Monday, May 15, 2017

What happened to the The Polish girl ?

It feels like ages for real but it is good to return back home to my blog.
I have been away from my blog but I kept an eye on what is happening in the news especially in Egypt.

God knows how much I wanted to write about certain issues past two weeks especially the incident of the Polish girl.

On 30 April, a young Polish tourist died in Egypt's resort city of Marsa Alam in Red Sea governorate.
According to local authorities, 27-years-old Polish Magdalena Zuk committed suicide wPort Ghalib hospital.
Late Magdalena Zuk
Magdalena Zuk's last Facebook account profile
hen she plunged to her death from Marsa Alam's

The Egyptian authorities added that Zuk was suffering from deep depression and that she was going to be deported back to Poland two days after arrival but was not allowed to board the airplane due to her "erratic behavior".

She was admitted to the hospital in the resort city where she tried to commit suicide at least once but was saved by the staff.

I am sure that that news passed as familiar news in Egypt as every now and then you find a news report about a tourist who decides to take her or her own life in our country.

Then after a week or more, we found out that Magdalena's death is creating controversy back in her home in Poland as her family feels that there was something fishy about her death.

Magdalena's family is saying that the young tourist who arrived Marsa Alam on the 25th April did not suffer from any depression or mental problems. It did not stop at there.

Her family and her boyfriend fear that she was raped and killed by locals in the resort where she was staying
Originally, Magdalena should have come the Southern Egyptian resort with her boyfriend but it turned out that his passport was expired and so the Polish girl went to that vacation alone.

The question marks raised when her boyfriend published a video of a FaceTime call between him and her where she seemed troubled telling him that she would not return back home. "I do not understand Polish to know what the boyfriend says"

The FaceTime call

In that video call that was spread in polish media, you can hear an Egyptian man's voice
That man is the local Tour guide Mahmoud Khairy and he is currently the main suspect in the Polish media advocating that Magdalena was raped and murdered.

He is currently accused unofficially in Polish media and social media of several charges that can destroy his career for real even without conviction above them human trafficking.
He closed all his social media accounts already.

In his sole interview with the Egyptian media, Mahmoud Khairy told DotMedia360 that he was innocent of all those charges and the autopsy would prove his innocence; vowing to sue those spreading lies.
Originally from Sharkia governorate, Khairy works or used to work I think with Poland-based-Rainbow tours travel agency.
The Polish travel agency is not having the best times either with a swarm of angry comments on its Facebook page.

Another video or rather a collection of videos showing Zuk in Port Ghalib hospital including one video that went viral in both Egypt and Poland.
That video showed Zuk restrained by a group of men in the hospital.

Many people say that she was handled in a brutal way.
While others saw that she was being stopped from killing herself.
First, the Polish media got the Port Ghalib hospital CCTV's videos from the hospital itself through Dr. Ahmed Shawky who works in it,
Shawky wanted to prove that he and the hospital were not part of anything sinister and they did not cover anything thus he helped the Polish media.
According to him, Magdalena Zuk needed a psychiatrist but there was none in the Southern Egyptian city.
His hospital also is not equipped to deal with similar cases.
Defending the action of his staff, Shawky said that they had to restrain her like to stop her from killing herself.
He also added that Mahmoud Khairy admitted her to the hospital after she was not allowed on the board of a flight back to Warsaw.
The doctor who lives quietly with his small family in Marsa Alam also told Cairo-based DotMedia360 that Khairy said that a friend of her was coming to get her back from Poland.
The hospital is currently open to the media to prove that they are not hide anything.

There is another video that emerged in Poland. Allegedly a video clip shot by another guest in the Hotel she was staying in Marsa Alam.
The video in the hotel
The video clip showed a woman in a bathrobe crying on the floor without showing her face outside her room. Another part of the video showed that woman in her hotel bed also in a bathrobe covering her face with a towel.

I do not know if that woman is Magdalena or not but the Polish media says it was her.
An important piece of info was said in that report that Zuk told her friend "her boyfriend" that someone put some "strange substance" in her drink.

As you may have known from the video clip above, the Polish prosecutor general opened an investigation into the young lady's death.
Back in Cairo, there was that expected radio silence and delay in reaction as usual and as expected.
On 10 May we found out that the Egyptian forensic authority conducted an autopsy on Magdalena Zuk in the attendance of a Polish forensic expert hired by the family according to Al-Watan Newspaper.
The autopsy was conducted as part of the cooperation between Egyptian and Polish investigators and prosecution.
On Thursday, BBC said that Polish officials believed that Zuk could have been a victim of human trafficking and organized crime.
There have been no further details at least in English about this is an alarming claim.
Last Friday Polish FM Witold Waszczykowski called his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry on 12 May expressing his appreciation for the cooperation of Egyptian authority.
The Egyptian-Polish relations are more than good currently.

It is unclear if the death of Magdalena Zuk will overshadow those relations like in the case of Giulio Regeni.
Earlier Monday, the Polish embassy received the young lady's body. The final autopsy report is expected to be issued within days.
I expect that she may have another autopsy in her country if her family is not convinced with the results of the Egyptian autopsy.

Right Wing's Conspiracy theories that became facts

I checked Magdalena's Facebook account and I can not find anything alarming.
Only photos of a beautiful young lady enjoying life and learning how to pole dancing.
Facebook is not a measure or can indicate that a person is suffering from deep depression or any mental problem speaking seriously.

Magdalena Zuk
Magdalena Zuk :(
Personally, I can't keep thinking if this young lady was a victim of date rape drug because as mentioned in Poland she may have told her folks back home that someone put something strange in her drink.

Maybe she was suffering a trauma and no one was able to help her in Marsa Alam for real.
Maybe if there was a psychiatrist in Marsa Alam, he or she could provide help to her.

Also, I believe the hospital staff should have acted in a better and wiser way.
"We did not do a sexual assault exam because nobody asked for it, " Said Dr. Shawky to the media in Egypt.

Sometimes I feel that they should have done it but at the same time may be the staff was concerned that she is a foreigner and it would a sensitive issue.
Also, I do not understand how they put her on the second floor when she tried to kill herself !!
I am waiting for the final autopsy report.

Interestingly,, the news about Magdalena's death came from Poland in English to Egypt through "Storm Front" news forum at first.
As soon as I opened its link, I found the "White Pride worldwide" logo and I knew where we were going.
The forum adopted the conspiracy theory speaking about the girl's rape and murder as a fact attacking Egyptians and Arabs as well warning white girls not to go to this part of the world alone.
On the front page of that forum, you will find that crystal clear announcement that the forum that it is a community for "racial realists and idealists" and that "they are white nationalists".
The forum also got a live radio show which is followed by Dr. David Duke, the former grand wizard of KKK in the United States !!
Videos and comments on Live leaks and YouTube show that the Right Wing in Europe and the United States is having a new crusade defending the Caucasian race more than Justice.
Alt-right across Europe are sharing those theories on Facebook madly and sadly. It is like a sad gift sent to them.

Friends living in Poland already told me that the right wing conspiracy theories are taking the country by storm especially nationalism is back there

The truth is lost when it comes to the death of this girl if you think about.
The right wing fanatics online already reached to a conclusion based on their beliefs that Magdalena was killed and raped even without a true investigation.

They believe that the Egyptian government is covering the matter because of tourism.
Unfortunately the Egyptian government's record of transparency is not helping !!

I hope the truth prevails either way for the sake of that poor girl may God bless her soul. 


  1. it sounds to me as you are doing the same thing what others are trying to spread another propaganda under a theme of "racism" "white Pride..." whatever. So on top of all the stories that are circulating you add another theme to the mix. Some ppl should not be blogging or youtubing.

    1. Okay Genius, so why she said on skype to her bf that she was raped and assaulted, why don't they do autopsy to reveal truth? Wait In Islam you need to be raped in front if four men to establish rape. You low piece of shit trying to cover up rapist and corrupt authority of your shithole country.

    2. she porbably been raped or abused, but one thing for sure, her white polish boyfriend sold her to his business partners in Egypt. But yeah we can cover all this up in racial religion discussion.....


    1. I do not understand Polish ,I know it is about Zuk and her death.

  3. We all know egyptians as well as most muslims are rapists and pedophiles.... Look at what they did to the reporters Lara Logan, Natasha Smith, etc.. In Tahrir square.

    Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees raping women left and right in Europe.

    Islam teaches rape.

    1. Do you think that Islam teaches rape ?
      did you ever read about Islam ? or read small part of the holy book (Quran) ? if you have problem with some one you can not blame the hole city or the hole religion
      rape is not allowed in Islam and the one who did that must killed by the judge and even sex out of marriage relation ship is not allowed in Islam even if the man and women is married to some one else or even if they are singles the human body is protected by Islam even its not allowed to steer in ش foreign lady try to control your charges without evidence's

    2. did you read about Islam ? did you try to read apart from the holy book (Quran ) ?
      Islam is against rope and a protect the human body whatever his religion
      Islam not allowed any sex relation outside marriage relation even if they are married to someone else or both are singles
      you must control your charges even you are angry because when you have problem with someone you cant blame the hole city or the hole religion

  4. Magdalena was already a patient 7 years ago for alcohol abuse and for mental illness due to an unknown traumatic event.,artykuly,410278,1.html?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_nw

    1. This is bol... We all know what happened there Egiptian guys get crazy when they see beauty like Magda she was alone there perfect target they do everything to have a sex with her so welcome drink been with something extra first night she gets raped by few guys and probably recoded and next day she realised what happened or maybe they show her video that's why she start act like that simple i don't think anyone will belive in the story like she's get crazy and killed it self just like that there is always a reason before act so even if she act crazy guess why what could be the reason for someone normal to act like that ? and another thing she probably tried to run from that hospital because she knows the predators are there waiting we all can see on video from hospital how they act towards her

    2. As a matter of fact she attended therapy sessions for children of alcoholic parents. There is no record of her having any psychotic episodes prior to her visit in Egypt or any history of substance abuse.

  5. the autopsy was done after 10 days not as it should be and is done all around the world within 48 hours

  6. ok so I wanted to explore this further just because this post about her supposedly being mentally ill has upset me so much and it turns out that she just attended a DDA consultation, DDA (polish) stands for child of an adult alcoholic.

    this is a respected portal, one of the mainstream radios, the biggest in Poland, so there wouldn't be any lies published there.

    if you would understand Polish just the way I do you would know just from listening to her conversation with her boyfriend what happened. it is obvious for Poles.

  7. Very sad situation. I think your blog is appropriate. You have empathy and are wondering about the truth in the death of this young woman. And you are obviously careful to identify what is fact, and what is only speculation. I hope such concerned public discussion may encourage more answers. Keep sharing. We enjoy your posts including on Twitter.

  8. Maybe the polish right wing it was published Magda story first, but not the right wing killed her. Egypt did.

    As today Egypt wants to regain the honor must find and punish the guilty. It's very importanta. Even if one of them is a captain Khaled or Pasha Khaled as you like.

    I do not know what the asshole he is, but his name fell on Magda's conversation with her boyfriend.

    Poles are the third nation in the world visiting Egypt. Egyptian Minister of Tourism says his goal is million Polish tourists per year.

    And about so many bad Comments on Egypt in the internet then I will tell you that Poles are also looking for guilty people in Poland. Recently, somebody has broken all windows in Magda's boyfrend house in Poland.

    Another case is an Egyptian investigation or a parody of the investigation.
    autopsy two weeks after death? Refusal to take biological samples? Refusal to cooperate with the Polish prosecutor despite international problems?

    Magda committing suicide did the best thing in her life. It's better to die than be an Arabs sexual slave.

    Mental illness its fake. Magda she never suffer from a mental illness, her parents too and anyone in her cloesd family. Before she go to Egypt she was healthy.

    Maybe there is a new disease in Egypt? May be is called Egyptus Mentalus

  9. WHO advises to not travel to Egypt. There is a very dangerous disease. It is called "Egyptianus mentalus illnesses". It is especially dangerous for a young and beautiful women who had never any mental illness before. In Egypt suddenly sick and result dying.

  10. Thank you for your sensitivity Zenoiba and coming back to your blog, as we all love to read you in the United States. At least I do. :) I wish I could help, but even though I went to a Polish-Catholic primary school back in the 1950s, I only recall my prayers in Polish even today, and perhaps a song for Easter. The language escapes me. I wish I knew Magdalena's date of birth, I'd love to see her chart. Hoping the family can come to some peace within themselves regarding her death but I think until it is resolved and it may never be, there will always be upset and rumors going on.

    I think Anonymous is also a spammer, not a seriously interested person, just someone who likes to sprew hatred. The world has enough of this already :(

    As for what happened to Magdalena, I read on that Aryan site you mentioned, that it may have been Ukranians who were hired at the hotel who slipped her something. Who knows. Sad...for sure.

  11. That is true. Her boyfriend probably sold her as escortgirl for rich muslim men. But before that in hotel first night she was tested as escortgirl by few men included care assistant in hotel. Some people who survive such situations, wrote in comments that she was raped and they gave her raping pills, many of them did not contact with police so they are like a specialists. Some people in internet used headset and good amplifier to hear much more in speech between Magdalena and her boyfriend, and they heard something more, she told him that she was raped and somebody next her boyfriend told him do not to speak to much with her, because it would incriminate

    1. who told you that they are Muslims ? why not they where Christians ? why not they where Jewish or secular or even maybe they where not Arabs at all maybe they where Chinese or Indians who knows ? don't give charges to anyone without evidence because we are Muslims and its not accepted in our religion to have any sex relation out of marriage this for your information

  12. Why would Mahoud Khairy IF he raped her, then take her to a police station and hospital? makes no sense whatsoever. Likely scenario is she was trafficked by her pimp boyfriend in Poland to some Saudi Arabs. They had sex with her and she ended up pretty pissed off with them and him. Eastern European girls are into prostitution big time. She was probably perfecting her pole dancing routine for her trip to visit with her Gulf Arab clients. What kind of a girl posts pole dancing pics on social media? There you have your answer

    1. why you give charges to part of people like Saudi's that they did that ? why not Chinese or Jewish or Africans ? if before 70 years Hitler did crimes to the Humanity so we give charges to all Germans ? what's your evidence that the clients was Gulf Arab clients ?

  13. I Can't comment on this story..much/because neither i nor anyone else will FIND OUT or KNOW what HAPPENED THEN?? All i can suggest for all whom coming out with their verdicts.. ACCUSATIONS, to watch a Russian movie called >>> LILYA 4-EVER... made in/2002/ on their internet if haven't got the DVD and then begin to make your Inspector POIROT conclusions!Please?! /Regards/Is.BARSOUMIAN/

  14. Magda wasnt psychiatry patients .... and one question why Egypt not give her body faster??? Why???? Its not about religions as well someone told its about bad human beings !!!!

  15. It's a not mental illness killed Magdalena, but a big arab cock.

    The same big cock about someone talking when Magdalena talked to her boyfriend by skype

  16. Magdalena Zuk is brutaal vermoord . Dat is de waarheid

  17. dr Ahmed Shawky is real doctor in Port Ghalib ?

    1. No, hi isnt. Mahmoud is tutki.

  18. The status update of Magdalena's case as of 09.09.2017 is that Egypt STILL has not provided: the results of the Egyptian autopsy, and chemical tests results, CCTV footage from the hotel, CCTV footage from the airport. This proves that this was murder where lots of Egyptian were involved and this is the reason why they do not want to reveal these information. Otherwise, if Magda committed suicide, all facts, videos etc would have been revealed long time ago...

  19. She was killed by a group of human traffickers, the M that she said in the video with her bf was for the Mahmoud guy. She was too afraid to say his whole name, since he was there on the phone with her, recording the convo in case she squealed. He let her talk to her bf because I imagine she was hysterical once she realized she was being passed around hotels for sex and rape.

    It's obvious more than one person is involved. I'd like to know what hospital she was taken too. I wouldn't doubt he took her to a hospital where he knew the people working there, and they would keep quiet. The hotels are in on it too. She said she was moved from one to the next in the video, that they have tricks. They probably passed her around and she was fucked up most of the time and when she was coherent enough, she freaked out as anyone would in that situation, and they tried to make her look unstable, out of fear. I think they attempted to blame mental illness, because she was traumatized by their action, and was already freaking out, what an alibi if you ask me.

    It sounds like rich and wealthy people of power over there pay good money for this creepy shit. It doesn't matter what religion you folllow or race you are, money will always turn any saint into a sinner. The Mahmoud was on the phone with some and you can hear him call the caller "boss" and even chuckle as the woman look uncomfortable.

    This case could be seriously huge if broken wide open. It would mean that several hotels and even airports are hiding evidence. They have yet to give cc footage of this areas. Why were the hotel staff filming this woman on this travel agents phone? Why was the travel agent always with her? That's weird. And that could mean a ring of trafficking that is known and understood by Egyptian government, but no intervention? Why? Seems fishy, like people getting paid big money.
    Poor woman, I really hope no one else has fallen victim after her tragic death. But sadly human trafficking continues.

    1. Her "boyfriend" Marcus is gay and he sold more girls to the prostitution.

  20. She was sold by polish mafia to the captain Khaled party, ask Mahmoud. Then she was raped and killed.


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