Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is Israel ??

Where is Israel from what is going in the Red Sea from Piracy ??
Is not it strange that the Israeli ships have not been victims for a single piracy incident ??
I am not saying anything ,this is just something I noticed with all the action happening in this area.


  1. There are no coincidents...

  2. When you have the reputation of being the worst kid on the block. No thug would dare pick on you. Not even pirates. Not even Darth Vader!
    I guess it pays to be "superbad"

  3. @Abu Hazma , no sir there is no coincident at all

    @Qwaider, lol @superbad
    but it is ok to hijack an Ukrainian vessel with Russian tankers on it !!??
    By the way you are a star wars fan ,right ?? ;)

  4. The obvious answer to the question of why Israeli ships are not attacked is the pirates are smart and they understand that the Israelis are too well prepared and would sink them. The pirates are like all those terrorists who really want easy targets( such as in Bombay ) You have to give the Israelis credit rather than looking for a plot.Indulging in such fantasies is a waste of time.


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