Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Name : Safwat El-Sherif

Here it comes the long waited video showing the legendary Safwat El-Sherif , the man of all ages , kings and seasons in his way to jail !!

After more than 40 years Safwat El Sherif is back to the jail even in much worse way than the first time in 1968. After all in 1968 he was just a small officer accused of pimping whom most people did not know that he even existed while in 2011 he is the Safwat El Sherif who destroyed our political, social and media life technically in those 30 years. This time is worse even if he will spend few days in jail and will be set free later , this time Safwat El Sherif the name he vowed to make unbreakable after his release in the first time has completely gone.
It is ironic that angry mob was calling him “You pimp” , the same accusation he was accused of in 1968 !! This man had an opportunity for redemption but he rejected it.
Before facing the angry mob
Now his eldest son is a runaway while his other son and daughter along with his grandchildren are stained forever , forget about the old 1968 charge and reputation buried under years of media control , forget about huge political power and influence that made his name one of the untouchables at time of Mubarak , forget it.
I do not want to know how he feels now but according to sources he was seen shaken by the end of the investigation that lasted for more than 6 hours , some sources even said that he felt ill. I do not want to know how he slept yesterday but I wonder if he had this moment we read in novels and see in films where the old hero sees his life in like quick montage like a cinemascope film !!? 
I wonder if he will think of Soad Hosni and how he destroyed her whether in 1960s or later when he returned back as the Safwat El Sherif. Hosni is the tip of the ice berg when we mention the victims of this man and his crimes.
Now he is facing two main charges : financial corruption and political corruption , two charges suits a person who originally suffer from moral corruption !!
I once read that he survived assassination attempt during the terrorism years in 1990s , well I know from credible source that he survived an assassination after he was released in late 1960s and that it was carried by other intelligence officers but the lucky son of gun got away from it. I wonder how Egypt would be without him !!? I wonder how Mubarak would have done without him !!? Yes Mubarak was corrupted but the entourage plays an important in bringing down kings and pharaohs.
Safwat El-Sherif is staying at the Tora prison for the next 15 days during the investigations of his inflated wealth.


  1. نفسي ابعتلو عيش و حلاوة بجد

  2. I am sure we will be much better off him!

  3. Zeinobia

    whats the news on Omar Sueliman?
    Are we likely to see him join the rest in Tora Prison.
    Should we be asking for his arrest too and even an international warrant for his crimes of the century

  4. It seems that those who are summoned for questioning never return free again.
    Someone needs to make a deck of cards with their faces "Most Wanted" Iraqi style. Safwat would be the Joker.

  5. Abul Ghiet also what about him?
    beating the Gaza activists and making George Galloway persona non grata for helping Gaza our brothers he should be arrested too

  6. Actually, it was not Mubarak who returned him to the political scene, and gave him important positions in Information Institutions and establishing the so called National Democratic Party. It was Sadat.

    I wonder why? What did Sadat see in him? Why did Mubarak keep him? Promote him?

    He must have some talents that makes him very useful to dictators.

  7. He must have some talents that makes him very useful to dictators.

    He's connected in high countries.

  8. Where is Omar Sulieman?

  9. The Egyptian Revolutionary Customer Service Department has added another satisfied client to its list.

  10. I have a relative who knew him when he was that young army officer. I wish he could see this day.

    This man probably has dirt on everybody that surrounded him. I think he probably blackmailed his way to this position. If he was a pimp as he is called, then he has probably was able to manipulate the leaders to do his bidding in order to keep their secrets.

    He is not the Joker. He was the Puppet Master. He ran the show for the last 40 years. He is the VERY DEVIL HIMSELF.

  11. Safwat al La Sharif, Clear Z Noble turns out one of the most unclear z ennoble, I am so happy this man and his family will join the common people, he in the prisons of Egypt, and i suggest, if he let us say, gets 100 years or so sentence, that he spends 10 years in the each of worst Egyptian prisons and suffer all that the public suffered under his presidency's consultancy.

    All their cash should be confiscated, and his all owned properties, leaving them with the bare minimum.

    Karim Zidan


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