Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mubarak’s Advocate

In the past 48 hours, there were news coming from Sharm El-sheikh and Cairo that the Mubaraks have hired an attorney to represent them in front of courts in Egypt.
The family is accused of financial corruption and already their bank accounts and assets are being frozen.
Most newspapers claimed that Baha’a Abu Shouka , the famous lawyer and long time Wafd party member accepted the hard mission but it turned out the famous criminal law attorney has declined the generous offer because simply he can’t stand against 85 million Egyptian.
The famous lawyer who is working on saving Hisham Talaat Mustafa from the death row said that he can’t defend the Mubaraks against the Egyptian people with all the respect to them.
Baha’a Abu Shouka’s refusal shows us a wise respectable man.
Now you will wonder who their attorney now , well officially the lawyer who accepted the mission to defend the Mubaraks in front of the Egyptian courts is none other than Mahmoud Hammouda , yes Hammouda of Mamdouh Ismail !!Yes Mahmoud Hammouda is the lawyer of Mamdouh Ismail , the owner of the Salam 98 ferry !!
Update :
Mahmoud Hammouda has declined the offer as well , he will stand for the Mubaraks now.
The Mubaraks' advocate according to the latest news is Ragai Attia.
Lawyer Mahmoud Hammouda
It is not a coincidence , in fact I see a connection here and it is simply called “Zakaria Azamy”. It seems that Hammouda is Azamy’s lawyer.
This is so so so low for the Mubaraks and so stupid from their side !! Seriously Hammouda is so much hated and disrespected because of Salam 98 ferry !!
Suzanne and Alaa Mubarak have reportedly come back from Sharm El-Sheikh yesterday where they landed with their private jet at Almazah airport.
Former president Hosni Mubarak is expected to return soon to Cairo to attend the investigations , it is a historical thing actually.
Hosni Mubarak has not left Egypt , this is for sure as the registry office’s employees reportedly saw him at his residence in Sharm when they went to register the lawyer’s proxy.
According to Dutch News Hosni Mubarak grew a beard and stopped to dye his hair. “I can’t actually imagine that scene”

There are rumors that the Mubaraks brothers have taken a commission  from the Egyptian-Israeli gas deal which was patronized by their dad’s best friend Hussein Salem. In fact according to the leaked SS documents Gamal Mubarak and Salem argued about the profits of oil and gas exported to Israel.

The fortune and the palaces of Mubarak are still very rich material for the media.
We know now that the Mubaraks have 3 palaces at the amazing Salalah of Oman.
According to the leaked SS documents the Sultan of Oman offered an asylum for the Mubaraks as he sent his advisor to Cairo with that generous offer on February 6,2011.
Some are saying that Gamal Mubarak already spent his honeymoon at his palace in Salalah.
Former first Suzanne Thabet Mubarak
Suzanne Thabet

We know now that Suzanne Thabet has got allegedly a jewelry collection worth not less than LE 50 million !! She also underwent several plastic surgeries, either it is rumor or the plastic surgeries are complete failure as you can see in the photo !!

We know that Alaa Mubarak allegedly got a huge palace in Beverly Hills.

Our press claims that Alaa Mubarak’s palace is at Rodeo Drive , of course when I search it I found out that it is famous for being an exclusive shopping area for luxurious brands.

Alaa and his wife probably shopped from there but they did not stay it , may be they stayed near it.

Ironically Alaa Mubarak and his father in law Magdy Raskh’s major project in 6th of October was named after Beverly Hills !!

We know already Gamal Mubarak owns that 6-floors-Georgian townhouse at 28 Wilton Place at Knightsbridge , London.
Working in Banking in London for couple of years does not give you the ability to buy this huge house !!
Anyhow when I searched more about this house , I found out that according to the British documents the Knightsbridge townhouse is owned by Ocral Enterprises of Panama.
This shady strange company can’t be traced online so easily , the only info I have though is very interesting the registered agent of this company in Panama is a Local law firm.
One of the lawyers refused to reveal anything about the company to the international except that their orders came from Muscat , Oman !!
Yes, Oman again !!? The Mubarak-Qaboos relations seemed to be very good. Panama is where Mamdouh Ismail registered his death ferries by the way speaking about coincidences !!
You can see Gamal's house in London in the street view of Google maps. I know the street view is controversial but in our case , it is justified

View Larger Map
This house is worth of £ 8,750,000 currently in the market based on similar houses in the same locations “Georgian townhouse , 6 story and 5 bedrooms”.

Farida Gamal Mubarak's British birth certificate
Farida's birth certificate
Gamal Mubarak has got British passport so is his daughter Farida. Here is a copy of her British birth certificate. Check the registered address in her birth certificate

I apologize that I can't remember from which website I found , I think it was some British news website.

I do not think that Gamal's British grandmother thought for a second when she married that Egyptian doctor from Bani Sawif that her daughter and grandsons would be probably the richest families in the world !!

The Mubaraks own a luxurious house in Paris , I can’t remember which area but I know the Egyptians and Arabs protested it in front of it.

Now this is something I heard from someone who used to work at Arab contractors , the company allegedly built a villa “or actually palace” for Gamal Mubarak for free in secret from the budget of the state-owned company.

In reward, the CEO of Arab contractors was appointed in a big position in the NDP.

Gamal Mubarak is in deep shit along with his father in law , it seems that the dowry of Dija was huge , real huge piece of land across Egypt especially at the North Coast , 6th of October and Sinai.

By the way, there is something people must understand , Alaa and Gamal Mubarak sometimes did not have shares under their names in the companies and projects , they just take a percentage of shares without any contract whether the businessmen like it or not. “Reference :Wagih Abaza”

And before I end this Mubarak gossip round , to be fair I must write down what I have heard from rumors that Alaa Mubarak stopped taking profit shares and returned back some of what he took when he began to involve in religion.

There was that rumor from a couple of years ago that Alaa Mubarak began to become a committed Muslim somehow after listening to Amr Khaled if you remember it. Alaa Mubarak is more popular than his brother and you will find people will stand with him, unlike his brother.
Gamal Mubarak's graduation photo
The Mubaraks in Gamal's graduation in 1984 from the
AUC  "Farouk Ibrahim'
Now I will end this by something many people assured , the corruption of the Mubaraks came on stages.
The best stage of all times was when they were not greed and only enjoyed the privileges of presidency along with the partnership with Hussein Salem’s shady arms’ companies from 1981 to 1989.
From 1990 to 1996 it was from Alaa’s golden era with his own circle while Gamal entered the business arena with his brother from 1996 to 2002.
From 2002 till February 2011, it was Gamal and his circle of businessmen.
And that’s it for the time being about the Mubaraks.


  1. Mohamed Hamouda said, on Amr Adeeb show, that he was offered to be Mubarak's attorney but he delined the offer.He said that Ragai Atia is his attorney. I don't like the way Hamouda talks considering he was an ex cop. Too much watching him with Amr Adeeb since both are obnoxious.

  2. another good report Z. am suprised how come mubarak and his family still can use the military airport and how come they still own private jet didnt this thing all have been freeze? doesnt make sense. the armed forces BS!!! they are still loyal to mubarak and his crooks family!!! I hope they all will get the punishment for their crimed!!

  3. Really good blog. It was plugged at "Carnival of Socialism."

    It is a thankless job being Mubarak's lawyer.

  4. I freely admit that this is not my fight and that I am merely an observer here, but I think you are wrong to attack Mubaraks lawyer. He should have the finest lawyer in Egypt to show the world that the Egyptian people are determined that everyone should have a fair trial. Scaring lawyers into not representing people is exactly what the Mubarak regime itself would have done. If the evidence is there, and manifestly it is, he will be convicted. Let him have the best lawyer available

  5. Surprisingly all indictments against Mubarak, Habib Al-Adli and others are aiming at financial crimes.
    However, both did purposefully build a mechanism of torture and murder and are guilty of capital crimes beyond the victims of the revolution. They are as guilty as Hitler's Nazis.
    Why isn't this raised at all? For sure they all must march to the gallows!

  6. 'According to Dutch News Hosni Mubarak grew a beard and stopped to dye his hair.' next, he will dig a hole in the ground and hide like Saddam.

  7. Where are they living while in Cairo? Can't be the presidential palace, right?

  8. And for all his wealth it looks as if he is going down.

  9. How dare Arab leaders torture,kill, steel the country wealth just as if was their own,and yet show themselves in our TV screens praying as muslims as if their prayer will be accepted by the allmighty. The Ben Ali's, Mubarrak's and Gaddaffis need to be taught a lesson that not only punishes them for their audacity and crimes, but also serve to show every would be future Arab tirant that the people of a nation are a force not to mess with.I hope the people and international courts play a role here.


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