Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mubarak addresses the Egyptian people from Sharm El-Sheikh

Al Arabiya news channel has just aired from short time ago a recorded message from former President Mubarak addressed to the Egyptian people. This is his first recorded speech since ouster to the public. His last public speech was on February 10,2011 ironically. According to the channel this speech was recorded yesterday.
Here is the speech “Thanks to Arabist

It was emotional short speech where he reminded us with his past at the beginning and why he stepped down than he defended himself and his family from the current allegations surrounding their wealth. He claimed that he and his wife do not own any assets abroad and that he has one bank account only in an Egyptian bank. He did not deny that his sons got assets yet he defended them and claimed that they did not use their position to get these assets. He claimed that the general prosecutor got letters from all countries around the world denying that he got any assets around Egypt.
The former president made it clear that he would sue the media outlets whether inside or outside the country. It is worth to mention that he mentioned that he is a former president !!
Today Gamal Mubarak was supposed to be interrogated for his inflated wealth as far as I know but he did not show up !!
Ok now to the bias analysis :
  • This is very interesting timing to post this recording publicly !! Seriously after this weekend and what happened at Tahrir.
  • This speech is another slap from Mubarak to the army generals of the SACF for choosing the people’s side , the timing is very interesting as he chose a time when we have this huge confidence crisis with the SACF. He is putting the SACF in a terrible position because of its slow steps.
  • Since when the people under house arrest have connection to media !!? It will be a disaster that the SACF did not know about this recording. Is it some attempt to divert the attention from the fiasco of the SACF at Tahrir square !!?
  • Mubarak and his family succeeded in transferring and liquidating their assets in those 60 days , this is what we got from this provoking speech. Of course the question is how then Switzerland,UK and US froze their assets !!?
  • The fact that the speech was exclusively broadcasted at Saudi owned Al Arabiya enforces the rumor that Saudi Arabia backs Mubarak and is practicing some sort of pressure on the SACF so he would not be prosecuted. Of course one must be fair and say that the head of the Al Arabiya Cairo office Randa Abu El-Azam has been very close to the Mubarak and NDP circle during the revolution in a way like no other.
  • This interview will gather the people after being spilt in the Weekend.
  • The SACF has to address this very soon.
Egyptians are extremely angry and worried. People are asking if they should head to Sharm El-Sheikh next Friday.
Updated :
  • The general prosecutor summons Mubarak and his sons for interrogation. 
  • The Muslim brotherhood has slammed the interview just like other political powers. 
  • People are extremely angry from Saudi Arabia
  • Randa Abu El-Azam denies her knowledge or any relation with this speech , this means this recording did not came to Al Arabiya through its office in Cairo
  • Legally he did not break the law when he spoke to the media or contacted it. 
  • Here is how Egyptians technically feel now after hearing his voice. 


  1. I can't stop laughing at the idea of protesters in snorkels, fins and swimming glasses :)

  2. An obvious attempt to fan the fires and to descend the country into further chaos, his chief of staff and his prime minster are in jail now peeing in a bucket facing corruption charges and we're expected to believe he's clean as an angel?
    Everybody has the right to defend themselves and the accused is innocent until proven guilty but he's a regular citizen now, why the hell is he mailing voices messages to the media al-Qaeda style?
    This is also a MAJOR slap in the face to the army and it'll be interesting to see how they'll respond to this.

  3. This is a physiological war tactic , look at the timing after what happen in the weekend but i am sure it won`t help him , the man still can`t accept that he is finished

  4. As we say in the west, a week is a long time in politics. Mr T changing the message back to Mubarak (who is sounding very much like Lyin’ Brian Mulroney when talking about taking money in hotel rooms from arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber), that is a strategy as old as Egypt. Mubarak is even planning to sue because we insulted him – just like Mulroney did! Mr T figures that if people focus on Mubarak, that they will forget about him for a while.

    Honestly, Mubarak sounded like he was paraphrasing Mulroney!

  5. Still waiting to see any kind of evidence against Mubarak since January 25th.

  6. @Z "Here is how Egyptians technically feel now after hearing his voice."

    Now that's funny. Weeping tears of laughter... هههههههههههههههههه

  7. Why has the SACF kept him and his family living in luxury all this time instead of putting them in jail?
    This is a half baked revolution.

  8. Is it not ironic that the man who used to allow the arrest, imprisonment and death his citizens without a trial wants to use the law to prove his honesty and innocence.
    The Canadian.

  9. I think president Mubarak has tried to give a speech like the one given by president Nixon during the watergate scandal "I am not a crook". Notice the similarities and differences between the 2 speeches. Also Nixon's speech was given before he resigned his presidency.

  10. just leave him alone already!

  11. الا اننى قد قضيت عمرا فى سرقة الوطن" "

    كداب يا خيشه كداب قوى

  12. Anonymous said...

    I can't stop laughing at the idea of protesters in snorkels, fins and swimming glasses :)

    it has been done before on january 25th


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