Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PM Sharaf Weekly Statement : 1

PM Sharaf promised to give a statement every now and then on TV to communicate with the public and keep them updated with the latest achievements of the cabinet. It is very good idea considering the fact that we do not have parliament now. Yesterday PM Sharaf gave his first weekly TV statement.

Here is the statement 1

Now to the most important points that came in the statement:

  • PM Sharaf apologized officially for what happened last Saturday at Tahrir , it is the first official apology. Needless to say they earned him  a lot of respect and admiration. He corrected the SAFC mistakes in dealing with the matter.
  • He blamed the youth for closing the Tahrir square and he is completely right , it is provoking by all measure and jeopardizing the revolution by making almost all the people angry.
  • There will be an investigation in order to know what really happened last Saturday
  • He spoke about Mubarak’s audio message and said that it would not affect the procedures of investigations currently undergoing.
  • He defended the Police and asked the people to give them a chance in the new Egypt where the police is in the service of the people.
  • The cabinet is working on the right to vote for Egyptians abroad.They will not vote on the presidential elections but also the cabinet is trying to find a way so they can participate in the parliamentary elections.
  • The PM also spoke about his visit to Sudan and announced that he is going to visit Ethiopia , Uganda and Congo. He will also visit Gulf states. “By the end of the month”
  • This man has a quality that he makes you feel that he speaks from his heart.

It is worth to mention that the statement was to be aired at 2:30 PM instead we found him being aired at 10 PM. God give strength Essam Sharaf.

1. I  do no understand why the official channel of Misr El-Nahrda upload such bad quality video to the Youtube !!?

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  1. English transcript for the statement :


    Respect Sharaf !


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