Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breaking News : The New minister of interior

The Egyptian cabinet has just announced online in twitter and Facebook the following :
  • General Mansour El-Essiawy has been appointed as minister of interior
General El-Essiawy has left the service from 15 years . He was the assistant minister of interior when he was appointed as the governor of Minya. He was very popular there.
Before being assistant minister of interior , he was the chief of Cairo directorate and he stopped Alaa and Gamal Mubarak’s friends from stealing some land owned by the Police society. “In other stories the brothers were involved” He also left Minya when he clashed with Youssef Wali , the former minister of agriculture he stood against his bloody plans in the governorate “Where is Youssef already ?”
The man was against corruption whether as chief of Cairo security directorate or as governor of Minya. I do not know about human rights record but people were speaking about him favorably  in the past 48 hours considering the fact he was the governor of Minya during the terrorism years.
Now the following names were confirmed as well to be members in the cabinet :
  • Minister Amr Salama for high education and scientific research.
  • Deputy Prime minister Yahia El-Gamal
  • Minister Ahmed Gamal El-Din of education.
  • Minister of defense Tantawy of course !!
There is a strong news that famous writer and activist Sakina Fouad will be appointed as minister of Culture.
Amr Hamzawy denied the news that he accepted the ministry of youth , again it is waste of time and sources.
Ambassador Nabil El-Araby was seen at the Cabinet HQ today , there is strong expectation that he will be the minister of foreign affairs
He visited Tahrir square on the departure Friday on February 4,2011
Masrawy and Dostor claim that the following ministers are officially going to continue in their positions , I can't find that at the official FB of the cabinet :
  • Minister Hassan Yunis of electricity. 
  • Minster Faiza Abu Al Naga of International cooperation 
  • Minister Fathi ElBaradei of housing 
  • Minister Ibrahim Al-Mana'a of aviation 
  • Minister Atef Abdel Hamid of transportation
  • Minister Maged George of environment affairs
They were ministers in the previous cabinet , yet they are technocrat and nobody demanded them to step down from their positions 
And Essam Sharaf still has one hell of a job !!
Update : 

  • Former Ambassador Nabil Al Araby is appointed as minister of foreign affairs. 


  1. Good start. He's as Revolutionary as we can hope for anyway (meaning PM Essam Sharaf). I hope he fulfills the high expectations he's currently receiving from the people. Hope he keeps Radwan for Finance, he's experienced and has lost of international exposure. Biggest challenge for him and for the new Minister of Interior will be State Security dismantling and Police rehabilitation.

    All in all, I'm optimistic.

  2. so far looking good. Insyallah pray that he will get his good team.

  3. This is the guy who will locate the Lara Logan perps, right? That's his job? Because, I've got some good leads for him. Like, interviewing a thousand eyewitnesses who stood by and watched the show. I've heard rumors there are even pics and videos - is that true?

    What was the nature of the website Wael Ghonim was running on facebook again? Something to do with a brutal assault on an innocent human being, wasn't it?

  4. when he was governor of Minya, he refused to have escort so as not to over crowd the road :)
    he was simple.
    He's good on the ethical level,hope to be also on the management level.

  5. Off topic, but about 100 Egyptian Unit 777 commandos are secretly in Libya helping rebels.

  6. I am very happy that a well respected policeman like him will lead our police.

    Looking forward to see free Egypt being built in front of our eyes and by our own hands.

  7. 777 helping out? good.this will ensure both the anti and pro Gaddafi will get killed by some botched operation. I really hope the 777 stays out of it..send them back to city stars

  8. Jason you link is nothing more than hearsay. I don't believe it has any shred of truth, if they were sending in weapons..I would say maybe but Egypt will not get physically involved by sending personnel on Libyan soil. Stupid missions like that are reserved for SAS.


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