Saturday, November 29, 2008

What were their demands ??

In any hostage situation there should be hostages , kidnappers, negotiators and demands where as in the latest Mumbai terrible terrorist acts there were hostages,Kidnappers and forces but no negotiators or demands !!??

What were the kidnappers demands ?? They did not take that big number of hostages for nothing !!?? The demands will indicate the identity of the kidnappers so why the Indian government does not announce these demands now !!??

There is something I don’t understand and Please Pardon my question but how on earth 10 people only cause all that destruction in Mumbai in one day or rather three days or even how 10 people can control a hotel in the size of Tag Mahal for three days !!?? This is what the authorities in India said !!??

Already how the hell the terrorists could have rented a room in that huge hotel to put the explosives in it without being busted by the security !!? This is too much , may be the security is zero there . with my all respect from the footages aired worldwide I found the Indian police and security actions were scandalous.

These are just thoughts .


  1. I think their demands are to kill more people so it's pointless to listen to their demands.

  2. Seriously Nizar , a hostage situation means demands right away ,then why they hold the people hostages for two days !!??


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