Saturday, March 5, 2011

The night the capital of Hell fell down !!

During the Mubarak era the state security HQ in Nasr city had this infamous reputation not only inside the country but also outside it. Its international infamousness was recognized when it turned out that the Bush administration used its secret cells and also the expertise of its infamous officers to interrogate its illegal detainees during its unholy war on terrorism.
The Egyptians called that big building in Nasr city district “The capital of hell” and you can imagine why Egyptians called it like that. A scary building any taxi driver will tell you horror stories about it and about the secret underground prison cells and torture rooms.
Tonight Egyptian protesters managed not to only to encircle the fearful building by thousands but they have also entered it for the first time not as detainees blindfolded but actually as victorious revolutionaries who had enough from that castle of terrorists.
MP general and army general speaking
With protesters "Yasser Seif"
As I hinted in the previous two posts about Alexandria SS HQ and 6th of October SS HQ , protesters decided to protest only at the Nasr City SS HQ at 4 PM especially after knowing that the officers there are systematically getting rid from documents that can incriminate them. Some people say that the shredding and burning documents process started with the resignation of Shafik and the collapse of his cabinet while others say that that this systematic process was taking place since the fall of Habib Al Adly and his men.
Anyhow back to the capital of hell , the army evacuated the officers and officially was in control of it. After some negotiations with the generals , the people managed to get in and to see what they have never seen in their lives before from files , torture devices and underground prisons. After finding what they have found and the fact that Egypt will live in the new State security gate for weeks or even months as more and more scandals will come to light , I do not know why or how the generals let the people in. May be they let them in because they know that they were angry but did the generals know or even imagine what the people have there !!!?
The evacuation plan showing how big it is
The sectors in brief "By Nada Ghonim"
This is an inside tour for the capital of hell , first of all the building itself is so huge , too damn huge and it includes many branches ,hospital, officers’ hostel , training and cells underground !! It is like the SS own City Stars !! A historical trivial fact the capital of hell building was designed by Dr. Farouk Al-Gohary of Ain Shams university. His page in Marefara , our own Arabic Wikipedia is negative. According to our friends who went and are still there the building is quite luxurious. We do not exactly how may underground floors are there , some speak about 3 , other speak about 8 !!
The blue prints of the capital of hell by Yasser Seif
A bedroom at the hostel !! By Nada Ghonim

Loads of shredded papers by Tarek Al Araby
Despite the oceans of shredded papers our friends have found at the HQ , they found very important files in the HQ.
I wonder what files the State security officers have actually destroyed. These are the files our tweep friends told us about :
  • Bombing the two Saints Church “According to those who read , it actually incriminates the MOI in bombing the church.
  • Hosni Mubarak and Suzanne Mubarak !! “Yes they were following their moves !! It makes you wonder about their loyalty. Our friends spoke about a report covering the Addis Baba assassination attempt in 1996.
  • Sheikh Karadawy
  • Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei
  • Al Jazeera TV host Ahmed Mansour
  • Late Khaled Said !! 
Late Khaled Said file by Yasser Seif
  • Members of Muslim brotherhood like Mohamed Habib
  • Members of 6th April like Ahmed Maher ‘it included details about their family members even babies !”
  • Members of socialist movements
  • Religious sects
Religious activities group file
by Pakinem Amar 
  • Religious conservative “allegedly full floor dedicated to them”
  • Mortada Mansour
  • The Egyptian New night talk shows “Including transcripts for the episodes and the details of the callers”
  • A whole file with the Yahoo emails that have been monitored.
  • Files about CIA , FBI, Iraq elections and Al Qaeda “The golden files of rendition have not been found it, I fear that they were shredded" 
FBI file by Yasser Seif
  • Files about politicians and their relations
  • Files about political deals and spies in various groups
  • Files about Safwat Al Sherif and his sons with their financial corruption scandals.
  • Files about the journalists who are working for the state security
Folders about economy, labor, students, media
They were emptied. "Tarek Al Araby"
Of course you will wonder why already these important files were kept , there are two theories :
  1. They were let because actually they are less harming than other files , the other explosive files including rendition and torture files were either moved or shredded. Torture files are more harming than espionage and data collecting files plus when we speak about rendition we are speaking about CIA covert world !! Let the people be busy with these files
  2. They were let because the officers had no time , already according to the photos and films the protesters found at the HQ , the SS was recording yesterday’s festivities at Tahrir square carefully. Also they had a lot to dispose and thus they disposed what they can dispose quickly.Already the protesters caught two big CSF vehicles transferring tons of documents to unknown locations. This theory is enforced by the collapse of Ahmed Shafik’s cabinet. 
The mount of shredded papers !!
by Tarek Al Araby
Of course our friends found computers but unfortunately without hard drives !!
PCs without hard drives !! at least they covered
the monitors !! by Shady Anwar 

Our friends found torture devices , sex films made for famous personalities "this is so Safwat Al Sherif !!" and also Sony PlayStation !! They also found weapons and some CSF officer who was so scared and told them that he was innocent. The officer was handed to the army.
The underground prison was hard to find at first but the people found them. Some were speaking about screams from the underground prison. The cells were found , some people say they were locked electronically but they were opened. The detainees were released after being years in detention , one of them has been released there for 14 years !!!!!!!!!!! The detainees were allegedly blindfold and stayed in small cell without light !!!!!!!!!! Even the military police soldiers and officers were touched.
Underground cells by Yasser Seif
Inside the cell by Mohamed Abdel Aziz
Our people there are careful so is the army , the people are protecting the documents till the DA arrives and already Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz went there and asked for 20 young men to stay with him in order to protect. Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz promised to search for the detainees in the underground prison.
It is not a matter of trust between us and the army but this is what we should do. The army knows that it should protect and hand these documents to the DA so it is better to let the people to do it to end to any suspicion from any kind. The army is careful not to let a single paper from the HQ searching everybody in the exist. It also does not let any foreign reporter inside , the thing which even protesters inside respected so much.
Among the people who came tonight to the State security HQ , families of the missing detainees , some of them have been missing for more than 5 years.
Here is a video showing the protesters when they managed to get in. They knew that there were underground cells and they found room full of papers. People were repeating over and over that they did not a single paper to be touched and they wanted someone to regard every office's door in the building.

Here is an ex-detainee how he was being tortured using a device that I showed its picture in the previous post.

This is just the start of the State security gate in Egypt.
Ok Scans and videos are pouring already
Here is a video for Habib Al-Adly's suit at the State Security complex !!
An office , a bed room with a bed for two , pink bathrobe , marble bathroom and finest salons for meetings from our own budget , from our own taxes !!
I read a fearful thing online that the citizens found a room full of toys and photos for kids being tortured :(
The documents , files and reports are exposing everybody in the country.
The journalists of course took some scans "and some files" about VIPs including Ex-President Mubarak himself and his activities along with his wife Suzanne Thabet. "I love writing her name in his way , the official legal way"
Al Masry Al Youm published this report about the Mubaraks' last day in Cairo. It is very interesting to see state security spying on the president and the first lady !! The report allegedly does not include anything interesting except that Mubarak and his wife had not official or recorded activity from February 1 to 5 !!
Strangely he met with Christiane Amanpour on February 2nd !!
Al Masry Al Youm's Ahmed Abdel Fatah shared couple of photos from SS HQ at his personal Flickr account. is supporting the revolution and the storming of SS.If you follow its twitter account ,you will find it is tweeting about SS leaks and even tweeted in Arabic for the first time. The famous organization is not only supporting us but it is also offering help for the shredding papers problem.

We are so grateful and we welcome help on condition , the Wikileaks team teaches a group of Egyptians how to reconstruct shredded papers and the process would take place in Egypt.
The Egyptian Cabinet has asked the people to hand all the files to general prosecutor "DA" the first thing in the morning in order to protect the national security.
Sohair Abaza filmed the moments when people began to search for the underground cells, already Sohair and her friends were in that big hall when they heard sounds coming from below. When more people came and started to remove the floor they found these ventilation slots !! A former detainee told them the entrance is from some kind secret door. It is emotional
More photos from Hossam Hamalawy


  1. Great summary - your updates are amazingly fast and up to the minute! Looking forward to hearing more about how this all unfolds.

  2. The hard drives and network servers must be sought as quickly as possible. Obviously stored electronic data has been removed and transported by order and in coordinated fashion.

  3. Thank you for this ! amazing and it reminds me so much of the storm of the Stasi Building here in East Berlin . Sorry just a dumb question, when the underground cells were discovered , they were empty ? or were there still ppl inside ? the detainees were still there now or releases earlier ? that ex detainee in the video , had he been there once or had he just now been freed ? anyway - just so i understand from afar. @dadlani

  4. Thank you so much for all that great effort to revel the truth

  5. Bombing the two Saints Church “According to those who read , it actually incriminates the MOI in bombing the church.

    I don't like the MOI any more than you do but that's just stupid. You Egyptians are suckers for bizarre conspiracy theories. The more unlikely, the more you believe it. You guys need to learn about Occam's razor. Here are two cluebats upside your heads: (1) 9/11 was done by Bin Laden, Al Qaida, and Muslim nutballs they had no trouble recruiting. (2) Two Saints Church was bombed by homegrown Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood nutballs. Not MOI.

  6. thanks Z for a great report but I hope you could post the video where they found the detainess and how they look where they found them. would be grateful. thanks.

  7. The "capital of hell" is Tahrir Square, and the demons are the savage "protesters". As is attested by their own actions. They treated journalists far worse than "state security" did.

    Have you read Christiane Amanpour's account of being attacked by your Egyptian revolutionaries aka wild animals?

  8. Jason, with all due respect Egyptians don't actually BELIEVE those stupid theories they propose. Those are excuses that they offer to justify their own despicable behavior, or to justify the despicable behavior of other Egyptians that they secretly sympathize with. Isn't it obvious to everyone by now?

  9. Seriously, Jason, who's the nutball here? This is a shameful post. What makes you an expert on Egypt? Don't see any mention of your credentials.
    Prosecutors have been implicating El Adly in the church bombing for at least a week now.
    Go crawl back under your rock now, please, and stop harassing Zeinobia and her excellent blog.

  10. Jason, I'm sorry you've had such a traumatic childhood.

    It's okay. The sun shines on you just as idiotically as it does on the rest of us :)

  11. Also - 'You Egyptians'? Really? lol

  12. @Jason

    As much as I don't like the Muslim Brotherhood, they were never involved in anything like church bombings, not even when they were a violent group which is like half a century ago. The groups who did this are either Egyptian Salafists (who had a close relationship with the Egyptian regime and strongly opposed the revolution), or according to the MOI Palestinian Salfists from Gaza. Alarabiya, which unlike Jazeera, is pro-Arab 'moderate' regimes + fav Arab channel of Israeli and US is the one that reported that British intelligence accused MOI of being involved with terrorists and criminals and enabling the bombing to stay in power as a bulwark agaisnt extremism:

    I'm not saying I believe it as Alarabiya is prone to tabloid 'journalism', but Algeria in the 90s is an example of how murky the relationship between Arab regimes and terrorists is. Even if they did not enable the bombing the Egyptian regime has for decades encouraged sectarian conflict instead of combating it.

  13. Programmer Craig

    It must feel awful being you now. The Egyptian revolution must keep you turning in bed all night. Poor little thing.

    If you want to be a decent human you should wish for all people to be free and be actually happy when they free themselves despite all the odds.

    Although your word are full of hate to us Egyptian I really wish you well as an Egyptian Muslim human and I really hope you consult a doctor about how you feel. Medicine can be your only hope. Please do not wait and seek help for yourself and for our sake as I do not want to hear any of your hateful words here in this blog again.

  14. Another cluebat:

    (3) On October 31, 1999, Captain Mahmoud El Habashy deliberately crashed EgyptAir Flight 990 into the ocean, killing all 217 people on board.

  15. "Go crawl back under your rock now, please, and stop harassing Zeinobia and her excellent blog."

    Don't get me wrong, I love Egyptian Chronicles and learn a great deal here. It is for that reason I point out lunacy when I see it. If I didn't care I wouldn't bother. You should thank me.

  16. Libyan Girl, the Luxor Massacre was not half a century ago. It was 1997.

    Egyptian in America, when I feel the need to have judgment passed upon me by an Egyptian savage as to whether or not I'm a decent human being, I'll be sure and let you know. In the meantime kindly keep your idiotic barbarism to yourself or go back to Egypt where the behavior of animals such as you is condoned.

  17. @ Jason & Craig: didn't your mothers teach you it's rude to fart in polite company?

    I know this kind of thing is tolerated in the Zionist circles you come from, but it's just offensive to normal people.

    @ Zeinobia: it's very tolerant of you to let these two hate-spewing clowns troll here, but since the comments are moderated and theirs add nothing of value and certainly won't be missed, you might want to reconsider.

  18. Alice,

    Jason & Craig: didn't your mothers teach you it's rude to fart in polite company?

    You are trying to claim the collection of bigots and brainwashed fools who frequent this blog qualify as "polite company"? Maybe in your circles, but in mine they qualify as pigs.

    I know this kind of thing is tolerated in the Zionist circles you come from, but it's just offensive to normal people.

    Interesting that's the same kind of bigotry the crowd was chanting at Lara Logan as they watched her being beaten and gang raped. Isn't it? What was that you were saying about "polite company"?

  19. @Alice, I'm sorry you're so fond of censorship. If Egyptians can't handle differences of opinion then they may want to reconsider this whole democratic revolution thing.

    Groupthink comment threads are boring in my opinion. Craig and I and the race-baiting Sudanese liven things up. Which reminds me, I haven't seen them in a while. Africanist! Sudanese Optimist! What do you think about all this?

  20. @ programmer craig I and the rest of the world world never knew the MB were behind the infamous Luxor massacre, thanks for finally letting this long kept secret out. Don't keep your revelations to a blog comment, I'm sure you can get a million dollar book deal out of it.

  21. The zionist whiteman will have infinite distortions and fallacies at their disposal to try to twist what's going on in Egypt right now. The fact is though, we are getting our freedom right now, evermore so by the day. And we're doing it on our own terms, not dictated by foreign imperialism. And as an Egyptian, my concern is not the security of American corporate interests, or our apartheid civilian-slaughtering neighbor.

    As Libyan Girl said, Arab regimes have a history with using extremist elements at their convenience, as indicated by Algeria's unfortunate civil war in the 90's, up until more recently with the Egyptian Regime. Besides using various Salafi Sheikhs on satellite tv to incite sectarianism, this attack in Alex (which killed around a dozen Muslims too) has the govt's fingerprints all over it. There's no way a bunch of fanatics could've executed it properly without govt assistance.

    Of course this doesn't fit nicely into the neocon-zionist narrative (that party also has a hand in propping sectarian strife in the region) because it doesn't fit properly in their war on(of) terror strategy. What any foreign imperialist has to say is the least of my concern, though. The balance of power in the region is already shifting, and in the favor of the Arabs who are tired of neoliberal economic subjugation as well as the corrupt western-propped dictators. Over the next few decades, the zionist entity will likely cease to exist (and there's no problem with that), and we will have a more unified, representative Arab world.

  22. @Libyan Girl
    it's good of you to pity the afflicted, but I still think it's probably time to up craig's dose, poor thing

  23. It is interesting to see how people who probably have never stepped foot in Tahrir, or maybe even Cairo can comment with such certainty on the events.
    Journalists were not beaten by protesters. It was Mubarak's men, another last minute attempt at holding on to power and preventing the world from seeing the massacre he was allowing to unfold.
    Christian Amanpour was not beaten. If you speak Arabic you can see how she completely misunderstood and I would say purpousely escalated the situation. Big-head journalists who come here for the big events, don't speak the language are bound to cause trouble.
    Documents in Amn Addaula will prove whether the MOI was involved in the bombing of Al Qaddiseen.
    Lara Logan has not come out and made a statement about rape. There is no eye-witness so far who can confirm that she was in fact raped.
    Do you think America has no censorship? Look again. And think hard. Brainwashing makes you think that everything your government tells you is true too. Don't be fooled.

  24. The Egyptian police state must be dismantled brick by brick, cell by cell.

    Every dog who served this monster ought to be shamed publicly and be stripped of everything they have.

    Their names should be permanently registered in a public monument against Tyrants.

    These dogs, those guilty of the worst of crimes, should be locked in the same cells they tortured other people in.

    And the Egyptian dogs who fled Egypt? Treat them with a dose of Russian soup. Cancer will give them plenty of time to think as they die to meet their Maker.

  25. I'm certainly not fond of censorship, but Z has specified that she won't tolerate any "racist or hateful comment". If calling Egyptians "savages", "animals", "lunatics" etc., and repeating Zio-Nazi racist incitement and lies doesn't qualify as hateful and racist, what does? I'm just wondering why Z doesn't enforce her own rules. Too much of that characteristic Egyptian tolerance and hospitality, maybe.

    Not surprisingly, much of what passes for Zionist apologia consists mostly of racial and religious slurs and defamation against Arabs and/or Muslims.

    The world is increasingly informed and can make its own judgment about just who are the "savages", "animals" and "lunatics" in our region -- and it ain't the Arabs.

  26. I really like the information you provided in this article please keep it up. Thanks a lot

  27. Keep going Zeinobia I'm just so proud of you!

  28. @Programmer , The Gamaa Islamya was responsible for the Luxor attack, MB has nothing to do with it(or them) and doesn't have a military wing.

  29. Thanks for keeping the rest of the world up-to-date on what's happening on the ground in Egypt. These uprisings against such abusive regimes across the Middle East are the best thing to happen their in decades.

    As a Christian though, I worry about the extremist elements who proclaim themselves to be Muslim that will no doubt try to take advantage of the situation at the detriment of Christians and other minority groups.

    May Libya's own people's revolution claim victory soon. In the last couple of days though it seems the overwhelming firepower of dictator government is wearing the rebels down :-(

  30. grand bravos pour la jeunesse egyptienne
    salim d'Algerie

  31. Josh Bowman, try not to worry yet about the fate of Christians in Egypt. They have a long history of being in Egypt and in case you did not notice, Muslims and Christians protected each other in the tens of thousands as the other prayed. This looks like the root of democracy and also like the true desire for democracy, and I doubt sectarian citing will impede that sentiment now. Try not to let the slant in Western media make you unnecessarily afraid.

    It is unfortunate that on a blog like this, one of those gems in this age of rapid-response citizen reporting, there is room for flagrant and ignorant name-calling. I wish it didn't seem necessary to address the comments of people like Programmer Craig, who is one of those people who makes himself sound important in venues like this, or like Jason, who is one of a million hot-headed men who think by announcing soundbytes in numbered format they are informing and convincing others. There is no depth or background offered with the statements from these people, and yet they feel the rather apparent need to make not only their prejudice known but they're hateful motives. I can only find one positive note in the postings of such morons: their choice and matching of otherwise unrelated statements (from 9-11 to local bombings, for example) displays clearly what is on their minds. Perhaps they are so unaccustomed to things like story, evidence, credentials, or logical argument, that they are not incompetent and unconvincing planted propagandists but genuinely believe their comments influence the average reader here. I can't decide which is more pathetic.

    Anonymous, and for that matter anyone from WikiLeaks, I hope it's not true that you're a bunch of infiltrated, self-aggrandizing weirdos, and that you follow through on helping these people protect against the many lies and subtle tricks that will be played on them as they try to establish the first true homegrown Arab democracy. I've seen you both do some great things, and read of some really insensitive decisions you've both made too. In a world where the major media are lie factories, you are indispensable, and so far my heart is very much with you. Maybe I am too emotionally invested because so much else is disingenuous and discouraging in this age of tyranny-by-hypocrisy. Don't let me down.

  32. Zeinobia, keep up the good work. I am very happy to have found this blog and think it is excellent. The changes taking place in Egypt, other parts of Africa, and the Middle East are inspiring. I only hope that Americans and those in other countries will follow the lead. I often think it is only due to the manipulation of a few, that the rest of the world suffers. The vast majority are good people who love and care for other humans regardless of their race, religion, culture, etc. You are an example and inspiration to many. All the best to you and Egypt!

  33. We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it. Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness. Tear out arrogance and seed humility. Exchange love for hate --- thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising.

  34. Congratulations on your revolution, Egypt!
    Please don't let crazies like Jason and Programmer Craig bait you into a pointless bigot fight.


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