Monday, April 11, 2011

A Revolutionary victory in Africa

I want to thank whoever had the idea of forming this delegation that traveled to the upstream Nile river countries , I want to thank whoever chose the members of that delegation. This is the first time I believe we have used the Nasser popularity as we should in Africa. Nasser’s son Abdel Hakim was among the names included in the delegation and he was received warmly. “Check this from Uganda , ironically they were mistaken in the name of Abdel Hakim Abdel Nasser”

The delegation included names like possible presidential candidate Ayman Nour, George Isaac , Wafd party member Mustafa El-Gendy and representatives from the revolution youth.

It is a miracle compared to the damaged the Mubarak regime made all those years costing us a lot.

Uganda will wait till our presidential elections to see our next president’s policy and Congo is to our side.

With all the jazz taking place in Cairo , we forgot the huge achievement we have made. It is worth to mention that this achievement started with the visit of PM Sharaf and FM Nabil El-Araby to Sudan. That visit following by that delegation showed that government really knows what to do and how to do it.

Ethiopia is the real challenge but according to what has been announced by the Egyptian cabinet FB page :Ethiopia announced a new page with Egypt.Of course Egypt is opposing that new dam Ethiopia building.

Back Nasser and revolution I think our revolution can help Africa so much just , we should support democracies in the same way Nasser supported independence in the continent , we should not stand with dictators like Mubarak used to do. FYI an internet user in Zimbabwe was arrested and later released for supporting our revolution. Egypt has got a golden opportunity to restore its role in Africa through the African union especially that Qaddafi lunatic is going to join his brother Mubarak soon insh Allah.

By the way I am surprised that our activists have forgotten to re-open the Sudanese refugees incident at Mustafa Mahmoud square, Habib El-Adly should prosecuted for this file.


  1. Egypt has got a golden opportunity to restore its role in Africa through the African union especially that Qaddafi lunatic is going to join his brother Mubarak soon insh Allah.

    Yes, hopefully. Meanwhile it seems Africa Union has managed to lob a highly biased peace proposal. It does not include freedom of expression, it does not include retreat from besieged cities.

    Whole reason Gaddafi is still in charge is because of his notably successful propaganda machine. Who in the right mind would support him anymore? Without dismantling his propaganda machinery the Gaddafi would be trumpeted in State TV as making ceasefire with ... Al Qaeda?

    Like come on! Any credible ceasefire must include telling the truth, from both sides, in State TV.

    The lacks in proposal says a lot about African Union at the moment. In future who knows? Maybe Egypt can make some sense out of them.

  2. Israel is not keeping quite and they are sending there President with group of business men to Africa ... Check this I think we should act fast if we want to get benefit from this delegation visit.

  3. Sudanese Optimist4/12/2011 09:23:00 PM

    With all due respect, Nasser's star has risen and fallen in Africa - maybe he's remembered in Ghana for arranging Kwame Nkrumah's marriage to Fathia, but that's as far as it goes.

    Your closest neighbours in Sudan have a bitter legacy sown by Nasser in the Aswan Dam and the 1959 Agreement which brought 'no benefit' to Sudan and the Sudanese...

    Engaging Africans is the way forward - and well done for doing that - but maybe not through use of the 'past' but the present.

    Prime Minister Sharaf did not meet with the opposition in Khartoum...

    I do not believe Ayman Nour has been to Sudan or Al-Baradei - how then can the dynamics of a new page start if the Egyptian 'nukhba' is not going to do its bit...?

    The NBCFA is simply awaiting ratification and the new Egypt should ditch its old water paranoia.

    Best wishes.

    p.s. you might as well investigate the Sudanese political detainees from Halayeb if the former Interior Ministers are going to be held to account.

  4. Shame on the 'delegation' of the Egyptian Youth for their recent visit to Sudan where they met former Intelligence Chief Dr. Nafie!

    They only met representatives from 'youth' groups affiliated to the ruling party.

    This is highly insulting to the Sudanese youth!


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