Saturday, March 5, 2011

The fall of the State security kingdom in Egypt “October and Nasr City”

And the state security HQs are falling one by one in front of the power of the people. This time we got the infamous SS HQ at 6th of October governorate. It is that Pharaonic building at the start of Sheikh Ziyad.
It started when citizens knew that the SS officers were burning important documents at the HQ and so they went to protest in front of it , sooner there were not only citizens but rather the public committees that encircled the HQ.
Gathered at the state security HQ "Holy Salafi 1"
At the state security HQ "Karim Hannawi"
The rumor that there was huge fire made the committees act quickly and call the army to come quickly.They found files and documents burned already , it was an ugly scene by all measures. The fire strangely was in the archives building !!? Well it is not that strange actually !!
Here are burned documents not garbage 
A remaining piece By holy Salafi 1
A remaining piece By holy Salafi 1
Remains of burned papers by Karim Hannawi
Remains of burned papers by Karim Hannawi
Remains of burned papers by Karim Hannawi
According to Hannawi , the papers were buried in the
desert as well
Among the documents the people got was complete lists of detainees inside the HQ. Some documents were not harmed , the majority goes to the army. The people bring it to the army yet some are keeping some records and documents.
An operation log as far as I understand by
 Kareem Hannawi
Unburned documents by Kareem Hannawi
While waiting for the army the citizens managed to arrest couple of officers who tried to escape with important documents.The army detained the rest of the officers.
These soldiers were arrested by the people
By Karim Hannawi 
Detained by the army by Mos'ab Al Shamy
There were snipers and officers , there were gunshots heard yet no one was injured. According to some source the people managed to get inside “I do not know how considered its structure and its fortification”
The army came and took over the building , the SS officers were ordered to surrendered and to stop burning down the documents. The army brought down the snipers from the roof.
According Hannawi who took this shot , the army
got inside through stairs
Getting to the roof from Mosa'ab El-Shamy
Here is live broadcast from 6th of October , from the State security HQ
FYI Egyptian activists have agreed to head to the infamous SS HQ in Nasr City at 4 PM.The army took control of the SS HQ in Damietta.
The Minister of interior has not frozen yet the state security's activities.
The protesters have controlled as well the SS HQ in Marsa Matrouh after negotiations with the army. There are fires reportedly at Qena and Asuit.
The protesters at Nasr City reached to 2000. General Ismail Etman , the army's spokesperson was reportedly seen there calming the protesters. The people were angry when they found a huge garbage vehicle carrying shredded papers.
The vehicle by Ghaly Shafik
The army has evacuated the building from the officers at the notorious Nasr City HQ.
From couple of moments ago a group of Egyptian protesters including reporters managed to get in to the fearful the building and just like Alexandria , they have witnessed tons and tons of shredded papers. They searched for the underground prison after hearing sounds coming from below and they have the prison
The army wants to evacuate them too but I think they will let them search in the building for now like in Alexandria.
Here is a photo from inside the building from our dear Sarah Car
Sound proof room
by Sarah Carr 
Here is a torture device allegedly used to electrify the detainees.


  1. The live broadcast links to a Twitpic

  2. David George, U.S.A.3/05/2011 09:27:00 PM

    Maybe Egyptians will show the world a new path after all! And that makes you leaders of the world.

  3. Great report and am so happy!

  4. Any word on the arrest status of the Lara Logan perps yet?

  5. I ask, because based on what I've read on facebook and articles I've read where Egyptian "revolutionaries" were criticizing attempts to get to the bottom of that horrific crime that occurred in the middle of your victory celebrations, I have to say it seems to me Mubarak was too good for you. Too nice. Too gentle. I hope you get a new boss who can keep the savage animals you associate with under control, so things like this don't happen to visitors in your country in the future. It really is like "Planet of the Apes" over there, isn't it?

    At least Iraqis had an excuse.


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