad is it that her own father had to go on that show to prove his daughter's innocence after her death?? as if she is the one that committed the crime and not the other way around. and an investigator that spoke to the murderer himself was also there making a statement. Get your facts straight. All those articles are false, every single one of them has a different story and none of them are fully true. I do blame the media and journalists, but I also blame you for supporting such them and spreading negativity and rumors instead of respect for these poor girls. Nadine wasn't even 23, she was only 19 years old...that shows you that journalists and people that write these articles know NOTHING

  26. i know both girls.. big party girls.. they should have seen it coming with their lifestyle..

  27. Firstly all it takes is a quick few pounds to the police to get them to say anything!!! we are talking about Egypt here. can buy anything.

    The girl called her husband and he drove all the way from Nasr City when she told him she was stabbed.
    Why did he not call the police straight away?
    Why did he drive all that way then take her friend in his car to the hospital, after finding the wife dead.?
    Would the first thing be to call the police to check it out as you drove there?

    This type of killing is a passion killing. Ordinary burglars do not cut tongues out and stab so many times.
    Tongues get cut out so people dont talk. Multiple stabs are only done when the attacker is known. Look up any crime statistics.

    It is very easy to plant evidence on innocent carpenters then torture them to confess.
    Happens all the time.

    Carpenter did not do it.
    But someone else did.

    Nadine was killed by someone close, her tongue cut out!! burglars dont do that but husbands do.
    Hebba walked in on it and was killed to.

    Party girls, wild girls living in 6th October like they all are in flats and compounds. Secret husbands, alcohol, and drugs.

    The only person I feel sorry for is the poor carpenter.

  28. you are absoultly wrong about you statment above and relly you do not deserve that any body replay to your layes
    Nadine (ALLAH YARHAMHA) was a honest and staright person all here frind in the unversty respect her also her father was not giving her 5000 then why they did not find money in the flat
    you should not right such bad thing after they died
    i'm so sorry to see a bad person like you who wrote lays and lays

  29. etaky Allah ya benty. inty bayenek fadya

  30. OMG i cant believe how low you are!

  31. what you wort all laying if you know how Nadine was leaving and she was just move to the flat 6 month before she die also what you say about Le 5000 not true

    if you still want to truth call her parent if you have the courage

    i think you ow the apologize (Nadine and Heba)

    I can give you the contact number for Nadine father if you want

  32. If you Know GOD you shouldn't write what you write about them
    all what you right is wrong
    If you have a courage speak to Nadine father and see what live she was leaving before you write such thing

    Hasabi Alllah wanam alwakkel fiki


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