Monday, April 11, 2011

Regarding Maikel Nabil’s sentence : It pours

Maikel Nabil has been sentenced today 3 years in jail in front of a military court allegedly for that blog post. “Here is the English translation” His main charge is spreading lies about the army concerning the torture and abuse that happened on March 9th and at the Egyptian museum. The sentence was made without his knowledge or the knowledge of his lawyers.
What I am scared and worried from that the charges Nabil faced can apply to all bloggers including me who criticize and report violations in their blogs about the army. I understand professionally that you can’t just criticize or rather accuse “in case of Nabil” these dangerous accusations of torture except with vital evidences especially now like photos and videos with testimonies. “Ironically there are video clips for victims allegedly tortured at the Egyptian museum and up till now the SAFC has not yet announced the results of his investigations regarding these allegations”
Now I am worried that I will face similar charges now when I write anything about the SAFC or the army. Civilians should not be prosecuted in front of military courts for God sake !!
Most of the people online say that this sentence means that we can’t criticize the army and expose corruption , some even went a little bit far and claimed that it is the end of blogging in Egypt and nobody is safe !!!!!! I do not remember when blogging in Egypt was safe actually !!? This sentence for sure comes at the climax of that terrible events taking place since last Friday between activists and the SAFC.
Those who know very well the history of Maikel Nabil with the army itself not with the council , will know that it is not about the post but rather about that old history. Nabil hates and despises the Egyptian army from the beginning because of his beliefs which you may agree or disagree with.It seems that that post was the last straw.
Now regarding the mainstream media’s coverage , do not wait for any solidarity not for fear of the army but because of Nabil’s views about Israel and the Egyptian army. The Egyptian people love its army regardless of what some of our revolutionaries believe and they also hate Israel in case you forget this, Nabil’s blog was not deleted for no reason for I am afraid. It will be hard to make it public opinion and freedom of expression case as many Egyptian bloggers know and are afraid to speak. His case is similar to Abdel Karim Amar by the way.
I do not agree with many of Nabil’s views and I am not alone but this court rule is against my rights as a blogger , Tarek Shalaby's tweet summarizes everything.


  1. I'd like to hear what Arab media has written about this case? Have they said anything?

    As the famous quote goes:
    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  2. kalb zay da , mbegesh gher kida

  3. YQXO, exactly, the whole expression system depends on no censorship at all. Zeinobia, courage. As Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. knew, as all of you beautiful Egyptian revolutionaries know in your hearts, there are more of us than there are of them. They can't jail and kill the whole country.

  4. لا اتفق مع اراء مايكل لكن محاكمه مدون محاكمه عسكريه امرمرفوض او حتي غير عسكريه ، حتى لو كانت اراءه خاطئه او متطرفه له الحق في اعلانها و ابدائها ، مواجهه الفكر بالفكر و الرأي بالرأي ناقشوه جادلوه لكن لا ينبغي ان يحاكم احد بسبب رأيه السؤال هل نؤمن بحريه الرأي و الديمقراطيه ؟ في المجتمعات الحره كن مستعد لسماع اراء مخالفه لما تعتقده و اعلموا ان الديمقراطيه ليست فقط هي حكم الاغلبيه بل حمايه الاقليه من تسلط الاغلبيه عليها

  5. sorry it is so absurd for him but lets pray that justice will come out soon. Also here in uganda we are planning 2 demonstrate

  6. It is more outrages that you accuse Maikel of being crazy and dealing with him as a dangerous hate-preachers.
    Did Maikel call for your silencing to make us feel that he's severely messed up in the head?
    That guy's tweet you approved of him (Tarek Shalaby) doesn't add more value for himself, prove his tolerance or prove his superiority in any way by slandering Maikel and shows himself as the all-decent and the all-tolerant. It's much like how the Muslim Brotherhood acts :)


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