Friday, August 8, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-28&29

Now here are the episodes 28and 29 of King Dandash and Shamalan’s tale. Sorry for the delay but we got frequent blackouts besides the usual news marathon in Egypt and the Mideast.
First here is the episode 28 or 368 you can hear it after the break.

Now the donkey spoke but he spoke to the ox about how Shamalan could reach to the land of fire and save his beloved Mango. The donkey’s owner , that old man translated what the animal told its friend to Shamalan.
According to Salama the donkey , Shamalan should head to the river’s bank where he would find the lover’s Mule “Yes that’s its name”. That Mule would make him reach to the land of fire in no time but there is one catch : It does not appear except once every month, at the 14th night of the month in the full moon.
That mule will make him arrive to the sea’s bank where he will find a sea monster that will lead him to the Realm of Fire.
On the 14th night Shamalan heads to the river bank.
In the Realm of Fire the Jinn Rebels are having a plan. They are going to kidnap Princess Mango and hide her so tyranny Gulbhar may think that she has escaped to the humans realm. The Jinn rebels think that Gulbhar may lead his army to restore back the princess and thus it will be easy to occupy his palace. 
To episode 29 or 369

Shamalan finds the lovers' mule and rides it to the sea shore. He finds the sea monster taking the shape of an island and so he jumps to that island.
The Jinn rebels kidnap and princess Mango and tells her that she is going to stay with them for two weeks. Gulbhar is furious and thinks that the rebels are behind the kidnap the princess. He orders his vizier Abd Nar to find them and the princess immediately.
Shamalan reaches to the Land of fire aka the Jinn realm in no time thanks to the sea monster. There , nobody helps him as they are afraid to deal with a human.Only one Jinn helped him to find the palace of king Gulbhar , a man with guards and servants.

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