Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Disney’s Princesses : The Egyptian version

I am currently on a vacation so I will try to keep things light in Egyptian Chronicles as much as possible.
Disney in Egyptian” Facebook page announced recently about competition for amateur artists and illustrators to depict Disney’s Princesses in Egypt and as Egyptians in Egyptian Facebook group “Draw” and the results are amazing.
The popular fan Facebook selected the best 202 illustrations showing Disney’s princesses as Egyptian women living in old and modern-day Egypt. “There is an extra post with over 200 illustrations as well
Here are my favorite illustrations.
Disney princesses as modern day Egyptian girls
Disney princesses in Modern-day Egypt "From left: Veiled Jasmine, a shabbier Ariel, cool Snowhite
Preganent Cinderella, bookworm Belle and a poor but casual Aurora" by unknown artists
Ancient Egyptian Pocahontas, Snowwhite dancing while Jasmine is playing the harp by
Bassel El-Kadi

Plus size Ariel
Ariel in Egypt getting fat because she is always eating stuffed vegetables by Mohamed Nagy

Ariel, the Nile Mermaid by Noha El-Sherif "I guess"
Mulan and Li Chang
Mulan and Li Chang as Fatima Koshary and Abdel
Ghafoor as a famous couple of the famous TV show
"The Egyptians will relate" by Mariam  

In another realm, Jasmine was Aida Riyadh in her famous scene with Adel Emam "again Egyptians will relate"

Ancient Egyptian Vanellope by Leen Khubieh

Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine escaped the palace and disguised as Bent El-Balad
by JSU 
The illustrations of Egyptian Moana are more than amazing especially since it depicts her as “Bent Al-Balad” or the girl from the popular working class of the old days.
Moana , the Egyptian version
Moana by Amal Samir and this illustration is best of the
best indeed

Another version of Bent El-Balad Moana
Nubian Moana by Dalia El-Khayat
I love Moana and her movie.
She looks more Egyptian indeed than Princess Jasmine of Agrabah.
From a couple of days ago, Moana fans compared her to Egyptian rising-star Asama Abu El-Yazid after her latest photo shoot.
Asama Abu El-Yazid
Asama Abu El-Yazid, an Egyptian actor and singer 
Talented Abu Zeid can fit to be a living version of Moana “She can sing too but she does not have Polynesian roots” but she is thinner than her I believe.
If you remember “Disney in Egyptian” led a very loud campaign to make Disney’s cartoons dubbed in Egyptian Arabic dialect in 2016.
The campaign was successful and Disney’s animations are going once again to speak Egyptian Arabic

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  1. Beautiful post! The drawings are fantabulous. I wish there was an artist who could show my kids an Egyptian version of characters from Andy Yeatman shows. It’s a nice way of making kids understand about a particular place and its culture.


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