Monday, April 11, 2011

The good news of the Day : Egyptians will vote everywhere

I will try to do this at least on a daily basis , I will put a summary for the good news of the day in Egypt.

The most important good news of the day is :

  • Egyptians abroad will have the right to vote in the elections insh Allah

Yes after decades and decades Egyptians abroad will participate in the political process of their homeland and choose the president insh Allah with us. It is not yet an official decree but the legalization ministerial committee approved the amendment. I think the Egyptian abroad will participate at the presidential elections and this alone a huge victory.

  • Safwat El-Sherif is being interrogated by the illicit gains committee for hours now and there is a strong talk that he will join the rest of the gang at Torah prison today.
  • Sooner there will new governors will be appointed , earlier leaks say the movement will include more civilians and for the first time a woman :) Of course I want governors in the future to be elected not appointed.

PM Sharaf will speak supposedly tonight.

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  1. Legislative elections as well, which is more important now I think.


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